CorSera: Six signings with more to follow – Pioli has a squad to compete on multiple fronts

By Oliver Fisher -

Marco Sportiello, Luka Romero, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Christian Pulisic, Tijjani Reijnders, Noah Okafor plus soon Samuel Chukwueze and maybe even Yunus Musah and Riccardo Calafiori.

This morning’s edition of Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews) writes how Milan have closed six deals in the first official month of the transfer window, with another expected to be done soon (Chukwueze) and potentially at least two more to follow.

It is not a full-blown revolution because the spine of the team remains, with the exception of Sandro Tonali, but Milan continue to sign predominantly young players with potential and complimentary pieces to the core.

The club took advantage of Newcastle’s monstrous offer to Tonali to generate a very important amount to reinvest in the market, not on one or two big names but for various intelligent and strategic operations.

The pitch will of course give the answers, but the mission to improve the squad depth available to Stefano Pioli seems to be going well, especially with Okafor to be announced soon and Chukwueze to follow.

Milan have redesigned the attacking department, guaranteeing Pioli not only the possibility of changing formations during the season but also of having valid alternatives to be able to compete in different competitions.

The leaders of the attack are Rafael Leao and Olivier Giroud, with Lorenzo Colombo, Junior Messias and Alexis Saelemaekers awaiting developments on their future and Pulisic having joined the ranks.

Even the midfield has been turned upside down and Pioli finally feels that on August 21, the day of the season debut against Bologna, he will have a team at his disposal that can be ready for three different competitions.

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  1. Up to Pioli now to prove the doubters wrong (myself included) and create a team that will be competitive at the highest level, on all fronts.
    I’m excited to see how it all unfolds.

  2. Midfield still need tough and proven player though. We can’t rely just on rlc and reindeers. Another one would be great.

  3. It still pains me how we were bossed around by Inter 4x last season but with these signings I can’t see that happening in this one. I’m loving how we’re flying under the radar scooping up these players at great prices. They’ve exceeded even my expectations 🙏.

    1. If only we had this squad for that CL semifinal. But we are moving forward.

      I really want Lacazette as a surprise signing after Musah and Calafiori. A striker that had 31 goals last season and is well experienced.

      1. He’d be perfect- don’t understand why we haven’t been linked but maybe they’re flying under the radar 😎

      2. He turned down an offer from Saudi Arabia and he wants to stay in Lyon. He’s from there, he’s the captain and has great understanding with the coach, and he has a big salary. He’s also some kind of Zlatan there, the experienced veteran among boys. And he wants to come back to the French national team, I’m not sure he would like to be under Giroud again haha

      3. Can’t believe a person wrote “If only we had this squad for that CL semifinal” without stopping to notice that the squad we had last season made it to the CL seminal.

        Last time we signed 10 new players for the squad we finished 6th and our leading goalscorer was a youth player…..

        1. We aren’t replacing the entire team and these players we signed are miles better than the ones we signed then. You’re just bitter Maldini was fired. Our base team is still there and we added heavily to our attack.

          But I bet you’d be happy if Maldini stayed and we signed Arnuatovic on loan and kept Messias as a starter. You’re clueless.

  4. I hope Saele accepts his role and stays. He’s not up there with the others we have now but we need depth and he can cover both wings. He’s also quite energetic and battling player, a jolly who comes on when players are tired.

  5. How is signing 9-10 new players not a revolution?

    If I went to work one day and they said they had sacked half the company and replaced them with another half, I would think that was a pretty big revolution.

    Except the company might have time to recover because we’re not running making split second decisions.

    This is total and utter madness.

    Every single new signing is disruptive to the team which is why signings need to be targeted. This is scatter gun stuff. And the result will be the existing players drop down a level and every new signing competing for air drops down a level, and the whole squad drops down a level.

    None of these players are going to reach their potential, just like no employee would reach their potential if a company changed 50% of the workforce in a few months.

    But there is zero scrutiny. Just mindless excitement and all these shiny new things. Football takes a back seat whilst everyone obsesses over the transfer market like it’s some computer game (and even computer games know you need to build familiarity with a team).

    1. And added to this – what exactly is the point of supporting this team and these players?

      I don’t them from Adam. And they won’t the club long enough to get to know them. All this talk about youth. None of them are going to be around long enough to ever be anything other than youth.

      10 signings this summer, how many in January?

      And do we do another 10 next summer?

      So the team I supported a year ago is completely different to the team I support now?

      And all those moments, where this player scored that goal, won that tackle, made that save, they’re just meaningless. That player now plays for our arrival having been loaned out after they were another failure.

      And what exactly is the point of the Milan youth team?

      Surely they should just save themselves some cash and time and just abandon the whole thing. It’s not like any youth player can break into a first time that is busy signing 10 players every transfer window.

      We had this for a decade. We had a decade of turnover where we went through players like they were nothing. And each new signing was welcomed with excitement and then the fans turned when their shiny new thing didn’t perform.

