Costacurta urges management to consider De Zerbi: “A product of Milan”

By Oliver Fisher -

Alessandro Costacurta has urged AC Milan to consider hiring Roberto De Zerbi as their next head coach, believing that he is a great fit for the project.

Brighton announced on Friday that they will part ways with De Zerbi at the end of the season after two years together, meaning that the 2-0 defeat to Manchester United yesterday was his last game in charge.

It didn’t take long for the Milan rumours to start – perhaps mostly because he has never hidden his attachment to the club – and SportMediaset stated that there have been contacts between the Rossoneri and De Zerbi’s entourage in the last few hours.

Costacurta spoke on Sky Calcio Club about what Milan are missing at the moment both in terms of the coach and within the squad. His comments were relayed by Radio Rossonera, including his pick to be Stefano Pioli’s successor.

“I would like a coach who gets involved… There are periods in which here, I speak from personal experience, there are we needed someone who had the character to shout and not just try to mediate and I believe that at this moment Milan needs a figure like that,” he said.

“I push for Roberto De Zerbi, who is a product of Milan, someone like Antonio Conte. I have nothing against Fonseca, in my opinion at this moment in the dressing room, seeing what is happening at Milan now after what happened with Pioli, we need someone who can raise the tension a little.

“From a certain point of view, it seems to me that Leao has tried to change. There are others. If I were a coach I would get into a discussion, probably not with Leao. I would probably have some clashes with Theo Hernandez. Maignan too.

“Sacchi came to us and brought out our pride, then Capello, it seemed like we were on a par with each other. If you’re falling asleep a little, Capello arrived and made you wake up.”

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  1. It would be a monumental mistake to pass on De Zerbi – especially for the other names which are reported.
    I want to believe that our management will not commit football suicide.

      1. Maybe now in terms of defensive solidity, but de zerbis offensive tactical configuration is truly ahead of the curve, even pep said it, de zerbi has incredible potential as a manager

  2. The most insisting rumors point to Fonseca, by far the worst and most mediocre choice of all names thus far considered (well, Van Bommel is also really mediocre but at least hasn’t failed as badly as Fonseca).

    If this management goes for Fonseca I will lose all hope that they have a valid project for us. It’s got to be a joke, to pretend that the guy who finished 4th in the 5th best European league, is as an upgrade from the guy who finished 2nd in the 2nd best European league (yes, check it out, Serie A has just surpassed La Liga for 2nd place in UEFA’s overall coefficient, and also got to be 1st for the 2023-24 coefficient which earned us a 5th UCL spot; the French league on the other hand is 5th and other than for PSG, is much worse than Serie A; still, Fonseca couldn’t do any better there than 4th place, and in Serie A with Roma he did even worse).

    The tifosi complained bitterly when management was aiming at Lopetegui, a guy with MUCH more experience and MUCH more success both at club level and national team level, than Fonseca, who is just a mediocre bum who flopped in every job he got. And nobody is complaining and getting 10,000 signatures about Fonseca? Not that I like Lopetegui but between him and Fonseca, he would have been the less bad choice.

    Meanwhile De Zerbi, a lifelong rossonero and a product of Milan, is available and we’re NOT going for him? Oh my….

    1. Unfortunately it seems really disappointing the way we’re operating the coach situation, besides the fact thay de zerbi is a milanista, obviously knows the Italian culture, incredible with young players, and tactically is ahead of the curve, he would give excitement to the fans and also exhibit ambition from the ownership. Unfortunately though it seems we’d rather have another lap dog coach

  3. A product of Milan is nothing for the current owner and management.

    – They fired Maldini, a Milan legend, unceremoniously
    – They sold Tonali, a Milanisti from childhood, like he’s some expensive comodity

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