CorSport: Raiola offers Donnarumma with salary discount but Juventus and Barcelona have obstacles

By Oliver Fisher -

Agent Mino Raiola has apparently offered Gianluigi Donnarumma to Juventus in what would be a discount deal, according to a report.

Milan appear to have made the decision to move on from Donnarumma after nine years at the club, with the Italy international stalling on signing a renewal and the Rossoneri management deciding to secure the signing of Mike Maignan from Lille to replace him.

This morning’s edition of il Corriere dello Sport (via MilanNews) reveals that Raiola is now looking for a new destination for his client as a result of Milan’s decision, and now he has lowered the requests.

Donnarumma is apparently available for €6m net per season, the same salary that he currently receives at Milan. With the arrival of Allegri, who wants to keep Szczesny, Juve could also be off the table as a destination while Barcelona also have their own obstacles with regards to landing the 22-year-old.

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    1. Well done Maldini! Kick the butts of the greedy and drama queen agent and the ungrateful little brat!

  1. How dumb do these guys feel now that he has no club, and nothing to bargain with, his not even gona get 6mil, and his gona sack raiola for stuffing up his dream of being a milan player for life. Good luck u greedy pig

    1. I don’t think they care. I think Donnaruma wanted to leave us all along and they just strung us along all season but he never had any intention of resigning. We gave him everything he wanted. Highest salary, captains armband, love of the fans, etc.. he could have been the club symbol like Baresi and Maldini before him but he didn’t want it. Looking back I don’t think even if we offered him 10-12m a year he would have stayed. I wanted us to sign him just so we didn’t lose him for free, but now looks like no matter what that would not have happened. He didn’t want to stay for whatever reason so f@$# him. Let’s move on and focus on who we need to sign as we have lot of holes to fill and must spend lots of $$ to compete with the bigger clubs

  2. I’m so glad he rejected the 8 million deal. Would have been a disaster. Those leeches would keep demanding for more. Milan was blind. But now we can see.

  3. I don’t believe this but if it is true thats great. Serves Dollarrumma and his greedy pig manager Raiola a lesson. Don’t cut the hand that feeds you bro.

  4. Donnarumma has made the greatest mistake of his career by allowing Raiola to disrupt his relationship with Milan,a club he was privileged to captain at 22years .
    Now,he is in a fix.Most of the top teams in the world have their first choice goalkeepers so Donnarumma is likely to be on the bench next season for a top club or become the first choice goalkeeeper of a smaller club.
    I wish him all the best in his future endevours.
    He can still come back to Milan in future.

  5. Raiola would be a really bad stock invester – overambitious and overconfident, greedy on individual stocks but blind to the overall market. He might win a gamble once in a while and make some profit. But if fails one like this, it could ruin him forever.
    Adios, D99 and R0. Scaroni is right – no player is indispensible.

  6. All i can do is Laff laff laff hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Grace to grass..

    Where is Caeser?

    1. Hahhahahah even I was looking for him in this comment section. Bloody noob he has the sensibility of a School boy.

  7. This is hilarious. That’s what happened when you’re over-confident and greedy. Now, there’s even a possibility that he will not get any clubs for the next seasons.

  8. His shame and embarrassment just started. Milan will be great without him. Mike Maignan will take milan back to the glory days

  9. Donnarumma is taking such bad advice from his agent Raiola. I hate to see him being used. Its agent like this that are ruining football. He extorts teams while telling players to take a 2m a year less offer. Does he have a dad to slap him upside the head to wake him up to reality.

  10. F%@& Donnaruma he’s not a Milan player any loner so who cares where he ends up. Sick of this kid. He didnt want to stay at the club so good riddance. Whether he makes 6M or 20M a year I don’t give a $h*t and don’t want to talk about this kid anymore. Let’s focus on who we are going to sign instead of where Donnaruma will sign.

  11. Donaruma you are just a joker, and want to lick rajola’s ass, you were most wanted and loved player for almost all the fence, and now i dident want to see your face again in milan shirt , even for free, you dont deserve our badge, traitor $€£$€£

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