CorSera: Pioli wants Milinkovic-Savic but Milan management are less keen – the reason

By Oliver Fisher -

As the days and weeks tick by Sergej Milinkovic-Savic’s future is no clearer, but AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli wants to reunite with him.

According to a report from Corriere della Sera, Juventus are taking a step back on Frattesi because they convinced Adrien Rabiot to sign a contract for another season and because they are firmly betting on Milinkovic-Savic.

The Serbia international is always one of the big names whenever the transfer window comes around and while he hasn’t moved, this time it could be different because he is now one year from the expiry of his contract.

Despite this, Lazio president Claudio Lotito continues to ask for €40m in order to sell the 28-year-old, given he amassed 19 goal contributions in 47 games last season and would be heading to a domestic rival.

Milinkovic-Savic is the player that both Stefano Pioli and Simone Inzaghi of Milan and Inter want above all to strengthen their respective midfields, given they each coached him in the capital and know his characteristics.

However, he is a player that enthuses the respective managements less, given that he earns over €4m net per season and would ask for €5m from his next club, with the aforementioned large transfer fee.

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  1. Wasted 20mil for RLC could have been channeled to this deal with a payment structure and we’d know exactly what we are getting which is stability, control and much needed experience, but what do I know ?

  2. Inter don’t have the money and Milan will focus on unknown (flops) instead. Juve don’t have the money either so it’s either a new contract with Lazio or EPL. Yet no one in EPL seems to be interested either.

    1. Because who is willing to fork out 40mil for a player with a year left on his contract??? Lotito is higher than a kite.

  3. “given that he earns over €4m net per season and would ask for €5m from his next club, with the aforementioned large transfer fee”

    It didn’t stop them from giving a bench player RLC 4 millions a season. Bunch of incompetent tards. That’s even more Bakayoko was on and they are same useless players.

    1. For some reason the management seems to think “they come from EPL so they must be excellent signings and worth the money”. Yet there is zero guarantees that they can cope well in the Serie A. Unlike for example SMS who has already proved that.

  4. So Maldini actually listen to Pioli but it is Furlani who oppose him? 🤔

    Personally, I prefer younger midfielder though.

  5. Then F the milan management but 40 mil is a tad too much but if we can get him for 30 its an opportunity that shouldnt be missed out on especially as they sold tonali they will need to create some hope for the fans and savic would be a welcome addition for must supporters,

    1. Might as well wait for next season and pick him up on the free. But I agree he i would be a fantastic addition…

      1. That is true.
        Salary sport says 4.92 pounds.
        WTFoot says 4.6M€.
        Suprise sports says 5.93M€.
        Aiscore says 4.9M
        Capology says 5.9M€.
        Now find the correct one :/
        Seems to me 6M might be it, gross.

        1. BB is right its grosss, pretty sure his real salary is around 3 a year, There is no chance in hell that he earns 6 mil net a year at lazio.

  6. Firm NO for SMS, I also don’t really think it’s true that Pioli wants him. Let’s go for a younger, cheaper guy that can play next season. SMS is overpriced, in decline. If he was that good EPL teams would be all over him and at this asking price for them it’s cheap

  7. SMS is very good offensively but an absolute liability defensively, Players run past him like he is a traffic cone. There is a reason he is about to be 29, he is still at Lazio and there is very little interest in him,
    Also, that price tag with 1 year left on his contract is insane.
    Rather Go for younger two way players

  8. I thought that Pioli was the center of this so called project. Yeah, we know better from the beginnigng that it’s just a baloney reasoning.

  9. I already told you. Pioli was given a list of players and needs to choose from it. So he chooses the least bad from the worst offered.

  10. Haha Pioli probably thinking “I’m so fcked”, M&M told him “alright we messed up last summer, we will get you Milinkovic-Savic, Berardi and a striker”, then they got fired for sht and now he’s next in line to get kicked out if things turn wrong with a team filled with FUT players.

  11. Pioli (the center of our new project) wants him – but Redbird says no – LOL

    Willing to pay Thuram over 5M but not SMS – LOL

    Ya this makes absolute sense.

  12. Such a false article. With Maldini and Massara, Pioli is now working in total harmony with Moncada and Furlani. Any and all targets are now decided collaboratively between the three unlike in the past when M&M just bought players for the sake of buying /s

  13. Btw Lotito is never going to budge on any price. At his age SMS either moves now or not at all to maximize the remaining good years he has in his body. Lotito sees us get 70m+ for Tonali so he knows we have money from that sale. What Milan should have done was have an agreement in place before Tonali’s sale so that they don’t fleece us. But right now, we’re walking around with money bags in the hood waiting to get robbed 😂😂😂😂

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