CorSera: Milan left ‘astonished’ by Kessie’s demands after public declaration – PSG and Spurs keen

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s management have been left stunned by the amount that Franck Kessie and his entourage are asking for to renew his deal, a report claims.

This morning’s edition of il Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews) writes that Milan are working under the radar for the renewal of Kessie as owners Elliott Management fully intend to make an effort to keep the midfielder at Milan, but the renewal – as explained by Maldini – must fall within certain reasonable boundaries set by the slub.

The requests of the Ivorian’s entourage seems to have left the Rossoneri managers ‘astonished’ as he asked for a salary of €8.5m per year net including bonuses, and they are beginning to think that despite the midfielder’s recent declarations of love, he actually has the intention of reaching the end of his deal, so as to snatch the best salary next summer.

The report even mentions to keep an eye on Tottenham and PSG as potential suitors for the 24-year-old.

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  1. We better sell him now instead of keeping false hope of him renewing, I’m guessing management already know this and that’s why they are signing Bakayoko. It’s painful though

  2. selling Kessie is the worst thing Milan can do, just pay him, he deserves it, a true great world class player, 8.5 million is not a lot, so we are happy to pay ibra that amount of money to play less than half a season at the age of 40 (we won more games without ibra than with ibra proving that he is not needed as much) but we are not happy to pay someone who has the potential to be one of the best midfielders in the world, plus the most consistent and reliable player, young and rarely gets injured, and the most important player in the team, just pay him, Kessie is not one of those players you could easily replace

    1. You be kessie’s agent, and if not , you must be a delusional fan. Pay him 8.5 million dollars for one good season after two consecutive bad seasons? Pay him that amount, and other players will be lining up for an out of this world raise. Milan will be almost perfect without him。

    2. Well. It is obvious that he has already made a decision to leave ACM. First asking price was 6, then he raised it to 7, and now they ended up with 8,5. When we give him this money he would ask for 10.
      Hi is not with ACM in his heart and mind anymore. Obviously it is better to sell him now for any money. If we’re lucky TTH or PSG would save one season for 15-20mill. which is better than nothing.
      Very sorry that we’ve lost the best player in the squad.

      1. Unassailable comment. Sell . He has an inflated idea of his importance. Others will follow the path if Milan does not show ruthlessness in dealing with these mercenaries.

        1. Exactly. Others will step up, tonali growing, baka was awesome for us. We have excellent penalty takers other than kessie.
          Even krunic is showing class

    3. “a true great world class player, 8.5 million is not a lot, so we are happy to pay ibra that amount of money to play less than half a season at the age of 40”

      He’s played one good season and that’s it. What are his merits? How many trophies has he won? Compare his “achievements” with Zlatan’s and you’ll understand why Z gets the money he gets.

      8.5M€ isn’t a lot? Well, double that sum because of the taxes and compare the salary to others as well. It’s A HELLUVA sum of money for a player who hasn’t proven anything yet.

      Delusional to even think about getting 8,5M€ from Milan. Sell him and sell him quickly! Just a greedy mercenary land nothing else.



  4. 8.5 M is too much considering Milan’s current wage budget. As painful as it sounds, the ideal thing is to sell him to the highest bidder before the transfer window shuts. Buy Renato Sanches or any decent midfielder as replacement.

  5. Been saying all window, if he’s not signed yet he needs to be sold. Looks like it’s too late now, but if 30-40m is possible then definitely worth taking and reinvesting in another young talent like Vlasic, Kamara or Berradi.

  6. You know the way…give him for free as you did with Donnarumma and Chalanoglu!!! next year is the turn of Romagnoli and Kessie. What a club…you are the best managers I ever seen in AC Milan during my 37 years of “pezzente” life.

  7. Management need to learn from their mistakes. This year Donnarumma and Calhanoglu went for free. Next year’s it’s gonna be Kessie and Romagnoli. Fans needs to accept the truth. In today’s world where there’s no loyalty, you can either be a fan of the club or the player.

  8. Sell kessie and promote tonali. He is a true milanista… He accepted pay cut just to remain at milan, the club of his dreams.. he will never demand such a huge ammount of money.

    1. You think Tonali won’t ask for massive increment once he starts becoming an important player for your stingy poor club?

  9. If its possible to pay Kessie €8m and make him extent his contract for 3years, we can put him up for sale and make substantial profit

  10. I think is better to sell him. Bakayoko is better than him in my opinion. Dont mind if Milan cant convert penalties anymore.

  11. Milan will fail to keep quality players because they are failing to pay the players they true worth. Kessie deserve more than 10 mil a year. He is quality and if it wasnt for him Milan would have not reached top 4.

  12. I laugh sometimes when I see players who has been playing for a club for several years without 70% performance and then luckily for the player he performed for just a season then asking too much from the club ( hakan..kessie)except donaruma..pls let sell any players that feels the club can’t do without them or they are bigger than the whole team…let cash out on them now..without them the club has been in existence and without them the club will exist…fuck them all…they are better players out there who are yet to be discovered…

  13. Jual Kessie , memang Kessie sudah mengantar Milan berprestasi?? sehingga dia merasa layak mendapat gaji melebihi batas ?? sell Kessie now

  14. If I could remember few years ago I with Milan could sell Kessié and Calhanoglu but was impressed with their last season performance in Milan but that a season performance shouldn’t warrant a skyrocket salary tho his our most important player but he doesn’t deserve such huge amount of money selling him below 35M is a lost to Milan but above 40M is a capital gain but he will regret leaving Milan

    1. You don’t think he worth €8m wage but you want to get as much as €40m from a player with only one year contract? Aren’t you being greedy like your AC Milan board?

