CorSport: Stakes raised in Kessie renewal saga as Maldini says no to €70m gross requests

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan face an uphill task as they look to secure the renewal of midfielder Franck Kessie sooner rather than later, a report claims.

This morning’s edition of il Corriere dello Sport (via MilanLive) about a very high request from agent George Atangana who wants a guaranteed €7m net per season for his client plus bonuses of around €1.5m in order to sign a new contract.

It is a very high salary and one that is above what Zlatan Ibrahimovic receives overall, and this is where the stance of director Paolo Maldini comes into the equation. In recent days he has made it clear that Milan will not give in to pressure from players and their agents as they will have to maintain a low and economically sustainable profile.

Kessie’s latest requests would cost Milan €70m in gross over the course of the deal – too much for the accounts of a club that is recovering but that cannot let itself go so much. The stakes are set, even if between Maldini and the player’s entourage there is some rust that needs to be resolved.

Milan do not want to go to above €6m net wages, the same as Donnarumma received until last June, so the road is uphill.

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  1. Thank God we still have time to buy a replacement or keep Pobega. It was so evident that this deployment was to finally come. Greedy agents and entourages. Not to mention the player …

    1. Can’t blame the player for being able to make more money elsewhere. Can blame the club for not acting on it sooner and selling him whilst he still has value. Looks like another free agent leaving next year.

      1. “Can’t blame the player for being able to make more money elsewhere.”

        Really? He has said he will sign a new contract and he wants to stay. If that’s true then sign the damn contract with over 2x pay rise and don’t be so f’ng greedy!

        “Can blame the club for not acting on it sooner and selling him whilst he still has value.”
        And show a fan who would have been happy if they sold him before trying to get a contract extension. He was loved by basically everyone and selling him would have brought up a sh*tstorm.

        1. Rodger is 100 percent correct. We cannot blame a player for wanting to make as much $$ as possible. We CAN blame the flub for not signing him to extension last year or selling him if he refused. Why is it greedy on Kessie? If a company offered you more $$ than where you worked now most people including you would leave. Fans get mad when a player leaves claiming they are not “loyal” to the colors or the badge of the team lol. That is comical. There is no loyalty any longer in sports. It’s all about $$$. Players like everyone else want to get paid the most to take care of their families. You and I would do the same. It’s managements fault for not extending him sooner or selling him immediately. Same shit all over again like Hakan and Donnaruma. It’s a fkn joke. We cannot run a club like this. It’s madness. I love Kessie. But no player is above the team. He wants to make 8M a season that’s his choice and if some other club will pay him that hats off to the and Kessie. The market dictates what a player is worth. Fans on this forum got mad over Donnaruma saying he was “greedy’ for not accepting 8M a season lol, why was that greedy? PSG offered him 12M – why should he have turned that down? Would you have turned down an additional 50% raise? NO lol. None of us would have. Fans need to grow up and stop thinking a player isn’t loyal for wanting more money. It’s the clubs fault. This doesn’t happen with Chelsea or Bayern. If Kessie doesn’t sign ASAP then We should then sell immediately and make $ off him and buy his replacement (Kamara). Same goes for Romagnoli. All this bullshit waiting, believing the player will sign eventually is insane. It back fired with Donnaruma and Hakan. It’s is happening again with Kessie and Romagnoli. Fucking sell them immediately if they will not resign today. We cannot afford to let them leave for free. WTF is going on with our club…

          1. Tonali & Bakayoko settled for less because they actually wanted to play for Milan. Not everyone wants to maximize their salary.

            I don’t either. I love my current job and even if someone else offered me 25% more I’d say no. So you claims are false.

  2. If he doesn’t sign for 6 + bonuses NOW, we should sell straight away. And go after Romagnoli after, his contract expires 22 as well.

    1. He’s not going to renew. Kessie and his agent are too greedy and will sign with who ever brings in the biggest pile of money. Let’s just hope someone will pay enough for him so Milan can buy R.Sanches to replace him.

  3. spurs are waiting for him and willing. i guess this might be a goodbye. milan can’t afford to lose him for free. milan should try to monetize him if a renewal is unattainable

  4. This are the hand work of greedy agent…if kessie want to really stay he should sign cause every player has power over his in every decision I believe the player has a say over his agent , it’s all up to him and if he doesn’t sign before the end of this transfer the management should sell him up in January..we can’t stand to lose a large amount on him…

      1. bb Lol. No need for personal insults my friend. We are all Milan fans and are all just frustrated. You are correct not everyone would take more $. However, we should not demonize those that do either. It’s everyone’s choice and we should not judge or think should be “loyal” to the club. If someone wants to take a pay cut yo stay that’s their choice just as it’s their choice to seek more $ elsewhere. To each his own. I think what we can agree on is to not lose Kessie for free. Sell him and reinvest the $ in building a more well rounded team – Kamara, Yacine, Ikone, etc…We cannot compete with the financial might of the EPL. That is a reality. If Kessie can get 8M and he wants to leave fine. No one is above the club. But management needs yo wake the fuck up and sell or risk losing him (and Romagnoli) for free next summer. It’s madness to hope a player stays out of loyalty and risk losing him on a free transfer.

        1. Nonsense. We can demonize players who say they want to renew then increase there demands as negotiations continue so they can trap a club into not having any options. The demands should have been made earlier in the window and then we could have put him on the market. He is trying to force through a free trade so he can make more money at our expense. Offer from Tottenham is for free agent. Other clubs will also wait for free agency and the ones that will pursue him he will not agree to terms.

          1. Lol. That’s why it’s called negotiating. That’s what negotiating is about – leverage. We gave ours away yet again by not extending him last summer. Should never wait in the last year of deal if possible. I dont care what the player says about wanting to stay and how he loves the club, etc…what else is he supposed to say? Lol. He will get killed in the streets if he says otherwise. It’s all BS. If he doesn’t sign then fuck him sell him make $$ and go buy his replacement.

  5. The same Hakan and Donnaruma narrative, they say they want to stay and sort out everything in some random interview, then have their agents make lofty renewal demands that they know quite well the club can’t meet (and shouldn’t meet), and then say they did everything in their power to stay at Milan and that it was the management’s fault for not meeting the demands that they knew quite well from the beginning were obviously not feasible for the club. Harry Kane wants to leave Tottenham because he’s spent his entire career there and he hasn’t been able to win almost anything, even Milan (a team that’s allegedly in formation considering their young average age) was closer to winning the scudetto than Harry Kane has ever been to winning the premier league during his entire career there, not to mention Kessie would change playing the champions league for playing conference leage (maybe? I mean, cause they somehow lost the first game), and ultimately, even thought I loved Kessie’s performance last year, taking into consideration his entire performance at the club ever since he arrived from Atalanta, he’s not a 7m per season player, tbh, 5.5m was more than enough to me, even if the club did have the 7-8m to match what Tottenham is offering, so my hope is that Maldini sells him as soon as possible so he can find a decent replacement in the few days of transfer market that are still left so that Pioli can count with a player who actually really want to play for Milan as soon as possible.

  6. No lie I love this player but I think the team should put him on the bench till January then sell him , cause Him and his entourage are being greedy af now!!!

  7. Jual saja sekarang…lagi pula Piala apa yang sudah dimenangkan Kessie untuk Milan ?? Sehingga dia merasa layak digaji melebihi batas ?? Jual saja sekarang dia

  8. It would be cheaper to give him what he is asking for. A player of his quality would be too expensive for us to replace, just like calhanoglu. We will then be on the market for a worse player with no budget.

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