CorSera: Certainties and revolution – how Milan and Inter approach the new season

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan and Inter are among the two favourites for the Scudetto next season, and both have had an interesting summer for different reasons.

Today’s edition of Corriere della Sera (via PianetaMilan) takes a look at the Milan derby and the situation of the two teams heading into 2023-24, with both sides having failed to challenge Napoli last year.

Compared to Stefano Pioli, Simone Inzaghi starts from a more consolidated base. He has had a fair few departures, but the formation and tactics will remain the same as will the majority of the starting XI.

Inter are currently relying on Barella-Calhanoglu-Mkhitaryan as a midfield trio. The new players like Frattesi, Cuadrado and Thuram will try to get a spot in the team ASAP.

Behind that, Inter only changed their goalkeeper but it does affect things quite a lot because Yann Sommer isn’t the added outfield player that Andre Onana had become. A high level of attention is needed in the defensive phase, therefore.

Milan have more depth than last year, however the starting formation will change from a 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3 so the balance needs to be strengthened quickly. Distances must be covered and the defence protected.

Sandro Tonali’s absence must not be felt and Pioli will once again rely on Rade Krunic as the regista. Tijjani Reijnders is the most positive note from preseason, while a front three of Chukwueze-Giroud-Leao could spread the attack.

There are many options for Milan, given that Noah Okafor is not Giroud’s deputy but Leao’s, and then Christian Pulisic remains the wild card.

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  1. I hate admitting it but it’s obvious that Inter have a better midfield that just got stronger with Samardzic, Frattesi. They are settled on their (incredibly difficult to play against) counter attacking style.
    We have went forward with interesting new players but apart from missing elements the mechanisms of the team need to be established which will take time, therefore Inter are favourites at this time.

      1. I put Inter as favourites with the most complete squad .
        Napoli(still probably have the best forward line)& Juve ( because they still have good players and more importantly can concentrate only on the league and Coppa) come next .
        Milan, Lazio, Roma & Atalanta will fight for fourth.
        It must be said we have the most offensive potential but our midfield and defence still don’t convince unless Pioli can create a strong team.

        1. It doesn’t matter what do you think.. As long as there, are fans those who have faith in the team! If you like them so much, why don’t cheer for them?

  2. Everyone keeps writing about the midfield and they had 40% possesion against good teams and 48% against Monza. What is good about it?

    1. To be fair to Monza they had the 4th best possession rate last year in serie A which was better than us so I want surprised with their possession in that game (I did forewarn on that). But I also get what you’re saying. Our midfield is new so it will take a loooong time to get things in order. I think ppl are excited for the potential but it’s a big if and dependant on how things go in the first couple games.

      I think the Monza game was our true test of where we were.

  3. The annoying part there keep
    Mentioning Krunic in the line up lol well Krunic is not that bad but he just need to start from the bench

  4. Milan is not a scudeto contender at all. 2 many arrivals, 2 many variables. They should aim for top 4, overreaching will only put more pressure on the players.
    Inter, napoli and lazio will be tough customers theres also juve and roma pushing ahead.. thank cthulhu spaletti took a vacation

    1. It’s gonna be tough because the expectations when signing all these exciting players is gonna be alot and a club like Milan there’s no “time”

      1. Top 4 is exactly what the ownership want which is my issue and the main difference between Maldini and the new management. The new management are assembling a competitive team, not a team to win.

        Maldini was assembling a team to win. Great teams are put together 1 or 2 pieces at a time.

        Continuity is key. It’s the main deference between Real Madrid / Man City and Chelsea…. RM / MC get 1 or 2 quality players a year and integrate them… Grealish a prime example. Chelsea have spent $500mil in 1 window and didn’t make it to even the conference league.

        1. Well, Milan had a lot of slots to cover and they unfortunately had to sell someone, which made a even bigger hole to cover..
          Ofc 1-2 players is ideal, but these were also depth signings. From my perspective chuck and reijners are the 1-2 and the others are depth.

          They signed 2 many offensive ones tho and most of them are either rw or lw

        2. I have to agree here @Adrian
          While I’d prefer the one or two pieces approach given that we were at that stage in the process, I guess we have to look forward to a sort of retooling which can take time – once again – to get the results. We saw what incremental approach get you on a very limited budget.

        3. Really? Are you really praise Maldini and take City as example? City bought more than 20 players in the first 2 season since Sheikh ownership and many more after that… And only pep stay there for more than 4 years… Because what? Because they have shitty squad to even compete for CL slot… You can do like city do now if you already have proper squad and depth… And thats where are we now… Rebuilding is a must because of the Great Maldini you praise for his assembling team to win keep bringing deadwood and let stars leave for free… cant you see the team quality is not improving but decreasing thats all thanks to Maldini who is stubborn and easily get fooled by players and their agents…

        4. How can you build a squad to win but not competitive? What a joke just to praise Maldini… Did you forget what city do in the beginning of their rebuilding? You think where is the term of oil money come from?

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