CorSera: Milan did not sign Okafor to be Giroud’s deputy – his foreseen position

By Oliver Fisher -

There has been a bit of mystery surrounding Noah Okafor since he joined AC Milan mainly based around the role that he will take up.

According to what Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews) are reporting this morning, the Swiss forward is not seen as the deputy to Olivier Giroud.

He can still play as a centre-forward if necessary but in a different way to the Frenchman, as more of a false nine type, but he was signed to be the deputy to Rafael Leao on the left.

Last season Okafor scored 10 goals and added 5 assists in 32 games for RB Salzburg (in all competitions), with an overall tally of 34 goals and 23 assists in 110 games for the Austrian side.

He did play the majority of games down the middle as either the striker or as a supporting striker, but there will of course be doubts about his ability to replicate that in a more physical league.

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  1. Then surely we are looking for another striker I think if that’s the policy. I don’t see us only relying on Giroud. And Colombo is looking to leave on loan.

    Could just be a rumor article.

    1. Yep. Just journalists getting bored.
      “but there will of course be doubts about his ability to replicate that in a more physical league.”
      The dude is 1.85 tall and weighs 85 kg. Just because he’s fast and technical doesn’t mean he lacks strength.

      1. Yup, the journalist make that claim to allow them to continue selling rumours that Milan is looking for CF. It will only happen if Colombo leave.

    2. Like I mentioned before, I think Noah wouldn’t solve our problems against low block teams. We definitely need a Giroudesque alternative.

      1. The point is that they are buying players on positions where there already are enough. Origi is a player of Milan and will be until he is sold. Plan or no plan, they have to plan how to pay him if he doesn’t leave and what to do with him. If he is out of the team and in the stands I’m sure there will be clubs looking for him even more…

        1. Fact is Origi isn’t a valid option. He’s frozen out of the team. We had a long standing issue with the right side of the team, and that’s where they reinforced.

          1. What? You aren’t even reading and replying to the comments, just writing random thoughts inside of your head, right? We are talking about left wing position. And Okafor, Leao and Pulisic being there. And Origi. Who is a Milan player that costs the club 5M€ per season.

          2. Okafor can play either side or as a CF. Pulisic can play multiple positions too. Hes definitely more a RW. Another condescending idiot. I was stating where most money was spent.

            Random thoughts oh ffs go f yourself

          3. “Pulisic can play multiple positions too. Hes definitely more a RW. “. That is why he played on LW for the last xy seasons and he was best there in friendly matches, because he is more of a RW. Hahahahahahahahahaha

          4. Hey earth to moron, even football analysis websites, like transfermarketweb, identify him as a RW as a primary position. I’d rather trust a reputable site instead of a rambling clone.

  2. On transfermarketweb. Pulisic is stated as a RW. Chukwueze and Pulisic are our RWs. I’d someone thinks Pulisic was signed as a LW lmao… no.

  3. Everyone who watches football more than 3 years knows that Pulisić is the main Leao deputy as it is his preffered side and he has most success there (especially during his time at Dortmund).

    1. Coming from the Juventus fan it’s pretty expected you have no clue what you’re talking about. He wasn’t signed as a Leao deputy, you clown.

      1. You fake Milan fan must be as stupid as Balotelli and Lakaka combined. When I would look into your brain then all what would come out is a donkey fart.

        ONCE AGAIN and LAST TIME as I won’t waste my time with stupid people and fake fans like you.
        I have something that your tiny brain can’t understand – respect. I respect the players like Rovella, Chiesa, I even respect Barella, Lautaro or Dybala, Kvara, Osimhen, I like the business that Sassuolo is making, I like the work of Atalanta and their scouting

        By YOUR stupid logic I must be a fan of all those teams.

        To Pulisić..he is a natural LW. Everything else isn’t his natural position. He can play there but it’s not where he has his biggest impact.

        So Giancarlo..enjoy my last response to you as you seek only for my attention.
        But knowing that you haven’t watched football for more than 3 years (as you haven’t seen Pulisić playing in Dortmund) any other response is pointless.

        1. You’re the fake fan and your name says it all for me. You exposed yourself a long time by the endless gushing about Juventus.

          And my tiny brain? You’re a clueless moron who doesn’t even grasp basic sentences.

          You’re so stupid and so oblivious it’s on display for everyone to see.

          Pulisic isn’t a natural LW. It just goes to show how little you know about football, which is f–k all.

          Oh and you stupid dimwitted fk, I’ve been watching football since the late 1990s. So go run around child rambling fool.

        2. And you think I would even take anything you to say to heart? You’re so f&*king braindead I don’t even know what else to say. How old are you? 15? I doubt you were even alive to see players like George Weah and Rui Costa. Now piss off back to some juventus website and kiss my @$$.

        3. You aren’t a fan if you saw what everyone who isn’t blind saw. Pulisic is 10 times better at LW. As clear as it can be. But you have to agree with Giancarlo and his random thoughts…Pulisic was signed to be a backup on RW, I’m sure that is why he signed…

          1. @Mate Ofc he is like 10x better as a LW and I am pretty sure he will play some games there (if not as a AM, when Pioli switches back to 4-2-3-1 after his 4-3-3 won’t work)

          2. Oh hi, Maldinis Heir. Having a new name I see? You seem To be a great parrot. Pulisic wasn’t signed to be a backup to Leao. Check every analysis website including transfermarketweb. His primary position is RW.

            Pretty sure not!

            Same posting style and all as someone we know.

      2. I’m not sure why you’re giving him a hard time, GC. His comment makes sense. Puli seems to be the Krunic up front and would definitely slot in well for Leao if needed.

  4. Unlike some, I stick to one name and don’t post under multiple names on here in an attempt to increase my popularity lmao.

    1. Trivia:
      Your profile picture stay the same even if you use other name. (That’s how last summer I found out that Juro and JK are the same person).

      Not sure about changing email though.

  5. Why all the fuss. Pulisic was brought precisely for his versatility. Both wings, AMC, and even SS/ST if needed. We know Pioli loves this kind Swiss knife kind of player. Looking thru his stats, he scored more goals when he posted at LW, and more assists on RW post. That should tell a story and a good place to start on the reasoning we put him on certain role.

    So no need to bash with each other, where you basically completing each other opinion.

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