      It’s absolutely pointless supporting a football nowadays. It’s just an empty brand name with a revolving door of players behind it.

    2. Look at ot this way. A company that couldn’t perform well due to not having the right staff capacity decided to fire one good employee on a high salary and offloaded the deadwood employees with negative energy in the work place.

      Replaced those deadwood with young employees eager to learn.

      Totally improving the output of the company.

      That is what is happening.

      1. He has no idea whats happening. He was happy with Messias, Origi, Rebic. He wanted Maldini to stay so Maldini would only sign 34 year old Arnautovic on loan.

        We still have the base of players we had last season. Most of our signings are bringing life to our often dead right side where we had many problems. Leao now has a complement at RW with Chukuweze. And Okafor can play on both wings.

        Our signings have been quality. Maldini’s Heir is upset Maldini wasn’t the one doing these signings.

        1. Hate to admit, the new management has repaired the problems we had.

          No substitute for Leao, no threat from the right wing.

          Cover in midfield to ensure we don’t lose quality after making our first subs .

          I almost revolted after Maldini and Sandro left but now I’m glad.

        2. Maldini signed too many players too.

          Do you know who don’t sign too many players?

          Man City. They only signed one last season.

          But anyway one thing that Maldini did do was sign what were the closest thing you can get in football to guarantees in experienced players like Kjaer, Ibra and Giroud. Even signing experienced players doesn’t guarantee anything as we saw with Bonucci and Higuain.

          And that’s the thing. All of these signings are unknowns. None have played in Serie A. None have played against a Cremonese (who we failed to beat twice last season) who will drop deep and defend tactically. This is not something any of these players will have faced in the more open leagues they’re coming from.

          Salah didn’t become a world beater until he left Serie A. Serie A broke Ronaldo. It’s a tough league that is very different to anywhere else which is why we’re unlikely to see many YouTube highlights of our new stars in years to come.

          PS Show some respect for the players that delivered success over the past 3 years.

          PPS You better not abandon these new stars if and when they struggle. You support them today, you support them tomorrow, in sickness and health. That’s what being a fan is about.

      2. a) There’s not a single example of this being a successful strategy but we do have a lost decade at Milan where we had high player turnover.

        b) The players didn’t actually underperform – they actually surpassed expectations. These are players who in actual fact (not in some person’s imagination) won the title, qualified us for back to back champions leagues (after a decade when high player turnover had prevented us from achieving that), and we then reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. The players you’re criticising were barely used by Pioli. How is anyone rating Adli who played for 5 mins? And how were players expected to perform against well drilled top level teams when Pioli rotated the entire first team?

        The reason we didn’t finish higher is because we failed to beat Cremonese – twice. All this to beat Cremonese?

    3. These are sure bets. You are crying again and posting ten paragraphs? Interesting because you have so little intelligent things to say. Milan didn’t replace the core of the team. We have almost the same core as last season besides from Tonali leaving.

      Every single signing is disruptive lmao? You’re a disruptive clown. These signings are complements to the base of a team we already have. Especially to the right side of our attack that was nonexistent for so many years.

      I guess you’re fine with Origi, Messias, Saelasmaekers and Rebic. Players that haven’t produced a thing.

      You don’t know anything about football and didn’t pay attention to last season where we nearly missed out on qualifying for the CL. We could have ended up in 5th primarily because of a thin squad, players like Origi not performing and injuries.

      You’re a fake plastic fan.

      1. Paizano, we all have different opinions. It’s all good because at the end of the day we still all support the same club, just with a different state of mind.

        Also, a lot of users here just come to vent and blow steam. Objectivity is scarce. That’s OK too – difficult times, and all.

        FORZA MILAN ⚫️🔴

      2. Nothing in football is a sure bet and there guys are the opposite of sure bets.

        They’ve never played in Serie A before.

        In fact with my 50% of employees being replaced scenario, I forgot to mention that the new 50% are being shipped in from abroad, don’t speak the language, and have never dealt with any of our customers or suppliers before….

        Musk brought more stability to Twitter!

  6. Am i the only one who noticed that we’ve only lost Tonali n Diaz fro last yr regular first 11. Why some fans are complaining abt the number of signings yet we saw the evidence of lack in depth and trying to compete in all competions.

    1. Don’t try to explain to Maldini’s Heir anything. Many of our new players fix the right side of our team. I guess fake plastic fan was happy with Messias starting. And then the underperforming Saelesmaekers, who produced so little. A defensive RW who assisted next to nothing and scored even less.

      But yea we kept our base of players. With the exception of Tonali and Diaz.

      People should be excited about what we finally accomplished on the right side of our team. Now this will give Leao more space and room to really boom.

    2. We didn’t have a lack of depth.

      We had a squad of 30 last season.

      It’s just you’d ant rotate 7-8 starting players in one game and expect a result. Man City got knocked out of the league cup when they tried the same.

      You also can’t change 50% of your squad including your entire midfield and expect to start at the same level as your nearest rivals.


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