CorSport: Newcastle willing to offer €40m for centre-back but Milan want more

By Oliver Fisher -

Newcastle United are back in talks with AC Milan after the Sandro Tonali deal last summer and they are ready to make a sizeable offer for Malick Thiaw, a report claims.

This morning’s edition of Corriere dello Sport (via PianetaMilan) confirms the reports that have been doing the rounds from other sources in the past few days regarding Newcastle’s interest in signing Thiaw to bolster their centre-back department.

The German defender arrived at Milan in the summer of 2022 for €7m including bonuses from Schalke 04 and is coming off a complicated season, also due to an injury that kept him out for several months.

The Magpies, as per the paper, are ready to put €40m on the table to buy him, showing that they clearly believe in his potential for the future even after a year that did not go to play. However, Milan also believe in him as they do not deem that amount to be enough.

So far there have just been enquiries from Newcastle and at the moment there is no official bid to consider, but the operation could come to life in the next few days. The relations between the clubs is excellent and, a year on from the sale of Tonali, they could do more business.

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  1. Haha they don’t really have enough after paying so much money for Tonali just to end up having player banned for a year 🤣🤣

  2. 40M€ is huge for a player we got for 8M€ and who had a terrible season.
    I’m not suggesting that he has no room for growth, but with 40M€ we can actually get a pretty damn good player in any position aside from striker, we will still have a lot of money for striker and our remaining centre backs had ALL a better season that him (Tomori, Gabbia and even Simic and let’s not forget Kalulu who can play as CB).
    So IMO take the 40M€, add few bucks and get Calafiori.

    1. Arsenal is already going to get Calafiori.

      For 17 million more than Thiaw. If this report is true. Id be packing his bags myself for 40 million.

    2. “So IMO take the 40M€, add few bucks and get Calafiori.”

      FOR SURE!!! It’s insane anyone would be willing to spend such a figure on Thiaw. Calafiori is 70x the player Thiaw could ever be yet the price difference is minimal. WTF is wrong with the player valuations these days???

  3. 40m sounds like a solid deal. I say we take the money and focus on developing Simic into a world class CB next season!

  4. This is media bluff, newcastle offering Thiaw for 40m and then milan wants more ?? Haha.. i guess that never materialize..

  5. Yeah, it’s hard to believe that Newcastle is willing to bid 40 million for Thiaw.
    In the meantime, with Calafiori, most likely, going to Arsenal for 50 mil, maybe Arsenal will finally sell Kiwior to Milan.

  6. I would happily take 40 mil for Thiaw. He fell apart in every big game. Not sure why Newcastle would want to do business with Milan again after we totally fleeced them on the Tonali deal, but God bless them. We’ll take their dumb money.

      1. You can blame Pioli for everything, but I’m sure he didn’t tell Thiaw to lose his mind, make insane tackles and get red carded.

        1. Thiaw isn’t a good one on one defender at this point in his career yet he was often isolated and doing exactly that last season without any back up or midfield defensive coverage. Ok yea. Thiaw made mistakes. But did Pioli put him in positions to succeed?

  7. Sure, after just complying with PSR, they’re about to spend €40 million on a €10 million player from a club that absolutely rinsed them 12 months ago.

    1. A few weeks ago it was “reported” that Real Madrid and Bayern Munich wanted Thiaw. Now it is being “reported” that Newcastle are offering 40 mln for him. Someone apparently is trying to attract attention to him.

  8. Premier League teams have their hands tied right now financially. I would love 40m for him but it isnt happening

  9. I do not believe in this article, at all. First of all, Thiaw is not worth 40M. He is a gaffe machine and he has cost us numerous points; had a terrible season. And then, Milan wants even more than 40M for him??? No way. That is not credible at all. If any team were crazy enough and stupid enough to offer 40M for Thiaw, Milan would sell him in a heartbeat.

    1. Which game has he costs us points last season? And don’t fúcking say the juve game. 2 obvious and irrelevant

      1. Are you forgetting the debacle in the Monza game? Or is that for some reason irrelevant and obvious? It’s obvious because he was so bad. Not mention the first Inter game last season where he was the worst player on the pitch. Did you actually watch any of the games?

        1. didint ask you but… jovič got a red vs monza…

          right, the whole team flopped vs šhinter and thiaw is the worst one and takes the blame for lost points, is that right?

          foking ridiculous.

          1. No but you got your answer. In the Monza game Thiaw committed two insane fouls within a 5 second period, one of them giving away a penalty. He had a rating of 3.5 that game. The same rating he got in the Inter game:
            Thiaw (3.5): Yikes. He got completely bodied on the first goal and didn’t even bother to get back into position (which would have prevented the goal). On the second one, he just gave Thuram the option to cut inside for his right foot, when he clearly should have steered him towards his left. It was just very poor and insecure all game.
            Do you need more examples?

          2. Hah. You asked for one example, it took me about 1 minute to come up with 3. (oh, I forgot that by your logic he was so bad in the Juventus game that it doesn’t count for some reason). Those 3 games alone are more than enough reason to sell.
            If you want to want to spend your time trying to find great performance by Thiaw to justify your opinion go right ahead. Good luck with that.

          3. Typical. The argument here is, he played 3 bad games. Sell and run. By that model we can sell the entire team but gabbia and calabria

    2. Thiaw is 22 with ample room for growth and development NOT under Pioli. “Gaffe machine”? LOL!!!

      Okay champ. Wrap it up here and fire up the PlayStation back up.

  10. I laugh after read this article. Unproven player like thiaw 40m euro ??? He is not even worth 30m euro , even if Newcastle come with 25m euro , ACM will gladly accept that. His agent trying hard making rumour for him from Real madrid , bayern muenchen and now newcastle, he offer his client to many club and pay media

  11. The problem with offloading Thiaw is that we needed a CB to begin with. So you sell him for 40 then have to bring in a new CB AND replace Thiaw for the same 40 you just got?

    Unnecessary headache. I’d wait a season to see what Fonseca can do with Thiaw and the rest of the team.

    1. If Thiaw is sold to bring in Calafiori or de Ligt, that makes a lot of sense. But if Thiaw is sold to bring in leftovers from the EPL or average players from the Ligue 1, that is harder to justify.

      1. Milan wouldn’t splash that much on Calafiori or DeLigt.

        The whole strategy seems to be to find and develop the next 60 million player for 20 mil.

        1. Exactly

          Many ppl on here are delusional.

          Sell Thiaw and buy Calafiori LOLOLOLO. That is NOT the business Redbird are in. Buy low and sell high. Moneyball!

          Keep dreaming gents.

          1. As opposed to buying high and selling low like Chelsea? Or letting our most valuable players leave for free like Maldini? Ok.

          2. The voices in your head are divorced from reality. The new owners have yet to sell a single player they signed for big money.

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