CorSport: Milan’s interest in €2.5m Jovic deal grows for several reasons

By Oliver Fisher -

As we head towards the final week of the summer transfer window the Milan management are evaluating various opportunities, with Luka Jovic an idea gaining steam.

According to Corriere dello Sport (via PianetaMilan), Milan are keeping a keen eye on Jovic’s situation. He has been excluded from Fiorentina’s squad list for the UEFA Conference League and thus he could represent a real opportunity for the Rossoneri.

Yesterday was a day with some developments as Milan explored the potential operation for the Serbian centre-forward, to the extent that there is talk of a permanent deal for €2.5m and a two-year contract until June 2025 for the former Real Madrid man.

What is also possible is a one-year deal with the option for a second season. The deal between Fiorentina and Milan for Jovic would be facilitated by the excellent relations that the player’s agent, Fali Ramadani, boasts with the Rossoneri.

Milan signed Luka Romero and Christian Pulisic in the current summer transfer window who are both represented by Ramadani, and a third operation could be completed.

The proceeds from the possible sale of Jovic would not go entirely to Fiorentina. In fact, 50% of the amount would go to Real Madrid due to agreements reached between La Viola and Los Blancos a year ago.

Another important fact that suggests that Jovic’s move to Milan is possible is represented by the fact that he could maintain the benefits of the Growth Decree.

Then, there is the fact that Jovic corresponds to the profile drawn up by Pioli because he wants a real No.9 to help Olivier Giroud manage his work load given he will soon be 37.

This is the reason why the former Eintracht Frankfurt man 0 who is very attracted by the idea of ​​moving to Milan – has the approval of the Rossoneri coach.

He seems to have recovered his physical reliability too. In the last season at Fiorentina, Jovic amassed 50 games across Serie A (31), the Conference League (15) and Coppa Italia (4), scoring 13 goals and providing five assists.

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  1. 13 goals and 5 assists for two and a half mill?
    I’d take that. (Obviously won’t put up the same numbers but still)

    1. 💯 we should get him, with our supply chain he just needs to get into the right positions.

      I say go fo him, but if we can still offload Origi and Colombo then we should still look for an opportunity in the market as well.

      If we can put the money we save towards Kooperminers then that would be perfect

  2. Talented player whose bad attitude derailed his career.
    It’s all about that.
    If his head is screwed on straight he’d be a steal for 2.5 mil, but if that’s the case Fiorentina wouldn’t be giving him away after Real Madrid gave him away.
    Low risk, high reward

  3. He was very good in Eintracht (together with Rebic), the reason Real paid 60M for him. But he did/does have an attitude problem and can be lazy tho. But if Pioli can get even the half of what he was in Germany, those 2.5M will be money well spent. I have doubts that will happen though.

    1. That’s why you take him one the one year deal with the option so you don’t need to sell, both parties can just walk away.

  4. My only question is: Why has he gone from top talent when he joined Madrid, to now being let go for 2.5M? There must be more to the story, and all it takes is one rotten apple in the squad to distroy the harmony

    1. The 2.5 mil is not any stranger than the Madrid’s deal to Fiorentina. A free transfer with 50% resale percentage. He had quite massive wage bill at Madrid, maybe that’s one of the reasons Madrid’s better off in letting him go.

      Then, why he’s so cheap now? One of the reasons is him being only contracted by Fiorentina for 2 years (’till ’24). So yeah, it’s better to get 2.5 mil (or 1.25 mil to be precise) than letting him go for free next season.

  5. Do anyone know his salary. Because if it is low and he fails there should be worth the risk otherwise we will be stuck with another Origi because no one seem to want to take his contract.

  6. Still only 25 with goals in his locker. Even if all we get out of him are minutes it could be worth it at such a low cost. I say do it!

  7. So the good things are good relationship with his agent and we can continue the growth decree huh? Nope he’s lazy and has bad attitude so nope that is the same reason we kick rebic so no . Also if we get him he will be another origi so 7.5m not well spent. Get either Ekitike like another article write it’s on Cardinale plan .or get Fülkrug great player for short term tho but he will be like Giroud Ibrahimovic was and is in Milan. But if they want younger st then get Ekitike Or Orban. A little older Jonathan David or Santiago Gimenez if they want ST for the future not Jovic or Kean

  8. I’m nervous about having a toxic player in the locker room. This group of players has always been well behaved and professional, if we add a character like this it could be too disruptive. Not worth the risk.

  9. Without ibra on dressing room anymore , it would be dangerous keep jovic in squad , his bad attitude and lazy in training will destroy ACM young player teamwork . Thats why Real madrid & Fio want to release him from their squad

  10. 13 goals and 5 assists. Why is Fiorentina so willing to get rid of him for next to nothing? There is something we aren’t hearing. Fiorentina wants him gone.

    Madrid bought him for 60 million and they gave him away for free and now Fiorentina is willing to give him away mid contract for almost nothing.

  11. Growth decree or not… If this guy was an asset or a good presence in the locker room, neither Madrid nor Fiorentina would move on from him. Just because he’s cheap and we’ve done business with his agent before doesn’t mean we need to sign him. he’s only 25 but already being dumped right and left.

    We do need a younger alternative to Oli, but I don’t like this option, at all.

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