CorSera: Maldini and Massara have been negotiating their renewals for over a month

By Isak Möller -

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara, the technical respectively sporting director of AC Milan, will expire at the end of the month and they are yet to renew. The negotiations have been ongoing for over a month, a report claims. 

The takeover of RedBird Capital made the situation very uncertain but as soon as it was announced, CEO Gerry Cardinale made it clear that he wants to keep the duo. However, there has been little to no progress since.

As a result, the operations on the market have slowed down and this has affected Milan negatively. According to today’s edition of Corriere Della Sera (via SempreMilan), the talks have been ongoing for over a month.

It’s not fully known why it’s taking so much time to renew the duo. Ivan Gazidis, the CEO of the club, is in charge of the negotiations and he’s yet to reach a positive conclusion. Not renewing the duo would be a disastrous start for RedBird, though, which is why the renewals should arrive.

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  1. Everything around Milan is going very slow, this complicates things with target players, Red Bird wants to renew Maldini and Masara, they want to stay but no contract yet. This looks like they don’t trust Maldini and Masara and don’t want to give them power to decide for players IN and OUT. New Red Bird era doesn’t look promising:(

  2. the new owner just don’t have the money.
    and from the beginning elliot just want to milking Milan (now they also milking the “new owner” with their deal).
    that is why they sold Milan to this pinkbird instead of oil money corp.
    liverpool for the example eh’ mate?

  3. These new owners haven’t got the CAPITAL (excuse the pun) to take Milan forward. As a Milan fan I’m worried. If this idiot Cardinale had the cash he would give Maldini and Massara what they need to take us forward. Elliot will be back in control before the season is out. If they cared about milan they would have sold to Investcorp. I say again I’m worried. If we lose Maldini and Massara you can kiss Leao goodbye. REDBIRD OUT!

  4. Did I read on this portal that Maldini and Masara are negotiating to get more power, so they can move quickly on the market and without so many restrictions. Kinda like Marota in Inter. In which case Gazidis would only work on bureaucratic stuff, sponsors, dealing with guvernamant, Serie A, UEFA, FIFA, but when it comes to actual football stuff everything will be in the hands of Maldini and Massara. Of course for that to happen, some power would need to be removed from Gazidis.

    And now we learn that even though RedBird wants to continue with M&M, negotiations are dragging on. But M&M are not negotiating with RedBird, they are negotiating with the very person that needs to relinquish some of his power, and we are surprised M&M haven’t signed yet?

    Bottom line, we are not making any moves on the market and our targets are being poached by other clubs all because M&M aren’t getting the power they need to make the moves on the market, and the person that brought everything to a standstill is Gazidis.

    RedBird will have to make a few tough choices soon. I’m not confident anyone but them will be happy with the choices they make.

      1. You are wrong: Elliot tells to Gazidis what to do. Few weeks ago I wrote here that Redbird is nobody. They do not have any history in sport. I said also, Maldini will walk away, because they do not respect him and his work. Redbird does not have money. That is why Elliot choose them. Just to get more money from interest. You will see, Elliot will get again ACM, because Redbird can not find money to repay Elliot. I hope I am wrong, but what is happening now, is not promising for ACM future.

        1. “Few weeks ago I wrote here that Redbird is nobody. They do not have any history in sport.”

          You clearly didn’t do research when they owned Toulose, a French football club who just promoted to Ligue 1.

          Redbird also invest on Liverpool and Boston Red Sox.

          So you’re clearly wrong. Now please stop acting like you some kind of experts analyst.

          1. When they bought Toulouse? How much influence they have in Liverpool? They do not own Red sox! I am not an expert. This guy Cradinalle, is just little better than Li Yonhong, or whatever is his name.

        2. ” Few weeks ago I wrote here that Redbird is nobody. They do not have any history in sport.”

          Yeah. You just proved you know nothing. 🙂

          1. Plus they own the YES network. If Milan can set up something like that the money will pour in.
            But we should listen to the financial expert Mikele, yeah right.

  5. LOL. And there are some dip$hits on this chat that said it was better to have Redbird as owners over Investcorp! LMAO. Those were the same losers on this chat that said Leao was lazy and should be sold for 30m! What a fkn disaster it would seem. M&M not going to sign; Sanches off to PSG; Botman to Newcastle; Bremer to Tottenham; Zaniolo staying put; CDK out of reach $$$ – LOLOLO. What a fkn disgrace. Smoke and mirrors boys smoke and mirrors. If you think Pioli can pull off another scudetto w this team without significant reinforcements – you all will be in for an extremely long and disappointing season IMO.

    1. A-fu*king-MEN mate.

      Random American investment has ALWAYS been the worst ever thing for Football.

      Before you scream Liverpool.. Fenway had nothing to do with Liverpool. Liverpool was the worst after they bought it. KLOPP Turned it around for them.
      Fenway has ZERO Credit except they just put money where KLOPP asked them to, that’s all. Just as Maldini turned everything around for Milan, NOT ELLIOT. And want more example? Just LOOK at Manu after Fergie.

      Americans have Zero knowledge about football. They only care about business. If KLOPP leaves, liverpool will be back to zero again because these sh*thead americans would have NO Idea what to do.

      I really hope these issues With Maldini gets resolved for everyone’s sake. If Cardinale is smart enough, he would make the investments available for Maldini and remove Gazidis as it would benefit him on a really long term. But the guy fell for Elliotts bullsh*t, doesn’t sound like a very smart one.

    2. Gosh you kids don’t know jackshit and let some stupid rumors fooled you 🤦‍♂️

      You’re not even sound like a Milan fan, praying for a disappointing season before the season start? Now that’s the definition of dipshit 😂

  6. Liverpool only got to where they are because of Klopp and Barcelona paying silly money which allowed them to make excellent buys. The fact that Salah will leave proves FSG won’t spend money.

    1. The fact that FSG will not overspend for a player in his 30’s who will soon be losing the speed that makes him so dangerous shows that they know exactly what they are doing.
      Oh, and who had the foresight to sign Klopp?

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