CorSport: ‘Bayern on the attack’ – Milan could lose Theo in Tonali-esque operation

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan could be tempted by some of the big bids that they are expecting to receive for Theo Hernandez this summer, according to a report.

This morning’s edition of Corriere dello Sport (via PianetaMilan) reports that the negotiations for the renewal of Theo’s contract are proceeding slowly and thus all options remain on the table at the moment as we approach the opening of the mercato.

Bayern Munich are eyeing the Frenchman who, according to the Roman newspaper, ‘doesn’t seem to have this desire for Milan anymore’. It could therefore be the summer of evaluations and farewells, not helped by the upcoming European Championship.

In the 2024 summer transfer window, Theo Hernández could represent for Milan what Sandro Tonali was last year. With the difference that, this time, the month of June cannot be considered a ‘free period’ to talk to Bayern Munich.

Any negotiations would have to be on the back burner while the tournament goes on in Germany, but ‘if there was really something like 80 million euros on the plate, it would be impossible to remain indifferent. Especially since Theo Hernández’s contract expires in two years’.

The sale of Theo – as painful as it would be to lose a leader of the squad – would thus ‘set fire’ to Milan’s incoming transfer campaign, which at present already has around €100m to make purchases.

In Bavaria, meanwhile, they know that Alphonso Davies is heading towards Real Madrid and thus they could have the money to launch the €80m bid needed to tempt Milan to sell.

Should the full-back do well at Euro 2024, Bayern could also be more inclined to shift their economic reasoning to the figures requested by the Rossoneri. With all that money, Milan could then buy two new left-backs – a starter and his deputy – both of a high standard.

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  1. If we lose theo as well the team truly has lost its way. We are slowly losing all of the pieces that built us back up and were big Maldini signings. This ownership is an absolute disgrace to milan.

  2. Yes lose the best in the world in his position to a new “high standard” lb 😂 Who could blame him though.. He has arrived at the age where he wants to win and with Milan that ain’t happening soon. If we really lose him there is one more indication of the real ambition of the club.

  3. If you sell Theo you might as well sell Leao too because Leao without Theo is not the same player.
    It’s just ridiculous how much Deadbird are destroying this team, Maldini and Gazidis build this Milan when the team was struggling to reach top 4, Cardinale took the team when we were champions and managed it like a circus. Losing Mike would be partially understandable but losing Theo and Leao after we lost Tonali last season is like losing the team soul. I don’t blame Theo , he is the best attacking left back in the world and he is playing for a club that doesn’t even want fight for scudetto anymore.

  4. At the meantime it’s still a rumour and we still have to see what transpires.

    But if we’re financially healthy and doesn’t even need to sell (as 80-100M budget would be MORE than sufficient to reinforce this team), there’s NO good reason for this sale to go ahead. Theo is one of the best in the world in his position, pay him what he deserves. I see Theo and Leao as ‘marquee’ players and they should be afforded more reasonable flexibility in the salary cap limitation. Had Maignan (one of my favourite player in Pioli’s era) be less injury prone, he would be one the triumvirate too.

  5. Just get it done early if it’s going to happen – that was the good part about the Tonali business – it can’t wait until the end of the Euros.

    And don’t do it if we don’t have the replacement plan lined up already. Really annoying Kerkez would have been perfect for it but no chance of that now!

  6. If Theo goes (and yes that will be very disappointing) then it will be because he wants to go. So in that case why would we want to keep someone who doesn’t want to be part of the clubs future? Lets be pragmatic about it, get a good deal early on and get his successor in place.

    1. I don’t think Theo wants to leave Milan. I think he did state he likes the city, the club,… but he wants more money. If we don’t renew to him, he’ll probably want to leave.

      1. We don’t know anything, we’re not even sure that rumor about Bayern is true. The only thing we know is that our management is not looking forward to win anything. Théo is at his prime, during the Euro he will live for a few weeks with French guys playing for Real Madrid, PSG, Barcelona, Inter, Liverpool, Bayern. All of them playing for ambitious teams, all of them having top salaries.

