Costacurta hits out at Donnarumma over renewal: “Why does he kiss the shirt? It’s annoying”

By Oliver Fisher -

Milan legend Alessandro Costacurta has hit out at Gianluigi Donnarumma’s attitude as the soap opera regarding his renewal continues.

The days are ticking by and the situation surrounding the saga is getting more and more intense as Donnarumma now has less than 90 days left on his current deal, making him free to sign with another club even despite the fact that almost all major sources have claimed he wishes to stay and play in the Champions League with Milan.

He continues to be decisive on the pitch, and made a couple of smart saves during yesterday’s 3-1 win over Parma including an excellent reaction double stop, but now attention has once again turned to his future.

One man who is not happy with the way that Donnarumma is conducting himself is Billy Costacurta, who spent over twenty years with Milan between 1986 and 2007 and knows all about what loyalty means.

“I can’t enter his head because we are different. We used to have agents too, good agents. We decided to stay at Milan without overthinking about it,” Costacurta told Sky (via Football Italia).

“We probably earned less than what we could, but we stayed at Milan. I don’t think Milan can raise their offer, as Maldini said, they have a budget to respect. So, if they find an agreement, they’ll continue together, otherwise no.

“Sincerely, the situation is very clear. I don’t like what Raiola is doing, but who is responsible for this situation? He kisses the shirt, but then it takes so long to sign a contract extension. Why does he kiss the shirt? It’s annoying.

“I may be old-fashioned, but why does he kiss the shirt? Maybe he will also kiss the shirt of his next club. Perhaps I am not intelligent enough, I’d like to see fewer kisses and more concrete actions.”

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  1. Always had a lot of respect for Costacurta, and here i´d like to give him a standing ovation. Litteraly!
    This is exactly what i think about this saga.

    Donna should dump Raiola and he´ll become a club legend, or just move on to another club, and another, and another…

  2. I do agree with you. He should have dumped raiola years ago. It seems like his loyalty is not really with his “boyhood club” that he ‘s been supported all these years. He’s probably after big wages. That’s why his contract renewal has been delayed for months.

  3. and yet we have fans that try to act high and mighty that Dollarumma ‘deserves’ more money and Milan should just make him the 2nd best paid GK in the world because logic

    We dont need these sort of players in the club, if you think we go support City or something

  4. We decided to stay at Milan without overthinking about it.
    We probably earned less than what we could, but we stayed at Milan!

  5. Costacurta just called a spade a spade. Gigio can move out. It’s just that we milan fans have seen so many loyal players and supporters that we hope that the current crop of players will behave similarly. Unfortunately, the current players run after more money. Loyalty is treated as foolishness in the current world. But, let me tell you Donnarumma, no one is irreplaceable. We will find another good player. It’s just that we loved you as our own. In case, you understand this emotion than please get rid off Raiola and extend your contract without any more drama. Coz such transfer uncertainties like yours and others (Hakan) affect the performance of the team on the ground.

  6. Raiola is a selfish agent,but more importantly Donnaruma should have the final say on this contract saga. Billy Castacurta is absolutely correct. What ever Donna becomes Milan made him what he is today. For Raiola what has he done to help him grow? Nothing just to play with the boy’s future.

  7. Come on! Milan dragged his good for nothing brother Antonio to please Gigio. Clearly Gigio thinks Milan is beneath him and he’ll be doing a favor staying at Milan. In that case, we don’t need him. It’s just a shame he leaves for free.

  8. An honest observation from a legend about someone who is very overrated.GD is not worth the wages he wants. Naturally,the question rises who is fueling this level of greed….Is it him or his agent??

  9. Well said and spot on by Billy the Rossoneri legend. No loyalty at all, just a disingenuous dialogue about extending a contract that should have no place in these circumstances. Perhaps an extension is not really on the agenda!

  10. If Donaruma means his kisses to the shirt whom made him who hi is now and support his brother us-well for me he can do only two things to be honoured one sign a contract and tell raiola to get lost which hi can easily do the second if hi won’t to go to repay back all the work milan invested on him hi can sign 2 year contract and go next year for bigger money if hi wishes but be a man to show that milan meant smthing to him . the legend billy costacurta is spot on at what hi said …

  11. It’s a shame that AC Milan have an unloyal captain, that makes contract signing difficult & complicated. It’s a sign of unstable & immaturity person.
    Donnarumma indeed can sign his contract without Raiola acceptance, doesn’t he?
    Give the captain armband to a loyal player.

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