CorSport: Sales crucial for Milan this summer but the core will remain intact

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s new management intend to sell some players in order to raise funds but to keep the core intact, according to report.

Today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport (via PianetaMilan) talks about the strategy that Giorgio Furlani and Geoffrey Moncada will adopt going into the summer, with some departures undoubtedly needed.

The plan is streamline the squad by offloading those considered not very functional to the project and who have accumulated little playing time over the last few months, to free spots but also to generate some revenue.

Milan hope to sell at least seven or eight players to raise cash, but it will take huge offers for them to even consider selling any of those who are considered cornerstones for the future.

The Rossoneri will also try to earn more from player trading, something they have struggled with until now. With the money raised, signings can arrive to raise the level and depth of the squad.

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  1. It is absolutely vital for the club to get rid of e.g. Origi, Rebic, Ballo-Toure etc. There should be no one contradicting that.

  2. Exactly why some fans had the problem with the way Maldini worked.
    Lack of sales of less used, less important players to generate extra transfer funds and lack of resourcefulness and creativity to swap players.
    He always just waited for owners to give him bringing any money thru sales

      1. Because a big part of the responsibilities of a sporting director are sales. Why would you have two people do a job that suppose to be done by 1 person.
        At that point you should just hire a sporting director that can fulfill all his duties

        1. Actually, we had two before (Sporting Director and Technical Director) so it would have been three (with Sales Director).

          And now they use working group which consist of multiple people.

  3. From: Transfer News Live:

    “Newcastle directors have told Eddie Howe he ONLY has £75m to spend this summer.”

    Newcastle is owned by far the richest owners in EPL and they only give them 75 million pounds to spend, while our fans are mad about 50 mil PLUS everything you can get from sales.

    1. Newcastle is being linked with the likes of Szobizlai, Kim-min jay and Osimhen.. they have no ffp restrictions as they are now debt free.. plus.. their owners can inject an infinite amount of money through sponsors.

      Taking some random tabloid’s report as a bible’s verse would be foolish. It should be taken with a grain of salt.

      1. It’s funny how some reports should be taken with a grain of said but the reports that Milan has only 35 mil to spend we accept is Bible verse.
        I guess whatever fits our agendas

        1. Milan surely has budget more than 35 mil. You know it, I know it, every Milan fan knew it, Maldini knew it as well. It can reach up to 100 mil plus and even more with player sales. That’s the main issue here. Will they spend?

      2. “their owners can inject an infinite amount of money through sponsors. ”

        Nope. They need to find the right loopholes (aka bribes) to successfully do that like PSG & ManCity.

        1. They don’t need to bribe a single penny. A wealthy owner has at least 10 different brands under their ownership and have the club agree sponsorship deals worth 100s or millions with those brands.. like PSG, Mancity. There is no regulations against sponsors in FFP. So.. Infinite cashflow.

    2. That’s more than 80m euros plus everything they they can get from sales compared to an alleged 35m euros plus everything we can get from sales. They didn’t even earn money from CL and don’t have Milan’s pull when it comes to signing players.

      The shocking part for me is your inability to see the massive difference.

  4. Lol and Romano just said that management told the team no one would be sold 😂 gotta love it. (Yea yea yea it probably means core players but man sucks to be the fringe players right about now or the ones that are not so fringe)

    1. It’s outright pathetic brother. This management is a fkn joke. They just tell one thing to the players and the next minute, they say the exact opposite to the media. LOL
      At least the management should have the common decency to stick to THEIR OWN Narrative.

    2. So are we suppose to stay path and go back into next season with the same group that just finished 4th, because some players feelings will get hurt?
      For a new player to come in an existing player has to leave. You can’t just collect players and have a squad of 40 players. It’s part of the job. They are professionals and quite likely they would wanna leave and get more playing time somewhere else

      1. “From what I have learned, Milan have made it clear to the players that the project has not changed and that they do not intend to sell anyone, but rather to invest to remain competitive,” said Fabrizio Romano.

        So did a journalist trusted by the entire footballing world lie to millions of fans? Or did a slimy accountant with no expertise in handling a club lie to the players of his club? You know the answer lol

        1. Probably Romano didn’t express himself correctly.
          He probably meant no big name player from the core group is getting sold.
          There is some turnover in every club every summer

          1. That’s teh whole point. A good management should know there is some turnoever in every club Every season. That’s why management shouldn’t say something like that to ANY of the Player, right? The management should have a clear narrative that they should all agree with and say the same no matter who is asked. But everyone is pushing their own version to the media. Scaroni says one thing, Furlani then another one, then a new Moncada’s target lists coming out every hour … it’s a complete mess. You can at least see that, right?

          2. “That’s why management shouldn’t say something like that to ANY of the Player, right? ”

            And you the exact words the management has told the players? And were you there? Or do you believe everything you read online? 😀

          3. Do you even read ANYTHING anywhere actually ? lol Or just here for the sake of your ego?

            READ. At least carefully this time.

            I didn’t say a thing. Fabrizio Romano said that management told the players they won’t be sold.

      2. @Z no I’m not saying that. But I am saying someone is lying and we know who it most likely is. Only Di Marzio and Romano I pay attention to. All the rest is just fluff tbh. So….in this case it’s quite confusing, if Romano is correct (risk his brand) then what the management just told the players vs what Furlani is now saying are two different things. That’s all
        PS I’ve already said the squad is too big 😁

      3. “So are we suppose to stay path and go back into next season with the same group that just finished 4th, because some players feelings will get hurt?
        For a new player to come in an existing player has to leave.”

        And that is one of the biggest issues in the recent years. Milan hasn’t sold the useless players. There is zero reasons to keep Origi & Rebic on the team. They need to be sold ASAP and replaced by anyone else. Anyone! Except Morata – obviously.

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