        My only hope is that he wants to stay to high kick Dumfries during the next derby but he would have the opportunity to do so during the Euro as France is playing Netherlands on June, 21st haha

        1. It’s true that we don’t know anything for sure, but when the same rumors keep being persistent, it’s quite worrying.
          I have friends that support Real Madrid and they affirmed that they’re close to getting Davies. If that’s the case, then it would make sense for Bayern to go for Theo. And even if we “don’t have to sell”, I don’t see this management turning down 80M or more for any player especially considering that he wants to renew for 8M and that his contract expires in 2026. So we might be heading back to 2012.

          1. Don’t kill my vibe as Kendrick says haha

            Anyway it’s obvious that the world class players will want to leave as we’re not competing for glory anymore. These guys don’t care about the shareholders’ ambitions, especially if they can’t make top money.

            When you go to San Siro, you see a lot of jerseys with Tonali, Théo and Giroud. And Leao of course, who could be the only one remaining next season. And even about him, considering that PSG will need a new star at left winger, I’m not confident.

  7. I would be very sorry if Theo left, but we have to understand that the Italian league and almost all the clubs in it cannot deal with the richest competition. I also understand that after everything we’ve been through in the last few years, the management has to keep an eye on the club’s financial situation and accounts. I don’t know if they are able to give him the requested salary at the moment, but somehow it seems to me that it’s not just about that. I would stick to the old saying, that no player is bigger than the club, and I would try to find something positive in that. Of course i don’t want the exodus of the best players, but if the management will spend approximately the amount of money mentioned in the media + part of the money from the possible sale of Theo… it would be quite a hot summer ahead!

  8. This is a watershed moment for the club!

    If this ownership has any ambition they will do what is needed to keep him. That means refusing any offers, convinvcing the player of the project by making significant signings and giving him a good contract.
    It would break fans hearts to see him leave and would really dissuade potential signings about the project

    1. The ownership doesn’t have any ambition the moment they kicked Maldini out of the club without respect. Then they continued by selling Tonali, one of the pillar who brought scudetto for Milan.

      Furlani even said no players are off limit so don’t expect they gonna say no to Munchen offers for Theo.

      1. Tonali was suspended the whole year for gambling and the money bought us Pulisic, Reijnders, Okafor and Musah… You think the team would have been better to have him sitting out versus those players?? Not to mention no one would pay that fee now.

  9. i just don’t understand, what exactly this new regime already give to us? i found nothing.
    scudetto, rising market value, finance stability it was all Elliot’s.
    then why they remove/ sell every component that make it those 3 achievements?

  10. If Theo wants to leave then Milan cannot stop him from leaving. Also, Milan management is not naive like Maldini and Massara to try to hold unto players until their contract runs out and they leaves for free either.

    Sell him and buy Calafiori. Mendi from Real Madrid would also be a good option. As long as Milan management use the money from the sale of our players to strengthen the squad then life goes on.

    Milan won the Champions League without Shevchenko after he left for Chelsea. We need a strong team to compete in Europe and Serie A and even though Theo is a top player if our budget will allow us to get 5 quality players with his sale then I am fine with it.

    1. So you’re comparing the 2006/07 Milan with Maldini, Nesta, Billy, Kaladze, Cafu, Pirlo, Gattuso, Seedorf, Ambrosini, Kakà, Inzaghi, Ronaldo to the current Milan.

      Now Maldini was naive haha maybe naive to think that the club would actually invest, meaning raising that counterproductive salary cap which prevents us to keep our best players. These 20M wasted in Musah, for example, would be useful to extend Théo right now. The current management is doing NOTHING to keep our top players, they’re not even trying, until evidence to the contrary. Yes they invest but the allocation of the budget seems really clueless for the fans who are ambitious.

    2. Exactly – people seem to think we should be tying Theo to a chair and electrocuting his nipples or something to force him to stay. If it’s true the dude wants to go, let him go. We don’t need half-as*ed players in the locker room.

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