CorSera: Milan show slight opening towards San Siro renovation idea

By Ben Dixon -

With the situation regarding the San Siro and the future of the iconic stadium, a report has claimed that there has been some interest from AC Milan in renovating the stadium, as opposed to moving away.

Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews) have today reported that contact has been made between Gerry Cardinale and Inter’s chairman, Steven Zhang, regarding the subject of renovation of the San Siro, instead of going ahead with the planned San Donato project.

Contact between the owners about their home or future one is not new news, though. There was contact between the Rossoneri and their city rivals in the middle of January about the possibility of working together on a single project: San Donato. Then, at the beginning of February, there was further contact between the two clubs about the idea.

Recently, an Italian industrial giant named Webuild came forward, showing their willingness to conduct the renovation in a way that would suit all parties. Following this, Mayor Sala has once again pleaded with both parties to see the renovation as possible.

Paolo Scaroni confirmed that there were, and still are, conversations between the two owners. Whilst there is a possibility of the San Siro being renovated, Scaroni stated that his preferred idea was the San Donato project.

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  1. I would be curious to know the opinion of the fans who go to San Siro on a regular basis, and not that of this fat fck Scaroni with his private limo to San Donato and a personal lift to his VIP lounge.

  2. Cardinale was saying we will build a new stadium for us and make Milan Scudetto contender and bring Champions league back….

    Now all star players are for sale and new stadium idea is vanishing.

    I am looking for positivity but really can’t find.

    Cardinale has to pay some money to Elliot and last year he invested 200 million into Alpha Tauri F1 team.
    It seems like he wants to keep Milan as a balance sheet to his other businesses. (I truly hope I am wrong)

    I still can’t understand why Elliot sold the club to Americans…

    1. “I still can’t understand why Elliot sold the club to Americans…”.
      When you hate just for the sake of hating.
      Elliott management are also Americans. Same Americans that saved the club from the poor management by the Italian owner that didn’t think about anyone else but his profit when he sold the club he owned and “loved” to someone with no money.

      1. You watch too many US movies. Americans don’t save the world out of Hollywood. Elliott Management is actually a vulture funds, go check how they “saved” Argentina 8 years ago, for example. The previous management is responsible for Milan’s resurgence.

        1. Oh, what a surprise Bartolomeo also hates Milan ownership because they are not Italians.
          I don’t care if Elliot are vulture fund or not, the fact is that if they didn’t take over the club Milan would have went bankrupt. In 5 years that vulture fund made a club in almost 300 mil debt go to be a club posting profit while being competitive. They did that even though your guy was losing Milan’s best players for nothing.
          I don’t know what happened in Argentina, but I know what happened at Milan.
          Nothing but gratitude for Elliott and Gazidis. The American owner and South African CEO did great job at Milan.

          1. I am not Italian. I have been living in the US and I have many American friends. But I admit that the way you worship Wall Street mf is way beyond my understanding.

            Elliott inherited the club because the previous owner couldn’t repay the loan. Credits to them for hiring a competent management, in football terms, but they literally did nothing besides imposing drastic savings, which is how vulture funds work (= the goal is to identify assets that have been irrationally oversold below fundamental value, or where a positive turnaround is predicted). The club was competitive because of the work of the previous management and the club became sustainable because of improved results on the pitch as well. Top players were lost since the club couldn’t afford to keep them because of the salary cap. Personally, I don’t care if guys who don’t want to be here leave, as long as Milan wins, let’s say a Scudetto.

            Now we sell players, aim for 4th place and (currently) UEL. For his first full season with a new management, Jerry will watch Inter get a second star. So far so good.

          1. I know we have to learn that Wall Street slang now, but what you call « invest » is basically using the money available for transfers, with the sale of Tonali and the budget available, increased after successful seasons. Every football club in every country on this planet « invests », then.

            And Scaroni said it in an interview, we aim at 4th place every season. That’s just for UCL revenues, for sustainability, and « investments ».

      2. the last Italian owner also saved Milan from bankruptcy when they bought the club,
        do you want to compare the 1st 5 years of Berlusconi & Elliot?
        transfers & trophy?

  3. This makes no sense to me. Just spent 40m on a property so they could build so is that just money wasted. When cardinale first arrived he constantly spoke of how important it was to build and own their own stadium. So is he now a fraud or realizing his pockets aren’t as deep as he thought? What is going on here, is Elliott going to have to bail out somebody again?

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