CorSport: Raiola’s will was irrelevant – Donnarumma decided to leave ‘comfort zone’ at Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

Agent Mino Raiola has in fact not been the driving force behind Gianluigi Donnarumma’s decision to leave AC Milan, a report claims.

According to this morning’s edition of il Corriere dello Sport (via MilanNews) Donnarumma had decided to leave Milan a long time ago despite an initial contract renewal proposal proposed by Ivan Gazidis at €8m net per season.

Gigio made the assessment that Milan were a ‘comfort zone’ that had become not too beneficial for his career and his intention was to reach the deadline and independently evaluate his future. Paolo Maldini was aware of all this, so much so that he immediately started negotiations over Mike Maignan.

Mino Raiola’s personal desire nor the infamous commissions requests never came into the situation as per the newspaper. Regarding the future, the goalkeeper’s desire is to play for Barcelona, his favourite club outside Serie A. Juventus and PSG have been interested in him in the past, but without ever moving concretely.

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    1. All parties are trying to use the media to push their versions of tge purported saga. I don’t bite this. When players want to leave, they hand in a transfer request and this gives their current employers the opportunity to take some financial benefits. And in fact, this is done when there is a guaranteed, albeit clandestine, destination.
      Again, I don’t bite this.

    2. You could see why Raiola needs commissions. Buying articles costs money.

      But 20 M is still a little much, considering Corriere will print anything.

  1. Yeaaahhh … suuure.

    Of course 20m for him wasn’t a “driving force”. Hahaha

    If it was Dollaruma idea he would told it much sooner, not when Milan already got Maignan.

  2. If this is true, how does he explain not giving Milan the chance to regain some of the money invested in him (and his brother) over the years? This just makes him look a lot worse then it already was. I doubt if he will ever say this out loud in a TV interview. Just Raiola trying to save his own image, because he won’t get the signing fee anywhere so it will look really stupid when Donnaruma signs a contract elsewhere on the same conditions that Milan had offered. Mino thinks he makes carreers, but in fact he breaks them.

  3. So he prefers ‘out of his comfort zone’ over staying in the club which gave him chance to become one of the best GK in the world, the family who pay millions for his salary.

    Excellent excuse lol.

  4. I actually agree with this report. I don’t think Gigio wanted to stay. As hard as that is to hear it is what it is. It wasn’t $$. We would have made him highest paid. Doesn’t seem like any other club would pay him 8m net or more….Let him go to Barca or whatever and deal with the pressure there. He didn’t want the responsibility of being a Symbol of the club nor being the highest paid. At Barca he will just be one of the many other high paid players. Good riddance. He was protected at Milan. Now he will see what it’s like when he has to stand on his own to feet. The Spanish media and the Barca fans will be relentless and go after him when he makes a mistake or has a bad game. Good luck Gigio your gonna need it.

  5. This is Donnarumma’s PR agent talking..
    No one with two bits of sense could believe that. I do believe he wanted to stay, as he said so repeatedly.
    But he was misguided by his agent greed and his own immaturity.

    1. I don’t think so at all, I think he played the fans. He’s a man. If he wanted to stay he would have. If he’s that naive and influenced by someone else we don’t need him. Good riddance. But I think he decided a while back he wanted to leave and the altercation with the ultras before the Juve game probably sealed it. Whatever on to better topics. Forza Milan

    2. Kalo Gigio ingin bertahan tentang dan lawan lah Mino Raiola,bukan menuruti nya,jika Gigio mencintai club’ dia akan menentang dan melawan Raiola pasti nya.Karna Gigio mencintai uang makanya dia menurut pada agent nya,Coz cinta terhadap club’ tidak melihat pada uang…Sukses untuk milan

  6. Haha it doesn’t make sense. If you really want new challange then why you don’t just tell it, then the management will not offer you new contract. Are u really men???
    I don’t buy the definition of comfort zone from him. You haven’t achieved much with milan, and it is comfort zone???
    If milan dominated europe and italy in last 5 years, i could understand it.

  7. Penghianat yang pandai berbohong,dia hanya menutupi rasa malu karena tidak ada klub yang mau memeberi gaji mahal

    1. I don’t understand one word of what you said, but if it means we are glad to get rid of Dollarumma, then I agree with you.

  8. Hahahaha, Gigio only loves money, not the club. Good that Gigio left, if Gigio stayed, he would only increase the club’s expenses. Maldini is very Smart

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