Costacurta discusses Maldini’s harsh words about Milan: “I was surprised”

By Isak Möller -

Paolo Maldini had some very harsh words for the current AC Milan management earlier this week, finally telling his side of the story. During the broadcast for Milan-Frosinone yesterday, Billy Costacurta shared his thoughts on the interview. 

The interview was published by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica on Friday, including some very harsh words about the current Milan management. If you haven’t read Maldini’s words yet, do yourself a favour and take a look now.

Speaking during the broadcast for Milan-Frosinone yesterday on Sky Italia, the Milan legend Costacurta shared his thoughts on Maldini’s words. He stated that he wasn’t just surprised by the overall message, but also the timing.

“I was surprised by the timing and also by the words. He shot high, I don’t know who he was talking about, but he tried to hit these people quite heavily. Knowing him, I think they (the newspaper, editor’s note) called to talk at this moment, to me it doesn’t add up that he was the one who wanted to talk now,” he said as cited by MilanNews.

While Milan have had their fair share of struggles this season, they are just four points behind Juventus in first place. Inter will face Napoli tonight and could make it six points, but it’s clear that the Rossoneri are in the race still.

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  1. there are nda agreements that prevent you from speaking for 6 months after your cessation of employment about your employer in public.

    I am glad he spoke when he did so Ibra knows he will be getting in bed with and standing by.

  2. Maldini saw an opportunity when the team is going thru a tough moment to come from under the table and to kick someone while he is down.
    Only cowards kick someone while they are down.
    He didn’t want to talk immediately after his firing because he would have talked from his gut, so he waited 6 months to come out and talk out of his ass.
    People of high character:
    Gattuso. 5 years after he got fired/mutually agreed to leave, has not said 1 bad word about Milan or anyone at Milan. Even gave up the remaining 2 years salary. ” My history with Milan can never be about money” he said
    Gigio Donnarumma. For 3 years he has been harassed and insulted by both media and “fans”, on social media, in real life, at the stadium, even though he didn’t do anything immoral or illegal and the kid has not said anything negative about Milan or anyone at Milan.
    While the illegal gambler is getting worshipped even though both left Milan for money.
    Matter fact Gigio always talks positively about Milan, even though by the way he if getting treated and his young age you would understand if he doesn’t take the high road.
    Same with Kessie, the captain Romagnoli.
    On the other side Maldini is Hakan. Maldini is Mirabelli.
    At least Hakan had the balls to talk from the moment he signed with inter and didn’t wait for Milan to be in a tough spot to start attacking his old club.
    Maldini proved the narrative from the summer that he didn’t get along with most people at the club.
    He talked shit about Elliott, RedBird, Cardinale, Scaroni, Furlani, Gazidis, even Moncada, not wanting Tonali.
    He didn’t get along with old and new ownership, old and new CEO. You are the only common denominator fool. Maybe it’s you and not them. Have you thought about that?
    The only people he got along with was Boban and Massara.
    He is not even aware that he proved Scaroni right with this interview, that he wasn’t a team player and that they are more united without him.
    It would have been better for him to stay quiet and continue hiding under his wife skirt instead of coming out and confirming what was said about him.
    Cowardly behavior.

    1. So, for Maldini to speak up is cowardly behaviour according to you and instead he should’ve continue hiding under his wife skirt instead? Do you even understand what you’re talking about? He’s coward to stay quiet and he’s still a coward to speak up..

      Man is just giving accounts on what occured in his point of view. Is he not allowed to do that after the constant insults and lies thrown around?

      You demanded Maldini to take the high road to just stay silent, but why didn’t you also condemn the new management, who instead of staying silent, they continue to yap about their version of events right after the sacking and for the months ahead? They could’ve been handling it in a more diplomatic matter, but they didn’t. They didn’t even mention about the parting ways at all in the social media, knowing how the backlash would’ve been.

      1. The cowardly behavior, if you didn’t catch it, was in reference to the timing of the interview when the club was going thru a tough period. If he did this interview in the summer it would have been justified but he waited like a COWARD for the team to go thru a bad spell to come from underneath his wife skirt and attack the club that he loves. Imagine if he actually hated the club. Who needs enemies when you got friends like Maldini. That’s why I gave the example of Hakan, who talk his sh!t right away.
        Also, outside of Scaroni, no one even mentioned Maldini from Milan ownership and management since he got fired, but in this interview, he attacked everyone, old and new, proving that Scaroni was right.
        He even attacked Gazidis.
        Supposedly Leonardo told him”It is not easy to communicate with an American fund or a South African CEO’.”
        WTF Gazidis being from South Africa has anything to do with it?
        Xenophobia, maybe.
        Gazidis speaks fluent English, Maldini speak fluent English, we saw that after he attacked the club and his coach in front of the whole world before the biggest game in a decade for Milan, the UCL semi-final vs Inter. Why isn’t easy to communicate with Gazidis then..Gazidis track record as a CEO from MLS thru Arsenal to Milan is all success. Maybe Maldini being a narcissistic egomaniac has something to do with it.
        Oh, they didn’t even mention Maldini being fired on social media because they were scared of a backlash? Lol, Like Maldini fans couldn’t cry under all other posts from Milan social media.

