CorSport: Risk arises that Kessie could leave for free as distance between parties persists

By Oliver Fisher -

With the transfer window now closed, AC Milan can focus on securing the renewal of Franck Kessie but must close the gap between offer and demand.

This morning’s edition of il Corriere dello Sport (via MilanLive) writes that Kessie and his agent are asking for €8.5m net per season in total which is comprised of €7m fixed plus €1.5m in potential bonuses, while the Rossoneri management have put forward €5.5m net so there is considerable distance between the parties.

The report mentions that there is now a strong risk that the Rossoneri could lose yet another player on a free transfer and the situation that has arisen is not what Milan imagined after Kessie spoke at the Tokyo Olympics and declared that he wanted to stay.

Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara are doing everything possible to keep the Ivorian but they believe proposing a salary of €5.5m – compared to the current €2.2m he earns – is a great offer and shows how much the management value him.

Agent George Atangana wants more though, and that is why they are facing a difficult negotiation if they are to finally get his surgery.

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    1. Exactly right. Sign him then sell him to EPL club who can afford to pay his wages long term and give us a sizable transfer fee. He is built for the RPL and team like Tottenham will line up for him and won’t be scared off by an 8M yr salary nor a 40-50M transfer fee. Sign Kamara for free as his replacement. Use that money to buy players like Vlahovic, Fairve, etc…

  1. I said it before one month…it is same matrix as Dollar’s and Challa’s.”I love Milan,blah,blah!”Just to strech it for year,to get to free transfer and cash premium for free player sign.He should be sold/exchanged in avgust,he must have been sold in avgust…..Now?Now comes time with “troubles”,”injuries”,”missunderstandings with team”,until contract with new Team in January(and of course,cashing premium for free transfer).Desaster,katastrofy for AC Milan ,doom,unbelieavable amaterism in buy/sell policy.I can’t belive it……to leave players on free transfer in these times… never hapened before.And it hapeneds again and again.Next two are Kessie and Romagnoli in January.It couldnt be worse.I have been rossonero for 40 years,I remember only few free’s to go.Now???Now it is normal policy,just as everyone has nothing against it.Unbeliveable….EXCHANGE both of them in January!!!!!Damn….

  2. Don’t care about Kessie or his contract. The guy lost respect in my eyes.

    But what I really do not want — is to read everyday articles about his bank account for the remainder of the season.

  3. From 2.2m to 8.5 for a player who only performed for just a season out of the fucking years he has spent with Milan..what the f….ing request from him and his agent…sell in off in January and cash out on him…I no longer respect him…fuck office kessie

  4. Started asking 5 mill. Then went to 6 mill. Then to ‘Same as Ibra’ 7 mill and now he wants 8.5 mill.
    This is how ‘El Presidente’ does business?
    And even so he is injured now and also won’t be available for several weeks during the African cup.
    I hope Bakayoko, Bennacer, Tonali and other midbacks just shut Kessie’s mouth showing that he’s not that irreplaceable.
    If he leaves we lose 2.5 mill + potential transfer money. But I am ok with that if our other players shine and we start winning regardless of these mercenary actions.
    I still remember what shit was Kessie before Ibra joined us. Kessieout used to be a more popular hashtag than Krunicout.

  5. He has a season to prove it all. If he doesn’t keep up the high quality, no other team is going to offer him more than Milan. Tottenham say they will now, but won’t do it after he played a bad season. Donnaruma thought he would earn 12m but eventually signed for PSG for about the same fee Milan offered him. Now he’s a benchwarmer.

  6. I heard Liverpool wants him.Just tell Liverpool to bring €40m and Naby Keita then they can have Kessie.Naby Keita is better than Kessie.

  7. Milan will not risk with Kesie if he does not sign a contract by January, he will be sold to the first club to make an offer for him, Milan will not negotiate with any player, he has made it clear to everyone that there is no discussion. Kesie received an offer from Milan and was told to decide by January.
    Kesie is a very rude player, his offer was 5 million and now he is asking for 8.5 million. Milan will not pay for it and it is clearly put on the table 6 million plus bonuses if they do not sign in January it goes on sale and two clubs want to buy it from England Arsenal and Tottenham

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