CorSport: Moncada holds meeting with mother of Juventus midfielder

By Euan Burns -

Milan technical director Geoffrey Moncada has held a meeting with the mother of Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot as she is also his agent. 

As has been reported by Corriere dello Sport (via Milan News), the Milan director has been exploring the possibility of bringing Rabiot to the club this summer with his future up in the air.

The Frenchman is out of contract with Juventus at the end of June and it is not yet clear whether he will be signing an extension with the Bianconeri or not.

As his agent, Rabiot’s mother has been seeing what other options may be out there for her son and she has been known to drive an incredibly hard bargain in the past.

There is an offer on the table from Juventus as he was a very important player for them last season, whilst Milan are merely keeping a close eye on the proceedings and ensuring they are in a position to act if an opportunistic move were on the cards.

Milan are trying to sign a genuine defensive midfielder this summer to offer the defence some extra protection, although Rabiot does not entirely fit into that category. Rabiot is going to be at Euro 2024 with France.

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  1. I mean he isn’t a bad player but at 7 mil a year and an absolute telenovela of a mother? A lot of baggage. He is an experienced player, but he’s not a leader. Milan badly needs a leader.

  2. Overrated player AF while he was young and some people thought he could actually be good. Now at 30 he’s just a mediocre player with a higher salary than our best players.

    This is something Milan from the banter era would do, hell maybe not even that, at that time we would bring washed up players way past their prime on free transfers. This guy never really had a prime to start with.

    1. I can’t agree more.
      Not a 7M salary player, never shown anything special.
      I am surprised the management can somehow justify the expense, especially against his age.
      Can be useful player, but hell way lower than 7M….

    2. ^ well, justyfing that would be simple actually, total cost of having him for say 3 years (7mil * 3yrs + say 4mil commission to mother = 25mil) is still lower than buying experienced yet still under 30 player from a club nowadays. Also, this would fit the role of a leader after Giroud’s departure, and weaken Juventus as a direct Scudetto rival.

      1. Well, signing a key player from your direct domestic league rival is always a statement signing. Whoever it is, it’s not about the name.

      2. But I do understand. When was the last time we signed players from our direct rival, right. Our statement signing nowadays is to get potential (read: random) french / belgian league players that’ll have high re-sell value on the future.

  3. Rabiot was by far the best midfielder at Juventus last season. Maybe that is not wow, but a lot of people still salivate for that POS called Locatelli, who is not even in the most mediocre national team. 7m is a lot but it is the price you have to pay for a free agent plus the commission mommy will look to take home. I am sorry but he is better than any of our current midfielders, named Bennacer, Adli, Reijnders or Poorbega

    1. He really isn’t better than our starting midfielders. He’s more experienced but that doesn’t translate to better. And last time I heard he wants 9M net not 7 (which is what juve is offering him to stay)

      1. Oh please. Take off the Rossoneri coloured glasses for a minute and you’ll realize Rabiot is clearly better than Slowbega, Musah, and Adli – the poor man’s Rabiot. He’s also better than Deers if you line their stats up and if you’ve seen both play this season. He’s faster and more defensively sound that Deers. It would take a Scudetto form Bennacer to line up with Rabiot.
        Not saying he’s worth it at 8+m per season or the crazy numbers they’re calling though.

        1. Pretty sure I wrote starting midfielders.. maybe you need glasses. He isn’t better than Tiijani. Tiijani was mismanaged this season. Thx pioli. Bye pioli.

  4. Very good midfielder. Been a fan ever since his PSG days. I thought he’d progress a little bit more but he still a solid mid. Def the best of the bunch at Juve

  5. We all had that teammate who’s Mom demanded more playing time for her brilliant but under utilized son.

    Heck, I remember one of those vividly one one of the teams I coached.

    1. Again, different equation when you got the player for free (well at least on the book). Not comparable to any of our player’s current contract. And maybe, just maybe, they learn a thing or two with Thuram fiasco last season.

  6. Juve offered him 7,5m euro nett but he still refuse. How much will be ACM willing to offer ? 4m euro nett?? Wkwkwkwk. Skip , already 29 years old , dont have room anymore to growth. I will choose to pay theo 7-8m euro nett for renewal rather than sign rabbiot. ACM already have tiji ( 1,5m euro nett salary) that can play same position with rabbiot

  7. This better be media garbage, because the ownership genuinely has no Fing clu if they think he’d do anything but burn money for nothing in return. Brain dead transfer idea

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