CorSport: Milan taking precautions amid Kessie difficulties as Ligue 1 duo could arrive

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have taken the necessary precautions amid what are some difficult talks with Franck Kessie over his renewal, a report claims.

According to il Corriere dello Sport (via NotizieMilan), the possibility that Kessie may decide not to renew his contract is to be taken into consideration, given that he is now less than a year from the expiry of his current deal with several clubs reported as being interested.

Milan are acting accordingly and after having secured the signings of Sandro Tonali and Tiemoue Bakayoko, more could follow too. It cannot be ruled out that both Yacine Adli and Romain Faivre arrive from Bordeaux and Brest respectively too, as Milan are strengthening the midfield because they want to protect themselves in case Kessie decides he does not want to renew.

While bolstering the midfield is important for the season ahead and the demanding schedule, it seems they are also looking beyond the current campaign.

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  1. Paolo says:

    Bán Kessie và mua Vlasic. Khẩn cầu.

  2. Dollarumma Merda says:

    Kubur dia di bangku cadangan, memang apa hebatnya dia sehingga merasa layak mendapat lebih banyak dari batasan gaji?

  3. Sulecoach says:

    Just tell spurs to arrange €50m if they want to sign him. and let us go for Sanchez, faivre. Adli and maybe kamara.

    1. crorossonero says:

      Yeah, like anyone ever wanted to go to Spurs that never won anything and probably never will. That is the dumbest news story ever, if he leaves it will be for a much better club. LOL

      1. bb says:

        He will leave where he gets paid most. So Spurs it is.

        1. crorossonero says:

          I can’t even reply to a stupid comment like that. Yeah, someone would pick Spurs instead of Liverpool. Hit yourself in the head so maybe things come into place.

          1. Juro says:

            Crorossonero – why is that a stupid comment? You must be a Liverpool fan lol. It’s all about $$. If Spurs pays him 8M season he will be more than happy to go to Spurs. Relax pal no need to attack a fellow Milanista. We are all on the same side

    2. Juro says:

      Well said I could not agree more. Sanches,Adli, Faivre and Kamara would be perfect. Sell fkn Romagnoli too before he leaves for free as well.

  4. Andi Mahmal says:

    Dollaruma-esque. The player says he wants to play forever and loves the club very much, but greedy agents always want to get more and more. Maldini has to let him go now, if he doesn’t want to sign the contract. While there are other clubs who are interested in paying more. We just got 3 days left.

    1. bb says:

      Surely the agent is greedy too but Kessie has the final say in matter. So he is too greedy too. Just a mercenary and nothing else. Surely not “El Presidente” of Milan.

  5. Opinion Varies says:

    If he continues to demand on the 7.5- 8 million rise, I would advise management to develop some balls and sideline him from the squad.

  6. Steve says:

    Please Sell kessie or benched at primavera..fokus bennacer n bakayoko

  7. Tony says:

    Either cancel the signing of Bakayoko and use that money to keep Kessie, renew him and pay him what he is asking, or sell him and avoid another Dollarumma fiasco.

    Club is always bigger than the player and look at someone like Calabria that took what was offered and given the opportunity to wear the badge and cement his legacy next to the likes of Maldini and Baresi

  8. Agu says:

    Kessie should just be sold. Can’t understand why he is still be on the roster just as the market is shoting down????

  9. Rajesh Sah says:

    Milan management is very poor at making decisions. Donnarumma, Calhanoglu and now Kessie and Romagnoli. That’s bad business by Milan. They could have easily reinforced the squad with the amount collected by departures of these players. Instead what Milan got/will get was/is 0.

    1. rivera says:

      Successful Clubs have ” GREAT MANAGEMENT”!
      ACM have “GOOD MANAGEMENT” and that is all!

      This must change if ACM is to become Great again.

      There is a saying ” the proof is in the pudding”
      On Kessie please don’t repeat the Dollarumma, and Calhnoglu saga’s PLEASE
      If you have to sell him then bite the bullet and act!

  10. Atmars says:

    Just sell him, before it’s to late.

  11. Julius Garut says:

    I think Milan know Kessie’s heart is not red and black. May be he wants to go to a richer club, that’s ok. He is one of the best player in the league, Milan have to use him while he still have contract, to bring the best for this club. If a good offer come, Milan can sell him to the club with the best offer soon. Otherwise, use him for the good of Milan until the contract over. Forza Milan, Sempre!

  12. USC says:

    This isn’t really hard. Make a final exploding offer. If Kessie rejects it, sell him this window.

  13. Milano mg says:

    Sell him and finance for Sanchez renato

  14. MacSolar says:

    As for me,I no longer see kessie as a Milan player ,sell the fucking boy if he no longer want to wear the badge…he has just perform for just a season..since we couldn’t keep dona who has been performing from day one..who is kessie..sell him off now..we need money let cash out on him..

  15. Godfrey Leone Ganado says:

    I have been a Milanista for 70 years, and my advice is ‘get rid of him’.
    If you walk through a cemetry, you will find a lot of buried persons, who always thought of themselves as being indispensable.
    If you give in to his demands, he will keep coming back asking for more.
    In a world where many people die of hunger, sports persons and entertainment stars, are drowning in money. Is this a just world?
    It is about time we start renewing the world and going back to basics, with the common good as our top priority.

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