CorSport: Milan ready to open talks and table €7m bid for young defender

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are ready to open talks with Montpellier over their centre-back Maxime Estève. The Rossoneri are confident that they can get the youngster for a good price, a report claims. 

After the departure of Matteo Gabbia to Villarreal, Milan are looking to bolster their squad with another centre-back before the end of the transfer window. In recent days, they have been linked with Maxime Estève.

According to today’s edition of Corriere Dello Sport (see photo below), Milan are ready to open talks with Montpeiller on the basis of a €7m offer. Esteve’s contract will expire in 2025 and the Rossoneri are thus confident that the French side will accept the offer.

The 21-year-old is highly appreciated by Milan’s chief scout Geoffrey Moncada, who has followed him for quite some time. Being left-footed, the youngster would be a good addition to the Rossoneri’s defence, which currently consists of solely right-footed centre-backs.

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  1. Very good player from what I’ve heard imagine having two giants in Thiaw and Esteve and this helps as well as hopefully Esteve will challenge Tomori for a starting spot and make Tomori work to improve and be more consistent

    1. Milan will need to be quick with this one as Juve were already in the french CB market with todibo but can’t get him so they might turn to someone like him while Napoli are also in the french league CB market after danso so it is crucial not to waste time in case of any complications

  2. At the beginning of the mercato, we had a few holes. The management worked hard to fill them. Now they are creating new holes everyday. So this is moneyball? Changing half the team every season? Or does Furlani have a special discount at the Casa Milan cafeteria every three or four transfers?

      1. He can’t answer. He’s having a crisis over a 4th or 5th choice CB we are linked with.

        This is what stupidly dramatic people do… they invent nonsense.

      2. Gabbia is gone so now we need a new CB. If reports are accurate, Pioli blocked a new RB. Also, Kjaer and Krunic are reportedly on the market. I guess Pioli is also the one who didn’t want to get rid of Colombo, especially if you replace him with another young unproven player.

        I know people love transfers now, like everybody’s a football agent or something. I’m not criticising, that’s just interesting to watch. Maybe it’s our culture of instant gratification. Maybe it’s FUT. Maybe in some years, players will leave their team every week like in NBA.

        Anyway, judging by the dismantling of the team, you wouldn’t believe it won a scudetto one year ago and went to UCL semis lately. Let’s see how many players from the team now are still around in two or three years.

        1. I mean it’s a miracle we won the league and reached the semi finals, not to mention since winning the league we lost pieces like Kessie. This rebuild is absolutely valid because firstly without Juve getting penalised we’d be out of UCL football and without Leão god knows where we would be, this team has needed serious upgrading for a long time and we’re finally getting it and you complain?

          1. Not a miracle, a project built from scratch with some players that reached maturity together, surrounded with some veterans. Yeah Kessié was missing and we needed a RW. Now it’s a complete rebuilding of the roster, not my cup of tea. And please, enough with this war between fans. Some people think we needed that many changes and that we are better now, some disagree, some like pizzas, others prefer pastas. There is a whole spectrum of diverging opinions.

            I’m not complaining, just pointing at something that I think is ridiculous, but it’s modern football, moneyball stuff, I get it.

          2. Bart, your rants are just as painful to read as Maldini’s Heir. The base is still there. Gabbia wasn’t the base. He wasn’t even a starter. You’re crying about a 5th choice CB. Let everyone process that for a moment.

            Then understand that this fool is truly insane.

            We reinforced many parts of this team, including the right side who everyone complained about.

            Now that they reinforce its a bad thing and too much? Oh ffs. Shut up already. You should be shamed for your opinions.

          3. “Now it’s a complete rebuilding of the roster”

            Let’s see… Starting 11:

            GK, LB, 2x CB, RB: Same as last year.

            Midfield: Tonali gone. Benny would be a starter but thanks to Calha he’s out, Krunic the starter is still there.

            LW, CF: the same as last year.

            #10 and RW: Thank God they finally replaced these guys!! Isn’t that what all the fans have been demanding for the last 2-5 years?

            So… Complete rebuilding of the roster? 3 or 4 starters gone and all the new guys will be better than the old ones. What’s there not to like? Especially the midfield was was absolutely demolished against Inter several times last season. It screamed for upgrades.

        2. Gabbia is gone because he wanted to play regularly. He has been trying to leave for over a year. The coach wouldn’t play him.
          Krunic is pushing to leave because he received a salary offer that is double than what he makes at Milan. It’s not that Milan is trying to sell him, unless they get what they ask for him.
          Kjaer is done and with or without him on the team Milan still needs another CB.
          And IF you really want to talk about dismantling the team, you should look into the “amazing” work of the previous management the last 2 + years
          The new management so far has signed 7,8 players and we still have 3,4 holes in the line up, even though only 1 player (Tonali) left that was actually part of the weekly rotations.
          If that doesn’t prove the poor work of the previous management I don’t know what does.

          1. “The new management so far has signed 7,8 players and we still have 3,4 holes in the line up, even though only 1 player (Tonali) left that was actually part of the weekly rotations.”

