Costacurta weighs in on Conceicao decision: “Milan fans want to dream”

By Ben Dixon -

With AC Milan looking increasingly likely to offer Sergio Conceicao the managerial job, club legend Billy Costacurta offered his opinion on the move and spoke about the need for the Rossonero to dream and believe in the coach.

After five years, Stefano Pioli and Milan have reached their end and will now part ways. The following has not been so simple, though. Searching for the heir has been a constant effort, with several names linked to the post no longer in the equation and several names who seemingly had the job in their hands now a distant memory.

Whilst the same could be said in the days to come about Sergio Conceicao, with a meeting scheduled with Porto today to discuss his future and the power firmly in his hands, all signs point in one direction.

With this in mind, Billy Costacurta has spoken to Sky to offer his thoughts on the managerial landscape, and his comments have been relayed by Record.

“I still think about Conceicao because of what FC Porto did to Arsenal, the team that plays best in Europe. He’s an excellent coach, I think he’s someone who could stay at Milan. I live in Milan, I know a lot of Milan fans, they want to dream. In my opinion, Lopetegui hasn’t made them dream. There are names that make you dream and others that don’t, the fans have to dream.

“There have been periods, I’m thinking of Berlusconi’s when the coach wasn’t so important because the stars appeared so often. And in fact Sacchi arrived first, then Capello. Now the stars may not arrive, so the club has to focus on someone who can make the fans dream.”

Given the fans have seemingly taken to Conceicao, and he is well thought of by the management, it seems as though the Portuguese manager could be the perfect candidate to lead Milan into a new era.

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  1. Some Milan fans can be the cry babies they are all they want. But here are two facts:
    1. Conceicao is an excellent coach.
    2. We’re not the big club we once were. Looking at names like Conte or Klopp or Tuchel or Flick is for clubs that are technically and tactically mature enough. We’re not. We have to get there gradually. Something we did well until.. the management decided that Pioli deserves another season.

    1. and before redbird took over. how have you decided to exclude them from any problem we had during the season. at least be consistent, pioli was not alone in the fault of the team heavily under performing

      1. We were underperforming in EL and Coppa, but not in Serie A and CL if you look at it objectively. Milan is not top 2 financially in Serie A

        1. while i agree. objectively we did ok; most fans can agree that since our scudetto season, we have been stagnant at best from every angle. I would’ve been ok with 2nd in serie a this season, given inter’s amazing run IF we had played better. Our play has not evolved in a few years, we are second, not because Inter did amazing but because Napoli, Juve, Atalanta and Roma had terrible seasons. I thank Pioli but time to move on

      2. I literally wrote “the management decided that Pioli deserves another season”. All the problems started with the management.

    2. And who exactly should have been our coach this season? Give me one realistic coach who could have taken over 2023/2024 season. People here talking nonsense as if all the top coaches would have wanted to coach this Milan. Our best options are Motta and De ZERBI. Motta has only been a revelation this season while Dezerbi would have never joined Milan since he had only recently started with Brighton. So again who should have been our manager?

      1. @Grande
        Excellent question. I can give you some names (and btw, I don’t think De Zerbi is a good fit for Milan anyway), though we can of course agree or disagree on whether or not they were suitable coaches, but for example.. I think Christoph Galtier is a coach that has the exact opposite qualities of Pioli. Particularly in that he is 1) tactically flexible, and 2) He develops players on the technical level.

        Then there is Luciano Spalletti. And no, I’m not a big fan of him and I don’t think he would’ve been suitable long term, but for the phase the project was in, he would’ve definitely been a step up from Pioli. Yes, he coaches the national team, but all the signs of the break-up with De Laurentiis were there and everyone knew he was leaving at the end of the season, while FIGC only pounced on him after Mancini’s sudden departure.

        But.. It doesn’t matter who I think should’ve taken over.. The management CLEARLY didn’t even consider changing the coach, and put all the blame of last season’s shortcomings on Maldini and Massara. Of course they deserve a lot of criticism.. not all of it though.

    3. What ppl fail to realise is that what Inter are doing is blatant cheating by not playing within the financial parameters as the rest same say for Man City.

      If the are going to enforce the ffp then do it on a zero tolerance level and then we will see which coach’s really are the best.

      Our management like many others is at the moment hit or miss as our inconsistency on the pitch proves.

      I believe what most fans want to see a clear plan, on a coaching level, transfer market level and upper management level, can RedBird do this…. The jury is well and truly out

  2. Need a coach who trust youngsters, promising youngsters should move to first team and need coach who can trust them


    1. I knew that name. Gianpiero Gasperini. The atalanta coach. He can expert what the milan management want it: play with youngster, european spot, sell the most price from the youngsters and finally earn some revenue. That is milan management wanted. some milan fans have to realise on these day milan no such a big club again. The change the direction. No even something to be pride of…

  3. Milan fans want to dream….

    If “to dream” means we just want a coach who is tactically, structurally and motivationally an upgrade to Pioli, then our dreams aren’t too hard to achieve, are they?

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