CorSport: Fonseca prepares for ‘long meeting’ with Milan management to discuss mercato

By Isak Möller -

Paulo Fonseca will face the media at a press conference tomorrow morning, speaking for the first time since he was appointed head coach of AC Milan. In addition to that, though, he will also speak to the management about the mercato. 

The first day of pre-season is scheduled for tomorrow and the session will take place in the afternoon. Before that, more specifically at Casa Milan at 11:00 CEST, Fonseca will answer the questions of the media for the first time since joining the club.

According to Corriere dello Sport (via MilanNews), Fonseca will arrive at the headquarters early in the morning as a meeting has also been scheduled with the management. Giorgio Furlani, Geoffrey Moncada and Antonio D’Ottavio will definitely be present, and perhaps even Zlatan Ibrahimovic as well.

It’s described as a ‘long meeting’ as the parties will discuss the overall project as well as the mercato. The latter has been a hot topic in recent weeks but Milan are yet to make a signing as things stand, and their No.1 target Joshua Zirkzee is now heading to Man Utd.

Fonseca will surely have some requests on this front, even if they have spoken over video calls about the mercato already. As for the new No.9, Alvaro Morata now seems to be in pole position even if he still has to make a decision.

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      1. You guys all missed the point. Maybe I was being too sarcastic. It’s similar to the point made by Milanese below. I truly hope this report is not true. I can’t believe we hired a coach and haven’t discussed the Mercato, what sort of players he’d like (especially given that were out there looking for players) and the project. This is why I said phones were invented. Basically we hired a coach and we haven’t yet discussed the project with him or the vision of how he’s going to work???? And yet we’re saying he’s the right fit and all that tripe? Make that make sense please. And we’re trying to pick up players and we haven’t even talked to him about what his team needs. That’s a$$ backwards if you ask me.

  1. better be Kayode, Kiwior, Fofana, Ederson, Bove, Bonaventura, Jonathan David

    These deals are so doable and I don’t get the reason we keep stalling…

    Fofana, Bove and J.David have 1 year left on their contracts, Bonaventura is a free agent and Kiwior will be sold for pennies after Arsenal finalize Calafiori… Kayode can be done for Pobega and +12/13M, since Fiorentina is interested in him…

    1. I don’t know all of the players mentioned, but from your comment they make sense.

      Also, ACM have been following David for years, but now that he is within reach for ACM they bail out.

      Just like a teenage boy in love without the courage to ask the girl for a dance.

      1. Bove and Kayode are young Italian internationals the first one actually being brought up from academy by Fonseca at Roma, while Kayode was fantastic at Fiorentina this season since their main Dodo was injured.

        Kiwior played well at Arsenal, not Gabriel and Saliba level but he can play LB without a problem so Kiwior-Tomori-Kalulu-Calabria defensive wall is a possibility.

        Ederson had to be on par with Barella this season and although 40-45M is a lot, selling Bennacer should be accompanied by a proper replacement. Also the whole BS they did with CDK could help and maybe one of the youngsters can lower the price a bit.

        Finally all players are young except for Bonaventura of course, but he’s just a GOAT!

    1. Sure, in a professional organisation with a professional management. This is AC Milan however, where first day of the Mercato is first day at work.

      In the meantime at Juventus and Merda…..

      Upside is, ACM is almost sure of a 5th place and CL qualification, so everybody are happy (almost).

    2. That’s what I was about to write!
      Great its July 8th tomorrow, so lets start planning the mercato with the new coach.
      Are any of the people running this club serious??

  2. In reality this meeting shouldn’t take long.

    Fonseca shares his wishes and the wizards of Milan will tell him that he won’t get any of them, but perhaps a washed up leftover from Chelsea.
    If the club can afford.

    Max 5 minute conversation

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  4. Considering Fonseca is a new coach, shouldn’t he be given an ample amount of time to prepare for the new season? I don’t know why we’ve been slow this mercato. In comparison, they SWIFTLY fired Maldini and Massara 2 days after the season ended and got a bunch of stuffs done, including selling Tonali, getting RLC, Pulisic etc when July barely even started.

    They have appointed Fonseca, who has a lot of work to do to convince the majority of the fans. Shouldn’t Fonseca have some kind of ideas etc that would have already been discussed before both parties signed the contract? Sure, perhaps he would like to see the players first hand before making any decisions to offload them. But, remember, we lost Giroud, and he would NEED to be replaced, along with the glaring hole in the DM position. You don’t need to be a professional pundit to notice this things and I’m sure Fonseca and the managements knew about this too. But why instead of focusing on the two aforementioned issues, they choose to fix the RB first? A position where we actually are the most packed (quality wise aside).

    Discussing mercato after it has been opened for a week? That’s gotta be a joke from the journalist, because if it’s true, Good Lord..

  5. We need new management. We demand a lot from the team on the pitch and hold them to almost impossible standards and yet we let our management get away with this 💩 we have €100m+ to spend and these guys are on vacation and just meeting the new manager a week into the mercato

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