CorSport: Juventus could challenge Milan amid talks with Bayern over Bologna star

By Isak Möller -

Joshua Zirkzee has been heavily linked with a move to AC Milan in recent months as the Rossoneri are looking for a new striker. However, according to a report this morning, Juventus are also keeping tabs on the Dutch striker. 

Zirkzee has been one of the main sensations in Serie A this season, with 11 goals and 6 assists in all competitions. Naturally, with Milan looking for a new striker and also expressing an interest in Bologna manager Thiago Motta, Zirkzee has ended up on their radar.

According to Corriere dello Sport, as cited by, Milan are not the only ones interested as Juventus brought up the name during a recent meeting with Bayern Munich. The latter have a €40m buy-back clause, as well as a 50% clause of the capital gain, which could be a pretty good deal.

In other words, the German side could sign Zirkzee and then immediately sell him at a higher price, which is most likely why the name was discussed with Juventus. Milan are watching on with great interest but they also have a few other names on their wish list.

Benjamin Sesko (Leipzig) and Santiago Gimenez (Feyenoord) are two of them, as Gazzetta dello Sport recently reported, and it remains to be seen what will happen in the summer.

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  1. Not that I would oppose us signing Zirkzee but I do nevertheless find both Sesko and Gimenez to be the more interesting options. I’m not so sure though if Gimenez is attainable for us.

    1. I didnt watch any games of Feyenoord so idk how good or bad this Gimenez guy is, but Sesko is NO GO in my opinion. Watch both legs of him agains Real and a few games in bundesliga and this guy can not finish his chances, and for 50+ mil is a biig waste of money. Yes he is only 20 but we need reliable goal scorer for next season if we want to challenge Inter.

      1. Well i also want to keep Giroud for another season and then renew Jovic as well as it would make Seskos transition into Serie A a lot easier and lessen some of the pressure on him the first season.

    2. Pavlidis is the answer. Zirkzy, Ben barely 10 goals šesko, Gimy are not the answer.

      Alll 3 of those are gonna flop at Milan. I can’t remember a young striker that didn’t flop at Milan. Pato? That’s about it.

      1. Pavlidis has never played at a top team and players who play in the Dutch league aren’t guaranteed as an automatic success in the Serie A.

        He’s as much of a gamble as any of the others and if he flops we are likely to have more trouble selling him because he’s not that young.

        And again you prove how little you know about football.

          1. You shut up Mr Delusional. I’m surprised you don’t call everyone Giancarlo. It’s obvious you’re infatuated with him… maybe even in love. You miss him that much?

      2. Well that’s just your opinion just as well that Sesko or Gimenez is mine but I wouldnt oppose Pavlidis nevertheless either. But to say that a player will flop is a pretty subjective view and unless we actually sees a player in milan its nothing but a guessing game whether they will succeed or not.

        1. I’d say it’s statistics. Young strikers don’t cut it at Milan. You know it. I know it. Giancarlo doesn’t know it. The club knows it.

          1. Their statistics are pretty good elsewhere for all of them so I wouldn’t necessarily count on them to end up as flops with us but sure the chance is always there and iyou are correct to some extent. In the case of Gimenez he is as old as Ziirkzee so unless you also completely disregard that option I think he could be a great option. But as I said further up I would like to keep Giroud and Jovic for a year and Jovic for longer to cushing a new players arrival because I doubt many players will be able to bring the same numbers combined as for example Giroud’s goals/assists per minute to begin with.

          2. Lol you see Giancarlo everywhere… go send him flowers.

            Milan isn’t even linked with Pavildis and hasnt been for months. So much for that. I can’t with this.

  2. Yeah even Gyoekeres’s not able to score against Atalanta. Santiago gimenez reminds us of Santiago Muñez from Goal if anyone still remember the movie 😀

  3. Giroud is likely to leave , wouldn’t be surprised if management goes for Lukaku next season, though salary will be a problem… Knowing the management, they are more likely to get one discount player and a potential young player than someone affirmed.

    If we keep Giroud and Jovic we might get someone that hasn’t fully exploded yet and is cheaper (e g. Lucca)

  4. I think that the club will most likely try to bring David from Lille next summer. That somehow seems the most logical to me at the moment from their perspective. Everything else will be too expensive for them unless they sell Mike or Theo! And I hope not.

  5. Giancarlo got triggered by being called Giancarlo. Basic
    Take note i only called you up on it..because you fûcking are it. Wanabe goku but its giancarlo

    1. I’m not the one upset about you gushing about a guy you clearly want as your boyfriend, but likely won’t be able to ever get. Seriously, you can’t stop talking about him.

      I don’t discriminate. I think all love is valid lol.

  6. I think Zirkzee is the answer.Will probably end up with around 12-15 league goals this season and he is also a playmaker striker and only 22 so can also grow.He,leao and puli can Cook upfront🔥Also he has serie a experience he knows the league.Reminds me a little bit of a young zlatan,12-15 league goals is not bad and if he just can push a little more and reach 20 goals its really good.He can reach that he is only 22

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