CorSport: Milan ‘perplexed’ regarding Maignan’s future with renewal on ‘stand-by’

By Ben Dixon -

Recent months have shown a worrying lack of progress in the talks between AC Milan and Mike Maignan about a new deal, and this morning, a report has given an update on the current landscape. 

For Milan, this will be a summer of change. Veterans will leave, and a new manager will arrive. However, there is also the chance that a star departs, and that could be Mike Maignan.

The Frenchman’s situation is confusing yet clear at the same time. Talks about a new deal have stalled, and whilst both parties are aware of the figures that the other will request, there is a lack of clarity about their willingness to move closer to one another.

Maignan wants a salary similar to Rafael Leao, which is understandable due to his quality. However, whether the Diavolo can offset such a sum to a goalkeeper is where the issue lies.

Corriere dello Sport (via Radio Rossonera) reports that the situation is now in ‘stand-by’, and the reasoning is understandable. As the situation continues to remain halted, his contract is running out, and whilst Milan have another season before worries are increased substantially, there needs to be proof that talks will improve.

At this point, he is worth a substantial amount more than he will be after the next season if nothing is agreed. However, with the European Championships approaching, interest could rise further, making the situation difficult to navigate, leaving the Rossoneri ‘perplexed’.

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  1. One of the best around when he’s fit, but if we can find a well scouted replacement for a reasonable fee then it makes sense to sell him on this summer. Would like to keep him obviously, but I’d understand if the club can’t keep him on a Leao-like salary.

    Forgot David De Gea is still out there for free – may not be an ideal replacement because of the lack of footwork, but depends how we’re planning to play going forward.

    1. Fantastic shot stopper back in his heyday but he hasn’t even play for a year – gonna be a lot of rust to be dusted off. IMHO – not worth the punt.

    2. Di Gregorio would cost only a fraction of what can be gained by selling MM16. I love the guy but I do understand that the odds of his renewal are less than zero.

      C’est la vie.

  2. De Gea would be a good short term replacement …only if the longer term replacement has already been identified, and is young, or has a contract expiring, and most importantly, we are confident of getting him.

  3. I’m sick and tired of the rumours. I feel like these newspapers are taking advantage of the current annoyance of the fans. Everyday we hear something new regarding our players. One day its us pushing to sell leao, then theo, then mike and by weekend its bennancer. There’s even from time to time tomori and malik. As of yet none of players requested to leave the club, if anything bennancer declared he wants to stay, leao said he wants to stay, tomori’s agent said he wants to stay loyal to the club (with the view of maybe going later on) malik said he wants to stay, theo indicated he’s staying and reporters close to him said he wants to stay mostly for family reasons. Only person that hasn’t said much is Mike, which doesn’t really mean much. Milan are the club in the league that do not need to sell. The only reason we sold tonali is because the club felt we needed to buy a lot of players to fill gaps in the team ie the bench. If we do end up selling players it would be because we’ve received a crazy offer, which I’m not sure will come….if we look at most clubs Europe not many are as stable as us. Only Madrid, City & Arsenal are in a better shape. For Mike, the only team that needs a GK is chelsea and they can’t afford to spend that kind of money especially for a GK. We’ll see if they sell major players. Bayern doesn’t make sense for them to spend silly money on Mike when they have a very good GK. Newspapers smell blood and will keep hounding us for the next few week. They focus this energy on inter who are in serious trouble. OMG if that was us they would be talking about the league title being revoked.

    1. Don’t even bother with the. It’s only for clicks. It’s how they make their money. If you take any of these things seriously it would be bad for your mental health. What matters is come September. All the rest is just fluff

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