            You really can’t summarize this any better!!

        3. Personally i understand what you are trying to say, cant wait too for the window to close and the season to begin, I also enjoy the 90minutes in the pitch, than the madness of transfer gossips, how i wish there was 1 month window every 2 years, the job that was done is good already, there is a risk of overdoing it and complicate everything, if in any case that happens, everyone will turn against one man, and we all know who he is

        4. You’re mad about a 5th choice CB leaving. Just sit down and process that for a minute. Gabbia wanted to leave. So you’d force him?

        5. It’s a natural thing in life. Two years ago, we lost Hakan and Donnarumma; last year, we lost Kessie, but, Milan lives on. Tonali’s sale is the only one that hurts, but, it’s for the greater good of the club. Even he, would be happy with the players we have gotten from his sale. Krunic was not a first team player with Hakan and Kessie around. If he’s sold, no sweat. Change is the law of life. You miss those who have left, but, you move on with those available.

    1. What? How did they create new holes? By signing a new center back? Literally what you write makes zero sense.

      Kjaer unfortunately isn’t the same player he once was.

      Is it such a huge crisis signing another CB who likely would be an understudy?

      Or are you just blabbering off because I happen to like this player? Maybe if he had an Italian name you’d be cheering nonstop.

      Ridiculous dude. This article is literally about a 4th or 5th choice CB.

      1. Ah Giancarlo the chosen one! Where is the love bro? Thanks for your opinion, the only one worthy. Yeah man I don’t like him because you like him. I’m making choices according to what you like or not these days. Just tell me what you don’t like eating so I’m able to know what to eat tonight please.

        I actually like Estève, we have something in common. Scary, right? I just don’t see the point to loan Gabbia, creating a hole, then having to buy a player.

        1. You’re rambling like one over Gabbia leaving. Let’s just process this for a second. Idiotic ramblings over losing a 5th choice CB who barely played. You must be mad about Ballo-Toure too.

          Gabbia was mediocre. Just like Ballo-Toure. It doesn’t require a 16 paragraph essay.


          1. Bro you are not nice. Stop making enemies here, stop being a hysterical gremlin. Saying I should be ashamed for my opinion is insane haha yeah burn me like a witch because I don’t think like you. Since you’re from SoCal, just go to Dr Green and relax.

          2. I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be nice. But I call out ignorant delusional rants when I see them. And the summer transfer season isn’t even over.

            Oh and watch what you say about where I’m from as if that has any relevance here.

    2. What holes ? Gabbia are 5th choice CB and he needs playtime , this is for his replacement cheap & young or do you want gabbia rotten in bench ? Starter team still the same except tonali ,brahim,junior . We only change 3 starter player or do you plan to keep junior & brahim as starter ? We only buy player to compete with starter player so they are not dropping performance due to comfort zone . Like okafor replace rebic , pulisic & romero replace brahim , samuel replace junior , RLC replace aster prank, yunus replace bakayoko. Squad depth are increase in quality , remember last season we have trash bench that their value below 10m euro , you cannot compete on 3 competition with trash bench like last season

    3. Hi sir, yes its will create new hole everyday..lets say u have a new team all world class player, but its will create at least 1 player with least level, so need to replace him to improve the team, if already replace another player will get to bottom, so need to replace another player on & on..the main point is when will you stop? Until satistied?until all money gone?until coach said he already satisfied?until you winning all?

  3. Meh. Promote Simic, sell Tomori, sign a leader to partner Thiaw. Someone 28-30 who is just straight up reliable.

    Tomori can be great but it’s all just a little ‘heart in mouth’ with him and he doesn’t show leadership qualities in my opinion.

    It’s crazy isn’t it – when you look at what we’ve already patched this season and what STILL needs patching, without Rafa we’d have been half way down the table last season.

    1. I hear ya but I’m quite optimistic over the Esteve signing. I reckon within a couple years he’ll displace Tomori from starting XI anyway, at which point we sell Fik to the EPL and have a ready made replacement.

      Perhaps I’m being overly optimistic but I’ve heard, read and seen good things from him, so yes there’s a chance he’s our new Thiaw at LCB. Lot of signings this mercato I think are questionable, like RLC, Reijnders and even Pulisic (obviously I hope they all turn out amazing:)) but imho Esteve is a good bet for the future and we should push to sign him.

    2. I would sell Tomori if a crazy offer arrives and replace him with Scalvini in a heartbeat, but perhaps for next season as it is too late now to change the Tomori-Thiaw partnership.

      Signing Esteve this season is a sensible move as he will only take the 4th choice DC role from Kjaer, and at the same time can adapt and learn with less pressure from Kjaer. The Dane should stay for this season, as I consider him a mentor for all the young and new players, replacing Ibra.

      Next season, with Kjaer, Florenzi and perhaps Tomori leaving, the DC roster should consist of Thiaw, Scalvini, Gabbia and Esteve. Kalulu can then return to DR and compete with Calabria.

