Costacurta implores Milan to consider internal striker solution: “This is a very strong player”

By Oliver Fisher -

Alessandro Costacurta has urged the AC Milan management to trust the forwards they have at their disposal rather than signing another striker for the sake of it.

There are some doubts about how Milan stack up in the No.9 position going into the new season. Olivier Giroud will turn 37, Noah Okafor is perhaps not a like-for-like deputy, Divock Origi has been ousted and Lorenzo Colombo wants to go out on loan.

For this reason, there has been a number of reports linking the Rossoneri with a move for another striker such as Moise Kean from Juventus, Armando Broja from Chelsea or Hugo Ekitike from Chelsea.

One man who thinks that the management shouldn’t be too hasty is Costacurta, as the former defender spoke during a segment on Sky last night (via Radio Rossonera) in which he was asked about whether his former team need a striker.

The host Alessandro Bonan asked: “Why doesn’t Milan bet on a young man like Colombo? Or why not carve out the role of deputy Giroud for him?”

The reply from Costacurta: “If Milan don’t bet definitively on him there will obviously be some reason. It may be that he is not considered good enough. Today I saw Italy-Switzerland 1-1 again, and I studied Okafor’s movements. But are we sure that he can’t do well?

“Why, is there anyone who even doubts that he can play as a centre-forward? I say this because I want to open a controversial discussion, is it possible? I saw that match: guys, this is a very strong player, yes, a centre-forward.

“Also because he is not small, let’s try asking Bonucci and Acerbi, who were central defenders in that match. If we want to be honest he is more of a centre-forward than Kean.”

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  1. I think the same. Kean is the worse idea they have had yet. Unproven 24 year old that is worse than players already in the team.

    1. True. Lets go with Okafor for that role. I dont See him Just as a deputy for leao…
      And i dont want, that we play some loan player like Kean or Broja while okafor is sitting on the bench.

  2. Liverpool won PL and CL with Mane-Bobby-Salah. Ancelotti started preseason and this season with a win playing 4312 with Vini-Rodrygo duo. Non of these are real CF’s yet it works.

    Leao-Okafor-Chuk would create a havoc for any defence. Pulisic-Giroud(Keane)-Romero alternative also strong.

    But without a proper DM all this won’t be enough.

    1. Yeah agreed. I think we have added enough attackers, let’s see what they can do.
      Okafor/Colombo can do a job there.

      I also think we have youth team players who can give us depth at CB and full back positions.

      DM is where I think all our focus should be, none of it works without a good DM if we play 433.

    1. What the hell are you talking about? How do you think those who actually do know what they are talking about judge players?
      Here is a hint, you watch replays and focus on that player, not the game.

      1. Yes, the people whose Job is to judge, analyze players.
        Costacurta is getting paid to do that.
        If you are just a fan and sit and watch a replay of a whole game where a player Milan is interested in plays, you have to sit and really evaluate your priorities.
        Not highlights but a whole game replay just because you read somewhere that Milan is interested in a certain player.
        Costacurta is a TV pundit. He gets paid to know all these players .

  3. From the moment Pioli started asking for another strike it was clear he is confused. A striker should be the least of our troubles having signed Okafor and with the proper talks and assurances Colombo would stay.

    1. It’s quite telling. I’m trying to figure out now what’s the whole communication process for getting players. Does Pioli not have more say or not?
      It seems like they bought a player, doesn’t suit Pioli’s needs and now we’re looking for another striker? Who’s fault is this? The Scout or the coach or both? It’s either they’re shoving players down Pioli’s throat or Pioli asks for a player, gets him, realizes they’re not suitable for him, does not play him and then asks for another player. Something’s not right here.

      1. He is definetly come as rebic replacement, mainly as backup for Leao (that can play as striker) thats why Pioli want another ST as backup for Giroud or maybe the starter one… If Billy has another idea its part of his job as panelists… But if Pioli want another striker than its his right to ask…

  4. Seems to me that Italian football is little to dogmatic and this has led to its decline. Would this old guard have played Messi as a false nine? Or even Henry ? The nine can be many things. Catch up.

  5. The only thing we are missing is the formation I have watch some couples of games Pioli opted the 4-3-3 but I realised that some players we sign are not used to 4-3-3 tactically but are used to the 4-2-3-1 formation in the 4-3-3 leao and Pulisic struggling to adapt to that system during the analysis so this is the best time for Pioli to go back to that formation that has helped the team enough. Is better pulisic play from 10 then leao left wing then chukwueze right wing

  6. I mean, I don’t think it’s a bad start. Origi clearly isn’t going anywhere and can’t possibly be as bad as last season. So why not stick with the forwards we already have? just use Oli sparingly.

    Our goal threats wouldn’t just come from the forwards, but from the wingers and midfield as well since they all seem capable of scoring.

  7. Spot on Billy.

    I’d like to see us start Okafor over Giroud, and let him be less focal with Rafa and Chuk pulling defenders about and creating space (it was too easy for opponents to overload the box last year with all our threat coming from one place).

    If we loan Colombo out this year to loan someone else just as raw as him in, I don’t think he’ll ever get his chance.

  8. Okafor deserves to start upfront. Give Giroud the impact striker role that he loves (and needs at his age). Gives our attack much more ‘poke’; Pulisic is left cover for Leao anyway and we have plenty of firepower on the right now. Just need the DM position sorted now.

  9. Make sense but it’s time consuming. Now. If pioli smart enough, he should bring Colombo in in every game, let him play for 20 or more minutes. But this to be dine after Milan scores and secure the game not while Milan is down!

  10. Pulisic LW, leao CF, chukeweze RW. Id like to see that in a game. Keep columbo. Hopefully okafor can shine. Giroud is good but needs ten attempts to score one in most games. Thats gotta stop this season.

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