CorSport: Referee Nyberg made a ‘serious mistake’ during Slavia-Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

Referee Glenn Nyberg made a ‘serious mistake’ during last night’s game between Slavia Praha and AC Milan, according to Corriere dello Sport.

The paper (via Radio Rossonera) has the usual refereeing analysis by Edmondo Pinna and he gave the Swedish referee Nyberg a score of 5.5 out of 10, but praised the VAR for their intervention.

The main talking point is the red card given to Slavia Prague midfielder Tomas Holes, who put the match on the right track for Milan, but this is where Nyberg deserves criticism.

The intervention of the VAR chief is fundamental to correct Nyberg’s ‘serious mistake’ which was not the red that he eventually gave after looking at the screen but was in the choice not to initially take any disciplinary measures.

The stamp on Calabria’s tibia and ankle is ugly and reckless, but the impression is that if the referee (who was in a perfect position) had only given a yellow card to the Slavia midfielder, the VAR Higler would have supported him.

Doing nothing was a pretty serious mistake but it did allow for the VAR chief to intervene, perhaps presuming that he had not seen the contact.

Christian Pulisic’s goal was given despite Olivier Giroud jumping in front of the opposing goalkeeper Stanek. However, replays showed he was played just onside by Ogbu and if he had been offside then the debate would have been on how much he intervened.


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  1. I still think it was a stupid red. Calabria was the one who slid the foot under his boot. How was he to know, while stepping down, back towards Calabria, that there’s a boot coming where is is about to step down? Seriously?

    1. From one view it looked like he saw exactly where Calabria had placed the foot before stepping on top of it.

      I think his objective was more to intimidate than to cause harm, I don’t think he put a lot of weight on it or stomped, but I think the real reason why he took a red was because he consciously went for hurting the opponent, and it was a dangerous foul.

      If he had got a yellow and Calabria had suffered a more serious injury, we’d be saying something different right now about how the yellow card was not enough…

      1. I’m sorry but unless you think the actual incident happened in slow motion, no way is there time for him to take evasive action, and no way was he trying to intimidate or cause harm. I can’t help but wonder if you’ve ever played much 11-a-side football if you’ve come to those conclusions. I say this as an avid Milan fan, who thought the decision was nearly as bad as the time it took to make it.

      2. I completely agree, this guy is know to have another pair of eyes in his back side :-))
        Calabria was late. He had no intention to play the ball. He saw the danger of a counter and wanted to stop it.
        Yellow would have been appropriate. …for Calabria, obviously

    2. Yea have to agree here turtleman. It’s pretty much trying to shield the ball and Calabria’s foot went under his. I’ve seen and have don’t this many times. This is regular football. Very unfortunate in terms of getting injured but as a defender u dont slide your foot in at that angle, you’re just asking for trouble. Easy way to break your foot. And the way the guy shielded the ball, I don’t see a problem in his movement. There’s no ill-intent there 🤷‍♂️

  2. It absolutely was a red card offense. I don’t even understand why there is controversy. He could have broken Calabria’s ankle. It was extremely reckless and dangerous. And Slavia Praha seemed to be willing to intimidate Milan; they had already hurt Mike. The red card was correct, no doubt about it.

      1. UEFA competitions have already set a precedent for this exact foul, the Slavia player did not play the ball but went to shield it, much like Rashford when he got a red during UCL groups

        1. I agree there’s precedent, but Rashford’s caught him in a worse position and in my opinion still didn’t warrant a red. People who say he was trying to hurt Calabria must never have tried to shield a ball. It doesn’t meet the threshold for dangerous or high, so yes if the ref had given a yellow it would not have been upgraded.

      2. Yeah, Calabria INTENTIONALLY risked his ankle to put his foot under the opponents studs, right? Get real. Calabria did everything right and the opponent was too rash with his decision. Unlucky or unintentional? Doesn’t matter as you cannot go “studs up” on an opponent. That’s one of the biggest “no no”s in football.

        1. Flyingturtle knows nothing about football. I already had an argument with this clown before. He accused me of being someone else.

  3. Unintentionally or not
    Hard foul is a hard foul
    Did we think when maignan get a red card (against Genoa i think) he intentionally to hurt another team player
    Of course not
    He just want to protect the ball
    But he still got a red card

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