  4. Imagine being mad about Gabbia leaving and thinking he’s a starter and the base of the team. Then look in the mirror and realize how much of an idiot you are. End of story.

    1. From my point of view, the problem isn’t about Gabbia leaving the team or buying the 5th choice CB, it’s priorities…as much as it looks like a good deal, it’s CB number 5…there is no LB number 2, the only serious, healthy and somewhat reliable RB in the team right now is Kalulu, there is no natural DM (but I won’t get into that since quite a number of midfielders have been signed) and a 37 year old classic number 9. It’s a good move for a good player though don’t get me wrong. Tomori needs the competition to minimize those fatal errors

      1. Cool opinions bruh. The summer transfer season isn’t even over. So you don’t want to sign Esteve because you have some warped view about priorities? Thanks for sharing.

        1. And from what I last saw we are trying to sign a second fullback. Mazzocchi or Calafiori. They can work on one signing more than once.

          And Musah was a midfielder that plays as a 6 for his national team.

  5. For me I want Milan to find any profile for LB RB CB ST and maybe CDM because I want Milan to prevent any complication in season that probably gonna happen because not enough depth. So yh I don’t mean spend or buy only player . For example and my preference CB Promote Simic or Buy Esteve. LB on loan with option Luca Pellegrini or Sign Luca Netz RB Wilfred Singo or promote Bakoune ST Veliz or Keep Colombo or buy Veliz loan back and keep Colombo. And at last CDM Hjulmand or Dominguez or Promote Eletu. But Overall even if not spending money and it just loaned players that would be ok too just to be easier to cope if a crisis will come . Because if we don’t do that in January window they will be anxious to try and find a fast suitable solution. So that’s all I want buy players in these positions LB RB CB ST and maybe CDM to prevent any crisis

  6. This mercato looks like a repeat of the Fassone-Mirabelli fiasco. It seems Furolani and the new management was desperate to please the fans, especially after Tonali’s sale that they just went and bought any available player.

    I wonder if Pioli truly has a voice in the mercato, because if he does, I’ll have to think he should have requested for a DM as priority before any signings. Considering that Tonali had been sold, Bennacer was out injured and all the only person was Krunic.

    I think Loftus-Cheek’s signing was rushed. The worst that could have happened was he would have gone to Saudi Arabia, because no top team was looking for him. If Milan had waited, he could have been gotten for a cheaper price, considering Chelsea needed to offload players.

    The same with Pulisic. Well, he obviously came because of the American market and the whole deal was rushed so he could go on the US tour.

    Reijdners appears okay.

    Pioli has his work cut out.

    The buying should have been smarter.

    1. “The same with Pulisic. Well, he obviously came because of the American market and the whole deal was rushed so he could go on the US tour.”

      Pulisic deal rushed? Didn’t they start the negotiations over a year ago? 😀 😀 😀

  7. So we get linked to this players and people screech about priorities, yet say nothing when we were linked to signing Hjulmand and Calafiori or Mazzocchi? Bird brains.

    1. It’s your bird brain that have no capacity to process why some fans are ranting over this. It’s unecessary spending when Gabbia was already here, a fifth choice CB. And in homegrown quotas.

      Hjulmand is a DM and we urgently need a DM, Calafiori/Mazzocchi are LB and we need a deputy LB. But we already had a 5th choice CB in Gabbia. Now read this a couple of times but take it slow in order to process correctly.

      1. Your answer is indicative of you being a parrot.

        “This” okay parrot.

        You want this year to so badly be 2017. And it won’t be.

        Gabbia wanted to leave and it was his choice.

        Now read this slowly and process it correctly: you’re an idiot who hasn’t posted one relevant fact besides parroting others. Hapless fool.

      2. Imagine wanting this year to be 2017 and expect anyone to take you seriously. Oh I am sorry. Was I supposed to take your rants seriously? Just imagine ranting over absolutely nothing valid.

        Oh that’s right. You’d be Ted. An all knowing asshat not worth a reply.

    2. @giancarlo everyone is entitled to their opinions, if you’re not okay with it u can say it without insulting them. Air your view politely

  8. Ted is really one of the biggest primadonnas on here.

    This is an article linking to a player. If you’re going to have a stroke and go into a seizure over an article linking us to a player lol…

    Go find a different team.

    And Musah can play as a DM and does so for his national team.

    1. Says a guy who a month ago didn’t even want Musah and all of a sudden knows everything about him.

      A pathological liar at his best.

      1. You seem to have a condition. It’s called diarrhea at the mouth. It’s a similar condition another person has who can’t stop rambling on his social media platform about all his indictments.

        1. Bro, you need to chill. Posting 50 obnoxious comments than telling other people they speak to much. Just relax, it’s ok to disagree. If you are tired take a break and touch some grass

  9. Here’s an idea. How about let’s wait and see who they further sign and when the summer is over and then complain?

    1. Here’s an idea. How about u stop posting because no one likes you here, u should probably get a life because you’re on here all day, and you’re an idiotic a hole.

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