CorSport: Calabria’s contract talks stall amid links to other full-backs

By Euan Burns -

The contract talks between AC Milan and Davide Calabria have stalled with the Rossoneri showing interest in other full-backs who could replace him. 

As has been reported by Corriere dello Sport (via Pianeta Milan), Milan need to think about player renewals as well as just the players they are going to sign during the summer transfer window.

Calabria is the starting right-back for Milan at the moment but he will be out of contract in June 2025, meaning he either needs to renew or be sold at the end of this season if Milan are to get any sort of transfer fee for the Italian.

Mike Maignan and Theo Hernandez are also in talks over contract renewals, and Calabria’s situation will be properly addressed once the season has come to an end. The captain would like a higher salary than what he gets right now, but there is a reluctance from the club to oblige.

Given Olivier Giroud is leaving and Simon Kjaer could do the same, a lot of experience may be leaving the team this summer.

Milan have recently been linked with Lille right-back Tiago Santos, as reported exclusively bySempre Milan, so he could be a replacement for Calabria.

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  1. Tiago is a good replacement for Calabria. Terraciano is also a good replacement for Florenzi and Terraciano can also play left back.

    Milan need to upgrade the CB, RB and a backup for Theo like Juan Miranda from Real Betis.

  2. Not captain material. Still. Neither is Theo for that matter. We don’t have a leader in this team.

    Contract renewal at the same number makes sense logically since Calabria hasn’t improved. He is at his ceiling. And we need better players.

      1. I agree. It’s a dilemma. I’d say Mike currently is the closest personality we have to a captain but we don’t even know if he stays…

    1. “Contract renewal at the same number makes sense logically since Calabria hasn’t improved.”

      Broke ass team

  3. Hope he sticks around at same rate.

    Without all the inverting madness I wonder if we get better from him.

    With a consistent pair of CBs like he had with Tomorri and Kalulu I wonder if we get good enough from him.

    Agree on the idea he’s and Theo are not Capt material, but who would it go to?

    1. Calabria is an inconsistent RB as is and inverting him into the 6 is just madness…. He brings no solutions with that move.

      He needs to be a backup RB to whoever we can bring in with better quality. Hell, we don’t even know if Terra is any good. But we will probably find out next game that Musah is not a good RB before we find out if Terra is good… 🙄

    2. Based on his attitude, Adli. 😀

      Gabbia. MM16. Florenzi.

      Kjaer or Giroud would have been the obvious choice but… 🙁

    1. Another Pioli for requesting an improved salary at his work place?

      These fans.
      So u want someone who has always stayed loyal and renewed his contracts without any drama to renew without an improved salary despite being one of the low earners in the team?

      1. “These fans”….

        Are you somehow looking at this through a different lens than the rest of “us” fans? As a shareholder? As a manager of a different club? As Calabria’s agent? As a higher deity with an otherworldly IQ? Are we in a presence of higher intelligence???

        Salary increases need to be based on merit, not seniority. That’s idiotic. He hasn’t moved anywhere because he hasn’t been stellar to go anywhere else if we’re honest. With banter era coming at a good time for him to earn seniority he will be holding on to Milan as long as he can. But it can’t be at a higher salary because his performances hadn’t merited one…

  4. I want him to stay, because he’s a born Rossoneri who never stops running for the team. Maybe not cpt material, but him, chuk, and adli are the only ones who don’t stop trying when things go sour. If we had a proven leader at center back, and a manager with actual tactical prowess I think we’d see the version of him that held his own against Kvar and Mbappe. Having him Terracciano and Jimenez as RB options is plenty, and even kalulu can play there. We dont need to sign a 5th option. Spend the money to actually get proven quality in Striker and CDM. We need goals, and someone who can control and boss the midfield, maybe a CB if we sell one along with letting Kjaer leave

  5. They wont sell Calabria. A) nobody wants him & B) we lack homegrown players. C) there is no reason to sell him, he is fine as when he plays rb-rb not inverted rb

      1. He has been a starter for years now and we managed to win a scudeto with him as rb. So idk what people see in his game that makes him not starter quality..

        As for the world class comment, you can say that for basically any position in the team. Right? Except Theo.

        But it’s always Calabria that’s on the wall for not being WC and needs an upgrade…

  6. Milan need to buy a veteran, Jorghinho or someone else, who can speak and act as an captain. Calabria certainly is not captain material. He should actually be a bench player; definitely not starting material for a team which is supposed to compete for trophies every season.

  7. Most likely the club will give him an improved salary, but I’d be surprised if it goes more than 3 mill. On the other hand, Calabria knows that we need home-grown players and that he can ask for more than what he’d get in other clubs.

    I don’t think that if this negotiation goes to summer it will look good on him or the club. Part of me wants a hard-line, take it or be sold, though I don’t think it would look good for the club or him, especially considering that he’s the captain (one can argue on whether he needs to be the captain, but so far he is)

  8. calabria deserve salary increment for all he has done for milan. he is the team captain and came thru the milan academy.. tiago might come in to replace florenzi and be under calabria guardlines.

    selling calabria and keeping florenzi with tiago coming is mismanagement

  9. He definitely hasn’t earned a raise, and not captain material. However, we need a few italians in the team. Champions league purposes and simply we dont wanna become like shinter side. Maybe get a young italian rb or maybe there is one down in the pipeline.

    1. name a matured italian player this very management have in mind to buy this summer?

      the torino defender is a no no. so what next cheap and lack of experience young players from france just like arsenal during winger days

    1. We should sell him and buy an unknown moneyball “potential could be” from some foreign league for the purpose of selling at high profit.

      Here I fixed it for you.

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