CorSport: Milan aim to reduce Wieffer price after ‘new contact’ – the details

By Ben Dixon -

AC Milan are pursuing a deal for Mats Wieffer this summer, and a report has suggested that they have made ‘new contacts’ with Feyenoord this morning. 

The summer mercato is vital for Milan, perhaps more than in recent seasons. Not only is there a need to make any alterations to the squad for the new manager, Paulo Fonseca, but there are also four areas requiring attention.

A striker joining the club will be the headline of the summer, and the budget will represent that, and a new central defender could demand a similar fee after reports suggest that Urbano Cairo has finalised Alessandro Buongiorno’s price amid the Rossoneri’s interest.

Following these two positions, a right-back and defensive midfielder will be the focus, and there are three names in contention for the latter. Reports from this morning suggested that Emile Hojbjerg is an emerging candidate alongside the frequently-linked Youssouf Fofana.

However, it is to be believed that Mats Wieffer is the top candidate for the role. The Dutchman would be at Euro 2024 but is currently injured, and this means there is no waiting period to begin discussions.

As Corriere dello Sport (via Milan News) writes earlier today, there have been new contacts between Milan and Feyenoord, aiming to discuss the feasibility of a deal. Additionally, Milan are aiming to get the price lowered from the €25-30 million range currently suggested.

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  1. I think 22+bonuses is the way it will likely go. This is a solid pickup if it goes through.

    I wonder if we bring in a back up DM though. Don’t know how prone Mats is to injuries, but if he’s out we’re basically back to not having a DM in the squad and having to field players who aren’t good at it.

    Food for thought…

    1. Hjulmand, Amrabat or even Fofana (he’s a ball carrier but he can defend). In some lineups we can put them together.

    2. Another option is to bring a CB that can also cover for the DM role (e.g. Scalvini?); we need a top DM regardless

      1. Andreas Christensen from Barcelona is that type of player. Played brilliantly as a DM last season despite being a CB. I doubt Barca will let him go though. He is one of their most important players, but he’d be a perfect fit for Milan’s style of play

    3. I don’t think so.

      We were second without a DM. We bring one in and if we have to play without we are still a very good team.

      Hopefully Fonseca will manage rest against low table teams for key players better than Pioli.

  2. I like how Hojbjerg made the list only because the comments mentioned him lol 😂. That transfer ain’t gonna happen. Likely we’ll get a Vranckx or similar.

  3. Im pretty sure if his price was 15 Milan would have tried to go and reduce the price again – like an American discounter shop.

    1. Eh, not really, no.

      Maybe it’s my upbringing but I respect the hustle and I commend reasonable haggling. I would rather we haggle than be like, say Man U, who paid every price the got quoted on and then some.

      This is why I don’t despise Atalanta for trying to get discount on CDK, and I LOVE how the management would still try to get the best price.

      It’s better to be deemed as ‘cheap’ but actually have the buying power, than being viewed as ‘loaded’ and everyone got different quote on you.

      1. I see your point but don’t necessarly agree.
        Constantly trying to lower the price costs time, and sometimes you miss other targets or opportunities to move on because you spent so much time trying to get a discount. Not to mention that a player acquired sooner can join the camp sooner and settle quicker.
        If you think a player is worth X amount of money then pay it and move on. Don’t always try to get him for cheaper.
        And either way if a player ends being a failure, we’re gonna regret it regardless of how much money we paid him. We got Origi for free, Ballo-Touré was cheap and yet everyone is cursing the days we went for them.

  4. We’ll need two DMs. So why don’t we also hijack Inter’s negotiations for Tanner Tessmann from Venezia. Adding another USA international to the squad who’s actually talented should greatly increase our market share over there.

  5. Question: why would Feyenoord lower the price????? LOL

    People on here are delusional including our management. Why would his club lower his price exactly? He’s under contract until 2027 and he’s valued at 30M. So why does Feyenoord have to or would lower the asking price?? Because Georgie calls him? Are they in financial peril and have to sell or have they been relegated? I don’t believe so.

    Keep dreaming. If we want him (and we should) we pay the fee. He’s not in the last year of his deal and as far as we know hasn’t asked to leave. Just because YOU think he’s worth a certain amount doesn’t make it so. We ALWAYS HAGGLE. We are so cheap. People foolishly thought it was M&M who stalled and haggled over every deal – but as we now see – it is the directive of ownership from Elliot to Redbird who operate this way. And because we do that we spend months tracking a player then lose him to a club that doesn’t message round and pays.

    Fantastic 😂

    1. Your point about our haggling aside, they would lower the price in the event Wieffer has asked them to leave. The guy is 24 and his birthday is in November. One more year and he will be 25 going on 26, and then if he has an injury or a dip in form or whatever, he will never leave Holland or will end up at a relegation battler in the PL. This is his moment.

    2. I totally agree 💯

      We’re not in financial crisis now, the team has money… But management still is haggling like we’re broke.

  6. He’s had 2 lengthy injuries (missing almost 2 months at a time) in each of the past 2 seasons. There’s no way we should bid over €20 million for him. Yes, we miraculously kept RCL and Pulisic fit, but they are maybe exceptions to the rule.

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