        1. I bet when Maldini straight up caused a ruckus after the sacking, you would STILL call him an egomaniac and probably throw accusation that he intentionally do that to derail the summer recruitments and hog the spotlight etc.

          Say, had he done it during the international break while Milan was leading the table only to deflate soon after, you would AGAIN accused him to stir up issues and caused disturbances in the club.

          But when the management talked ill about him, it’s justified and non-cowardly, even right after the sacking. That is personally very unsightly IMHO, especially when Maldini is literally a living legend of the club. And yet, you EXPECTED Maldini to be the one taking the high road instead.

          Yes, those who actually cares about Maldini and the club vented on all other posts from Milan’s social media, why? Because the club is too COWARD to dedicate a SINGLE POST about the sacking. Not even a thank you, or just a mere acknowledgement. This guy was part of the team for his entire life ffs, and he was essentially one of the reasons that we got back into title contention and even won the 19th.

          Amazing gaslighting. You should probably work in politics as spin doctors if you haven’t already.

        2. Arsenal!

          My second favorite club and a team with MAJOR ambition. Now to one of your points. Arsenal under Gazidis was pure mediocrity. Man didn’t know Jack about football. Arsenal improved when he left. Milan had a buffer for him with Maldini.

          It seems like you keep getting so many of your points factually incorrect. What gives?

        3. If Maldini had come out even when the team was doing good, you would still fund something to complain.
          The Maldini hate and disrespect is real around here.
          You made a dig at him after the frosinone win, saying they replied that dog that come out of skirts to bark at cars.

          What exactly is your problem. Did Maldini take your land or something??

    2. He gave facts in numbers to all you revolving door fans. You people are left with no arguments anymore except to play on victim card after his interview. No one was holding back when Maldini was sacked, not you “fans”, not president Scaroni and certainly not the media. This interview came just the right moment and it serves these yankee doodles and you who insulted him and disrespect our captain without knowing the background, right.

    3. Why should he be silent about it? He was key to return Milan to where it belonged. An unappreciative new owner comes and removes him from his position. He was disrespected by them, do you think he should still hold back. A nobody talking about cowardliness, sheesh.

    4. The truth is hard. You cry all you want about the timing but you (and anyone accused within the club) have no response to what Maldini said. That’s the reality.
      Your heroes treated Maldini so cheaply
      Everyone is entitled to like/love/support anyone. We choose the “coward” who stood up against ANYONE at all costs to defend his (arguably winning) ideas, his love for the club. You can choose the “brave” men who leave the team when it’s suffering, leave the stadium when we lose, the great “team players” who don’t bother respond or talk to sporting directors.
      Truth hurts.

    5. Relax man. Maldini is very special guy, he has his issues but to call him a coward in the name of some bankers and coorporate americans, I mean cammon.

    6. Hahahahahhahaaa!

      This post is golden for all the inaccuracies. Cry more about the hard truth you ignorant obtuse blowhard.

      Maybe, at some point in the future, when current leadership has failed for the world tonsee, you’ll realize what Maldini did for the club. I doubt it though because you’d have to admit the truth.

    7. coward is when they stab a legend just because he want the best (sportingly not just finance) for his beloved club and then run away (silent) that the board did,
      coward is when the team/coach/board perform bad & mistakes but they remind silent or worse give them prise, that what you do..

    8. Cry more Z cry more 😂
      You saw a lull in the action and thought the level of support for Maldini died down hahahaha. Where we’re u when the article about the interview came out?! Talk about cowardice LMAO 😂😂 Only Dejan and Nelli came out.
      I can’t tell if u like the Americans or hate Maldini or both. Dude listed Gigio and character into the same sentence

  3. The new generation of fans clearly don’t understand loyalty because there is none in football anymore. Maldini only cares about Milan. How do we know this? His father bled for us, and he bled for us.