  15. We need to tell him. Renew in the next 3 days or we will sell(if possible) or bench you until next transfer window, if you dont renew by then -we’ll bench you until next summer (nothing personal – just business).

  16. We look like fkn amateurs lol. How fkn embarrassing. Why should we be “astonished” he’s wants more $$ lol. Are we that foolish to believe a player when they say they want to stay and they profess their love for the club? What do you expect a player to say? That he hates it? What a joke we are. Does this not sound familiar lol. Donnaruma? Hakan? Lol. Embarrassing. Wake up! Sell this fkn guy today to the highest bidder and go sign Yacine, Ikone, Kamara, or Sanches, etc…and end this fkn embarrassing circus before we lose yet another player for FREE!

    1. And you think those guys you mentioned won’t ask for more than €8m once they feel they’re becoming important to the team? The truth is that AC Milan are poor and stingy

  17. Unassailable comment. Sell . He has an inflated idea of his importance. Others will follow the path if Milan does not show ruthlessness in dealing with these mercenaries.

  18. Damn I don’t get why players keep pulling this stunt. Say what you will Hakan at least he never promised the fans he was staying only to blow up contract talks. Frank and his agent should already be aware of Milan’s ability to pay big contracts. If he wanted 8,5 why couldn’t he have just been honest with Maldini then no body wastes time negotiating in vain. I’m so frustrated, he was my favorite player until the last few days. He seems like a snake. If he wants play hardball fine. Send him home, no trainings, no games for a year. F him.

  19. Bakayoko is a replacement for Kessie,no doubt. However it is like replacing your Ferrari with a Fiat….It is not Maldini and Massara’s fault.Elliott Mgt simply do not want to spend money.They are perfectly content with being a hopeful participant in the CL. They have no desire to lead Milan to be a top European club again.

    1. Well said, spot on. U are not going to keep quality if u are not willing to spend. Sell Kessie and see how we will be humiliated in the Champions League after tonight draw. I strongly believe we can progress to second round if we keep Kessie and Bennacer.

    2. Not all hope is lost. I don’t think Kessie being around is going to be the key determining factor on how Milan preform in the CL. Perhaps Pioli uses a 3-5-2 against Liverpool and Athleti. Tonali is looking fairly press resistant at least in the preseason and those long balls from the Magic Eagle apparently are quite influential.

      1. In fact, we should bring back NOCERINO to cover at AMC. He is so versatile he can play defensive midfielder, attacking mid, and even striker. Money grubbing Elliot is so shortsighted for not taking this chance.

  20. IMO this is all management’s fault. Should have learned lesson with Donnaruma And Hakan. Should have foreseen this as a possibility no matter what Kessie said publicly. What else is he supposed to say -he hates it here? Times have changed. Words don’t mean shit. Only a signature on a contract does. It’s sad but unfortunately true. It will be extremely rare to see a player like Maldini, Totti, De Piero stay with the same club his whole career. This was foreseeable and management should have planned for this. Now we are 5 days before window closes and we have lost most if not all of our leverage. Kessie is worth 50-60M to an EPL team but we are lucky to get half that amount since they can sign him to a contract for free in January. Regardless of what anyone think is a lot of money it’s all subjective and based on market value – and not what we think is fair or not. IMO Yes, I think We offered him a fair deal but it doesn’t matter what I think it matters what Kessie thinks and what the market is willing to pay and what we can afford (same w Donnaruma). So since it seems we cannot pay to meet his demands we should sell immediately to the highest bidder take that money and invest in players young like Faivre, Yacine and Kamara or Sanches – before we risk losing yet another player for free. I say young players because they won’t ask for high wages we cannot afford. I also don’t think it helps our cause when we re-signed Ibra and gave him the highest wage on the team. Just gave players like Kessie another argument against the club wondering why we can pay Ibra 7M and not him – not saying he’s right or wrong – but I can see his argument. Is he not worth more? That is debatable, but you get his point. Exceptions CAN and HAVE been made (but perhaps not for him). What’s more concerning (aside from the lack of urgency to sell or resign Romagnoli) is that this will happen again with Theo and possibly Bennacer who have PSG already Sniffing around. Theo already turned down 5M/season offer from PSG but how long do you think that will last IF we do not give him a raise??? Do you really think he will play the next 3 years at 1.5M salary? Perhaps but most likely not. Again this is very foreseeable and we should give him a raise and extend because he has outplayed his contract pr we should be prepared to sell because you better believe PSG will come back again next summer and offer him a huge deal again and he won’t continue to turn that down. Management needs to wake up. This is a business and in business you have to always have a backup plan and not rely on the “let’s wait and see what happens” approach – which is what we did with Donnaruma, Hakan and now Kessie. Fkn shameful.

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