CorSport: Pioli’s chances of staying beyond this season have increased – the details

By Euan Burns -

The chances of Stefano Pioli being the AC Milan coach when the 2024/25 Serie A season begins have been increasing in recent weeks, but he is certainly not in the clear just yet. 

As has been reported by Corriere dello Sport (via Pianeta Milan), the improvement in form that Milan have shown in recent weeks means that a lot of the noise around Pioli’s future has subsided, although it has not entirely gone.

It is difficult for fans to get overly excited about the upturn in form because Inter are playing so well and will almost certainly win the Serie A title this season, something that Milan were expected to be challenging closely for.

Milan have won 52 points from the first 24 games of the seasonIn the era of three points for a victory, the Rossoneri had only achieved more with Fabio Capello in 1995/1996 and Carlo Ancelotti in 2003/2004.

Milan have won five and drawn one so far in 2024, and the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Giorgio Furlani and Paolo Scaroni have been public in their support of Pioli.

He is under contract until the end of next season, but the performance for the rest of the season will really decide his future, He could earn a new contract, or the two parties could go their separate ways.

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  1. He should leave himself, he must know that he has done all he can with us, why not leave with great memories, which he has helped create.

    Overall Pioli was a big success at Milan, got the svudetto, semi final CL, especially given the off the off pitch upheaval. And he helped develop 2 Milan legends in the Theo and Leao.

    Arverderci Mister.

  2. Here we go again.
    He did poorly in october and november, we lost the scudetto race and got eliminated from the UCL and everybody wanted him out.
    Since November we got some wins mostly against teams outside of the top 12 and now he seems like a world-beater.
    Tomorrow he might (probably) will lose (again!) to the likes of inter, juve and a strong team in EL and everybody will support his removal.

    1. Absolutely correct. But one more thing I don’t see any improvement in our form. We play mediocre teams and barely manage to beat them. Couple matches with higher quality teams and you’ll see that “improvement” is unreal as our dreams of Scudetto.

    2. It’s a tough call. I am one of the people not convinced by Pioli, and I was calling for his dismissal in November. That said, if it’s a strong 3rd place finish or better, and if we get to at least the semis (or maybe even quarters) of the EL, then I think it would be difficult to dismiss Pioli in the summer. I think he will have earned his final season in charge. Give him the striker we’ve been looking for for the last three seasons and a proper CDM, and reduce injuries and then evaluate in January 2025. If we’re mounting a proper title challenge, then I think it would be hard not to extend him for another couple of seasons. If we’re in 3rd or 4th, let him finish the season and we’ll start with a new coach in the summer of 2025. If we’re doing worse than that, fire him.

  3. im all for firing pioli even if we are winning. We play like cr@p and he su*ks at his job. What was in the past is in the past. Scudeto, the cl run, means nothing . We are in 2024 and he is not the man to lead Milan anymore.
    If you look at the stats from Milan- Napoli you see we were dominated on our home turf and in the end we were lucky to get a win out. its unacceptable.
    Lucky against Frosinone , lucky against Udinese. What happens when the luck runs out? And it will run out…

  4. Nobody knows anything, noone knows the future, all predictions are wishes, all projections are lies, journalists are the people i know in this world who can talk about something that they dont have a clue about, they are the masters of fake news, they are the worst gossipers, worse than women at gossiping, they are the fathers of lies, they lie without shame, unfortunately they drive some fans crazy, noone knows whats gonna happen tomorrow

  5. I’m not worried about Pioli being fired or getting a renewal. All I want to see is that the club is ambitious and that it has clear ideas to become great again (even more than its glorious days). I don’t want to see a Milan in the Silvia Berlusconi era, or that Chinese bunch of losers. Damn! Those were horrible period of being a Milan fan.

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