  4. Come on Maldini sucked as a director, I’m old enough to know this isn’t the first time Maldini has had beef with the club and fans. He’s always been a rather stubborn and selfish person. Honestly not gonna lose sleep over another out of touch Italian crying because he couldn’t get the job done. What business would keep you on if you lost over 100M in assets for free? He’s was bad at his job, got lucky with Theo, Moncada found Mike and Kalulu, Tonali was getting exposed as overrated before his suspension. Maldini couldn’t even get leao to resign even though Milan clearly had the resources…

    1. Sigh, I’m rather free, so I’d debate a bit.

      Firstly, did you not see who were beside Leao when he signed the extension??? Maldini (and Massara) were literally sacked 3 days after that. I wonder, had Leao known about that, would he still signed?

      Of course he’s not a world class director yet. I would suppose his work would improve after a few more years under his belt. Afterall, who’s the perfect director who never made mistakes? While he’s not without blemishes, I’d say that his work was satisfactory enough. He managed to help steer us to the 19th Scudetto with limited budget and salary constraint.

      He, along with other responsible, also improved our squad values. We lost Gigio, Kessie, Hakan and Romagnoli, sure. But, did you not read the interview, he claimed that the budget kept changing and sometimes it’s no longer available. He would still need approvals from the higher-ups for these extensions. Why do people only blame Maldini for that but quick to give credits to the other managements for successful stories?

      1. I seriously don’t know. It’s like people have eye defects or selective reading. He had constraints put on him from higher ups.

        It’s like talking to kids hyped up on caffeine.

    2. Let’s enjoy the new management which lost 100m (compared to last season – CL elimination) in just 6 months. And not for free but spending 65m net.
      Like it or not, Maldini tenure was super successful also in financial terms DESPITE losing players for free. Just look at the squad’s value increase during his years.

    3. Utter nonsense. I presume you refer to his fallout with the curva after Istanbul? He was well within his rights. What happened there was a complete freak of nature. First half Liverpool didn’t deserve the grace the same pitch as us, then ten crazy minutes with a Gerrard dive, and characteristic Dida fumble and a saved and rebounded penalty we find ourselves 3-3. Even after what we bossed them, how Dudek saved Sheva’s point blank shot I will never know. I still don’t understand today. We didn’t play badly that night? Far from it, it was just a freak of nature….it will never happen again. Maldini merely stuck up for his team mates.

      If you think Theo, Leao, Bennacer, Tonali, Giroud, brining back Zlatan and delivering a scudetto sucks then perhaps your le better off in the Bernabeau..sounds like the sort of tripe they’d advance

      If you bad mouth Maldini you simply cannot be a Milan fan. You clearly never watched his career, the good far far far out weighs the bad.

      He was on the start of his Director journey, look at how long Galliani was at it

    4. Maldini isn’t perfect as director i agree, he guide Milan be better each season since day1 even in his worst (his last) season as director still he got more plus than minus, this new board did nothing, no progress at all, what is keeping us still hanging as top club atp all is because Maldini & Singers legacy (players, finance etc) that’s the fact.. period

    5. Your list of Moncada’s scouted players seems to be getting smaller and smaller 😂😂😂 didn’t he scouted Theo too? Oh wait ….nvm. Bennacer? Oh nvm. How about Leao? Lol. You think because Maldini mentioned those players that other players didn’t fall into the same category? I liked that you went the safe route and only listed French players given how he liked the French and Belgian leagues. you should have put Saelemakers there too, CDK and Origi there too while you’re at it

    6. Well at least you are current with your hate and or distaste for Maldini irrespective of all the good he did.

      But believe what you want. It does help the soul.

  5. Maldini the GOAT, I’ll always side with him, especially versus Corporate America bankers. He had one year on his contract, let him ride it out. He was very professional and composed in his interview; he stated facts and logic as opposed to emotional insults. He wasn’t perfect as a director, but they should have honored his contract.

  6. I think Costacurta’s issues are more with the timing rather than what Maldini said. It could very well be that there is in fact a agreement that prevented him to talk about this months prior, I personally don’t know.
    But the thing is, seeing the content of his interview, WHATEVER time Maldini would have choose to speak up, it will always be seen as bad by some.
    If he talked right after being sacked, when Furlani and Moncada were very unpopular after the Thuram fiasco, some could have said that he was trying to cause an uprising. If he talked during the beginning of the season, some could have said that he was trying to disrupt a team that was doing well. If he talked after the loss against inter, some would say he waited for the first defeat. If he talks at the end of the season, maybe we could say he is trying to get someone fired……… The timing of his words will always be subject to controversies.
    Does that mean that he has no right to talk ? Some people in the management openly criticized him, and you could say that all these rumors surrounding him (sacking Pioli, Pirlo,…) were the doing of the management. Is it unfair for an old director to criticize the current management if he thinks they were unfaire to him and that they’re currently not doing a good job (and quite frankly, they’re not doing a good job).
    Now many things that were done by Maldini can be questioned (the summer 2022 was a fiasco by all means). But try to remember the state of the club before his arrival. The current management took a team that is essentially competitive, so any season without at least a title can be considered a fiasco.

