CorSport: Fenerbahce relaunch Krunic attempts but Pioli is adamant he stays

By Oliver Fisher -

Fenerbahçe have not yet given up on signing Rade Krunic from AC Milan but they are yet to come close to the asking price, a report claims.

According to the latest from Corriere dello Sport (via PianetaMilan), Fenerbahce are determined to sign Krunic before the transfer window ends in two weeks and they have offered the player a four-year deal with a pay rise.

However, the €7m that they have so far put forward to the Rossoneri for the transfer fee is nowhere near enough. In order to sell the Bosnian, Milan are asking for at least €12m which they feel is a more accurate representation of his worth.

The attempt by the Turkish team for Krunic comes at a time when Stefano Pioli has made the 29-year-old the starting regista in his new three-man midfield.

The idea is that the ex-Empoli man will play between Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Tijjani Reijnders as the midfield anchor, and losing him now – with little time to find, sign and embed a replacement – does not appeal to Pioli.

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    1. and who do you plan to get thats better this late in the window or are you in the business of overpaying for someone now?

      And stop saying Dominguez, he is not a DM, learn to watch freaking matches before latching onto a name

        1. Krunic played the last 3 seasons as DM. Dominguez played as DM in the past, but that was before his breakout season, so the good numbers he has is not as DM.

      1. You do realize this is a new role for Spider Rico Krunic as well? One he is not good at…

        I’m sure there are better replacements in the world, you fan boys make him out to be world class. Plus, he asked to leave, he doesn’t want to be here. And before you say it, yes we all know:

        “He knows the system”
        “He’s versatile”
        “You’re not a real fan unless you love him”

        1. I don’t think you have to love Krunic to be a real fan.
          I don’t think anyone object to honest criticism either.
          But if you talk trash about our own team, a coach and a player who has helped us win a scudetto no less, some people will view you as ‘less’ of a fan.

          1. Fred is garbage. His defensive liability is the reason why Man Utd fail to qualify to UCL frequently. He just cost more because EPL players get overrated.

          2. And if you think Krunic would even make the bench for Man United much less start for them you are delusional. Fred actually has skills, unlike Krunic. He can dribble, he can pass, he can score. Krunic can do none of those things. I’m not saying Fred is some amazing player but compared to Krunic he is.

          3. An Man United had a whole host of other problems. Their defense has been rubbish for years and they haven’t had a decent striker since Ibra left.

          4. Fres can pass, a simple pass, not defense splitting pass. He can drible sometimes and occassionaly score wonder goals. However, his net contribution to the team is negative as he exposed the defence so much, he almost got criticized every time he start a match.

          5. Furthermore, Man Utd was actively trying to get rid of Fred while Milan is not looking to sell Krunic. So it is a mistake by Fenerbahce not to use that money for Krunic.

  1. We would sold Krunic for 7m…

    If we had at least 1 midfielder from last year.

    Only Krunic stayed after tonali exit and benna injury….

  2. Where did you get that photo?

    According to some fans that never happened.

    Krunic played no part in helping Milan get to the semi-finals of the Champions League.

    Milan played with 10 men,.

    Less in fact.

    Saelemaekers didn’t play.

    Junior Messias didn’t play.

    Tătăruşanu didn’t play.

    They’ve been expunged from Milan’s history.

    Well, until this photo cropped up….

          1. You are replying to a comment by @Maldinis Heir which set the premise as “helping Milan get to UCL semifinal”.

            You need to open your mind. Do you have short term memory that you can’t even remember that Napoli is one of the team defeated by Milan on the way to UCL semifinal? Stop being blinded by your hatred.

          1. You diminish a player’s role in helping Milan reaching UCL semifinal by saying that the opponent is just an 8th ranked team at EPL yet you conveniently exclude the fact that the opponent in quarterfinal (in which the player played 2×90 minutes) is the winner of Serie A. You insult other person for pointing out that truth to you.

  3. For God’s sake just sell this jack of all trades utterly mediocre at all of them. As unpopular as it might sound, I’m sure we could bring Bakayoko back on a cheap salary and he would be miles ahead of Krunic as a DM.

  4. DM will be a problem for Milan before Bennacer return from injury. Even when Bennacer return, Milan still need another quality player in DM position with different characteristics than Bennacer. Milan a DM like 2 Dutches in 2010-2014, I forget their name.

  5. Krunic has shown his performance as duo midfield last season. He is better in defensive than offensive duties. Behind RLC & Reijnder, whom are more offensive, Krunic is needed more as an anchorman than a classic regista. Our backline will be better covered this season. I agree with Pioli this time.

  6. Why is Pioli so determined to keep Krunic, where was this determination when Newcastle came for Tonali, we just bent over and said take our best midfielder, no problem.
    Is it Pioli ? I don’t know, but we now have a midfield consisting of a ragtag of newcomers to the league and the ever-present Krunic, who Pioli Is so desperate to stay, but even the player wants to leave !!!

  7. Krunic article again ? Wow so many ppl here want to sell him for 7m euro . Dude if you replace him with dominques that cost 17m euro , ACM wont have budget anymore to buy CB & pay loan fee for striker. Do you really think dominques can play in first match serie A without adaptation on preseason with ACM ? Do you really believe dominques are far better than krunic ?

  8. Guys guys guys before we start bashing Pioli, for once I think I agree with his decision to keep Krunic as this deep lining regista. Think about it, we have RLC and Tijuani both are not traditional dms more like box to box attacking cms, Mensah same thing. Adli same thing his more of an attacking midfielder in my opinion, he shud play attacking midfielder with pulisic. Pobega always drifts forward, struggles to track back, plus he can’t really defend. Bennacers 2024. Krunic is the most reasonable to play I’m that position, he’s versatile, but not particularly great in all positions but, he stays put in that regista position, doesn’t push to forward and always come back. Even if he stays we still need another dm to start over him.

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