CorSport: Distance remains between Maignan and Milan on salary – the details

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan and Mike Maignan still have work to do if a new contract is to be agreed upon between both parties as the club are currently short of the Frenchman’s request. 

As reported by Corriere della Sport (via Milan News), the Rossoneri are more than aware that they need to act fast if they are to keep Maignan for the long haul, or at least protect his potentially considerable transfer value.

Whilst Maignan has shown a couple of slight weaknesses this season, he remains one of the best goalkeepers in the world and he is only under contract until the summer of 2026.

Right now, he would like to be paid a similar salary to Rafael Leao, which would put him on around €6m a year. Milan have been tentative about offering such a big salary, with €4.5m seeming to be the maximum on the table.

A new deal would likely keep Maignan at the club for another three years, but right now he is being paid €2.8m per year which does not reflect how important a player he is.

With Premier League clubs and teams like Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid looking for a goalkeeper, Milan need to ensure they get as much money as possible for Maignan if he leaves.

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  1. Not worth it. Crybaby & injury prone with an average season behind his back. When was the last time he saved a penalty?

    Vedict: Sell.

    1. Yeah cash in on the crybaby how a top player at his position can dare ask for a salary increase! Only the Wall Street bankers should be able to swim in money

      1. He is not exactly top GK this season. And last season too, tbh.

        He is really injury prone for a GK, who is really one of the lowest injury record player in the field – most team can go entire season with one GK.

        His performance this 2 seasons have been sub par – conceded a lot of easy goals, most notably 3 goals from tight angle to his near post this season.

        His playmaking game also not up to par this season.

        On his Day He is one of the best GK but it’s been so long from one of those days.

        Id say 5m is max, if he don’t want that then just sell this summer, when he still got many suitors and there’s many big teams looking for GK. (Munchen, Chelsea etc)

      2. 1) Maignan initially wanted a lot more than 6m.

        2) Maignan does deserve a salary increase, but not to 6m. Milan is not real madrid. Big teams can afford a large GK salary, Milan cannot. With the budget available, they need to push for better outfield players, especially a forward and sign a real DM. There are just too many cheap talented keepers available to justify 6m for Maignan.

        3) Maignan has had multiple injuries every year he’s been year. He’s missed many games each year because of this. He appears quite injury prone. He’s missed multiple games for France too and continues to miss.

        4) His head is already in the clouds because of the media before actually proving he’s a top keeper in the world. He even self declared himself as the best GK in the world???He needs to prove it by being consistent, which he is not.

        5) If we did sell him, it would help reinforce ($$$) other areas that are more pressing(forward and DM)

        If Milan can bank a large capital gain here, they should.

        Bottom line – Milan’s current player salaries cost ~84m.
        Maignan’s change will increase it to about 88m.

        This means the wage budget goes up by nearly 5%. Furthermore, Maignan’s new salary (~6.5m) would account for nearly 8% of Milan’s wage budget easily with bonuses. For an often injured keeper, that’s not great math.

  2. I love Mike don’t get be wrong but if he doesn’t renew Milan should sell him this summer and buy the Monza goalkeeper, between Mike, Theo and Leao I would say Mike is the easiest option to replace, considering this season from and injuries. We need the money to buy a top striker and a CB.

  3. Absolutely not. You can’t give that kind of money to a keeper that is injured this often and misses months at a time each season. Add to that he hasn’t even been that good this season. Theo and Leao are the priorities over Maignan.

  4. Time to sell and reinvest in the squad. I hope we get at least 80m for him. With that and the money from CDK, Salaemakers, Origi (hopefully) we can really strengthen the team with a proper DM like Koopmeiners, a CB and CF.

    Maignan has been on a downward spiral since we won the scudetto. Not worth paying him the money he and entourage is asking for.

    I would take Vicario or Carnesecchi in heartbeat.

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