  7. “Knowing him, I think they (the newspaper, editor’s note) called to talk at this moment, to me it doesn’t add up that he was the one who wanted to talk now,” he said as cited by MilanNews.

    Billy, Billy, Billy!
    You don’t think that reporters have been calling Maldini for the past 6 months on daily basis to come out and talk. He picked the time when to talk. He knew exactly what he was doing and when. Don’t blame it on the reporters.
    Even one of his best friends, a Milan legend as well, is questioning the timing.
    Plus as @Nelli said this is not Maldini first time. Talking bad about the fans and the club has been his M.O.
    Talked bad about the fans towards the end of his career that’s why he had a better farewell at Artemio Franchi from Fiorentina fans that at San Siro from Milan fans.
    He talked bad about the club after he retired.
    He talked bad about the club while he was a director, as @Z said, before the UCL semi-final.
    And he is talking bad about the club now.
    Maldini had some praise about Berlusconi in his interview, but he didn’t even find time to pay respect and attend the man’s funeral. A man he closely worked with and knew for 35 some years.
    Curva Sud forgave him once. Who knows if he’ll get that forgiveness for the 2nd time.

    1. The same Curvasud who booed him on his last game. Or the same curva Sud who bashed him as a director despite his successes.

      Anyone who thinks a man who spent his entire life at a club and has bled for it, whose family is a legacy at said club.

      Such folks cannot and should not be taken seriously. So Maldini should jeep quiet while the hate piles on. He is not allowed to talk but the management is.

      The goal post you Maldini detractors use in judgment will never stop moving🤣🙄😒🤦‍♂️

  8. We need such comments from our eternal captain (Maldini).The current injury crisis in the team is a sign of something fundamentally wrong in the technical department that needs to be resolved.
    We need to look inwards and address our challenges.Maldini is a Milan fanatic and I really admire his dedication and love for the team.
    Pioli is doing a great job in Milan despite the circumstances.
    Forza Milan!😍😍😍

    1. “The current injury crisis in the team is a sign of something fundamentally wrong in the technical department that needs to be resolved.”

      I don’t know how long you follow Milan, but Milan has had a lot of injuries for 3,4 years now, not only since Maldini got fired.
      Also, if something was wrong with the “Technical department,” how come the Technical Director Maldini didn’t resolve those problems?
      “Pioli is doing a good job.”
      Pioli training methods and playing style are the main reasons for all the injuries.

  9. Funny, people start bringing up his past as a player when they have no counter arguments for the facts he stated in his interview. Anyone who follows Milan more than last 4 years understands why Paolo had beef with Curva, zio Fester and Silvion at the end of his career. Others, well, keep it coming with your lack of proper arguments. Cry me some more, it’s music to my ears.

    1. Honest question.
      Who is actually crying here?
      Maldini who is crying that he was fired and is not at Milan anymore,
      Maldini fans who are crying that Maldini got fired and is not at Milan anymore,
      Or the rest of Milan fans who loved Maldini the player but give ZERO F*UCKS that Maldini the director, got fired and is not at Milan anymore?
      Who is actually crying here?
      If you are someone that wanted Maldini fired , you have no reason to cry because, guess what, Maldini is still fired.
      The music to your ears that might sound like crying comes from Maldini and his fans.
      Maldini fans took Maldini’s interview as some kind of victory.
      What did Maldini accomplish with this interview?
      Nothing . Disgruntled ex employee upset at his boss for firing him. A cliché.
      He is still fired.

      1. And you keep crying. 🤣😂🤣
        Maldini haters have some energy Sha.

        The strength to hate on him. And acting like the curva Sud forgiveness matters

  10. Oh Billy Boy! You’re surprised by timing? Maybe pull that stunt with the young fans that are clearly in here. But not with the vets. If if do recall you as a player also had some tough words during your playing career when it came to coaches and even management. I believe you once told the media that coaches should have certain time limits and that once the cycle has concluded they should leave…referring specifically to Ancelotti because you weren’t getting game time. You “shot high” in that interview. Yet Ancelotti went on to win the UCL that season and also played you in the last game that season (and your last) – which wasn’t exactly dead rubber and had implications on playing in Europe. And even let you take the penalty as it was your last game after all lol. These guys. it’s like they forget their own selves.

  11. All the Maldini haters keep crying.


    Bunch of whiny babies. Calling a man that he and his father have given their all for Ac Milan a coward and other expletives.


    1. I approve this message. Especially fck the curva part. A bunch of spineless so-called fans. I don’t even call them fans. You can’t be a fan of AC Milan and hate Maldini much less align yourself with entities that have no history with the club. Its quite incredible.

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