CorSport: ‘Maignan can leave now’ – the reality facing the Frenchman and Milan

By Ben Dixon -

Ahead of the summer mercato, AC Milan are assessing several options to come into the club. However, they must also evaluate the chances of departures and who would replace them if they were to depart.

The run-up to the summer window has been swarmed by reports that a key player may depart the club this summer. Perhaps it is a fear of a repeat of last year occurring, but as the window grows closer, interest is on the rise.

Recently, reports have suggested that Theo Hernandez is growing in popularity for some clubs, and the same might be said about Mike Maignan. However, the goalkeeper might be the sacrifice to keep Theo.

Both have two years left on their respective deals but talks with Maignan and his entourage have not progressed as the club had hoped, and reports suggest that a departure is a possibility for the shot-stopper.

As Corriere dello Sport (via Milan News) writes, the Rossoneri have an interest in a few goalkeepers, such as Diogo Costa from Porto, who would cost €45 million and would be aided by Jorge Mendes. Given Maignan is being touted by Premier League clubs, and heavily by Bayern Munich, a departure on their terms could be the best option, which explains CorSport’s headline, ‘Maignan can leave now’.

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    1. There is no player who could replace Theo on the market, selling him would be a bullet in the foot. If comes to choose between I’d sell mike, he’s really world class but lots of injury for a goalkeeper

    1. Because he has two years left on his contract, is demanding big money and is likely to leave on a free in a couple of years if we don’t. Added bonus, if the scouting team has a replacement lined up for a smaller fee than we can sell for, then we will make some profit on the books to invest into other areas of the team too.

      1. That’s irrelevant, the article says Mike may be sold so that Theo doesn’t need to be. That In and of itself purports that a sale need to be made whether it be Mike of Theo. Why does the sale need to be made. The contract issue is a separate one which Theo isn’t involved with

        I quote management once more ‘no sales need to be made to fund the Mercato’

        Try again……I’ll wait

  1. My issue with Mike is his consistency and injuries. Keep Theo, let Mike go. There are great keepers out there. LBs not so much.

  2. I have no issues with Mike. Honestly, why would ANY OF US have an issue with him? Do we know him personally? Probably not. HIS issue is… go and complete your sentence.

  3. It’s funny how they say that Maignan has to be sacrificed to keep Theo, or Maignan will be this year’s Tonali.
    Maignan will be sold because of the salary he is asking, which for a GKer in Serie A any club would be crazy to pay him. 8 million would make him the highest paid player on the team. I don’t care if he is the greatest goalkeeper of all time, no GKer should ever be anywhere near the highest paid players on a team, let alone the highest.
    If he doesn’t want to accept 5 mil that Milan reportedly offered, as the title says, he can leave now, today.
    He deserves the 8 million based on how much GKers on his level get paid, but not in Serie A. Bayern, EPL, Saudi clubs should be able to pay that.
    Inter is offering Lautaro, who is the best player in the league 8 mil a year, but Milan is supposed to pay the same to the goalkeeper?
    Nope. He can go. Buy Di Gregorio.

  4. Milan doesn’t need to “sacrifice” anyone. Mike will move on because you can not pay top money to your GK. That’s just crazy. So if either 4-5mil is too low for him, or he just wants to move to a “bigger” club to get silverware, then by all means, OFFLOAD.

    Inter needs to sacrifice players to keep others. Juve, same. Milan is thankfully in a better financial position.

  5. Theo and Mike will leave while Gerry got plenty of money for his 5th yacht and pay some debt to Elliot 🤣

  6. I wish our players can play for glory like the days of Dida and Abbiati. We never needed to worry about those players contracts because they wanted glory. Why is Mike asking for more? If he wants to leave he should request so, money should not be used as a way of leaving. He shouldn’t do what Donna and Kessie did to leave. It will be useless of him if he leaves and settles for 4m/5m a year. Very silly.

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