Criscitiello: Conte and De Zerbi see Milan job as ‘an honour’ – club guilty of ‘madness’

By Oliver Fisher -

Sportitalia director Michele Criscitiello has criticised the AC Milan ownership for perceived confusion regarding their process of hiring a new head coach, revealing some information about two potential candidates.

Milan are looking for the right man to replace Stefano Pioli and the latest name in the frame is Roberto De Zerbi after the previous links to Julen Lopetegui, Sergio Conceicao, Paulo Fonseca and others.

Brighton announced on Friday that they will part ways with their boss at the end of the season after two years together, meaning that the 2-0 defeat to Manchester United yesterday was his last game in charge.

SportMediaset reported today that there have been contacts between the Rossoneri and De Zerbi’s entourage in the last few hours to understand whether the conditions exist to move forward.

Criscitiello spoke during his weekly column for Sportitalia and he began by talking about De Zerbi’s decision to leave Brighton and how that might change Milan’s approach.

“Behind his choice there is no Bayern, Milan, Barcelona, ​​Juve or United. There is just a different idea of ​​football that no longer matches that of the club. He leaves and doesn’t look at the money. Unique on this planet,” he said.

“Now he will wait for the project he likes, the team he likes and he will not, as always, choose a lot to coach. He accepted Brighton due to the characteristics of the players and said no to Bologna because at that moment Sinisa was ill and didn’t feel like taking his place after the dismissal of the former Bologna coach.

“The real madness is Milan: you have the opportunity and the right and involuntary fit to take De Zerbi and go for Fonseca who promises to be a Garcia-Napoli encore. Fonseca is an excellent coach but Milan must understand that they need experience and knowledge.

“Fonseca is one of the many wrong names that Milan are following. Now the former Roma manager is back in pole position but if you want to fight with Juventus’ evolution and want to stop Inter’s growth you can’t do it with Fonseca and gambling.

“In this Milan we need certainties and if the club is not able to provide them they must say so publicly. If Conte and De Zerbi let you know that going to Milanello would be an honour for them and you don’t even have a chat, it means that you haven’t understood the value of the Rossoneri club.”

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  1. Well said. “In this Milan we need certainties and if the club is not able to provide them they must say so publicly – that’s what I have been saying here since 3-4 months. That’s why most of us are angry – words from Gerry about wining , investing and all the other bs he has been speaking , and then this chaos with actually the real direction of the club( coach wise , director wise , transfer wise). Just have some balls and tell the fans what actually our direction is gonna be from now on and end this agony!!

    1. The thing is that in financess speculations affect the stock market. So they will never be clear, they will always try to boost the stocks with falls enthusiasam and so on. Its how this people operate.

  2. Serious questions for current management supporter’s. Why do you continue to support guys like furlani and gerry who will continue to lie to us and are satisfied with losing to inter and finishing top 4

    1. What are they lying about? Seriously what issues do you have aside from believing whatever bulls*** is written by some hack pretending to have sources. You mad because the bandwagon you jumped on isn’t fast enough? All you nerds are the same all talk no substance. Your perspective is warped and detached. Redbird has done more for Milan in 1 year than Berlusconi did in the last ten of his ownership. I seriously doubt you complainers were even following Milan during the banter era. Berlusconi lied, all these redbird guys have done is stabilize a very weak club.

      1. My question might sound sarcastic at the beginning and that was on me, but I’m genuinely interested in hearing your opinions.”Redbird has done more for Milan in 1 year than Berlusconi did in the last ten of his ownership”. Redbird didn’t do anything special except inherit an already good project.
        “All these redbird guys have done is stabilize a very weak club”. I’d argue they did the opposite by destroying an already structured management and giving the keys to furlani who doesn’t have experience of any sort in the world of football, moncada who’s a head scout, hired d otavio for god knows what and brought back ibra who we don’t even know what his role actually is.

    2. All managers lie, Berlu and especially Galliani lied all the time, you cannot make your plans obvious in the world of football.

      Bitching about top 4 in one of the toughest leagues in the world is bizarre. Not even Inter will flat out ask for a Scudetto.

  3. I’d have more respect for gerry if he stops lying and stops thinking we are stupid/fickle and just say “I want to build a stadium asap and sell the club”.

    1. Even if that wete true it greatly improves us, doesn’t it? Even Berlusconi couldn’t get a stadium done and he was frigging PM of Italy….

      1. Is he going to take the money out of his pocket or what ? He’s gonna take a loan for it. How long until this loan gets payed and this stadium actually starts working for us?? If he stays after he builds it, which I doubt, it will pass 5-6 years at least until he repays it plus the time to build it – you do the math when we will be competitive again 🤡

  4. Fonseca is certainly not my choice, but what is this Conte puppet talking about?
    What certainties does Conte or De Zerbi provide?
    De Zerbi teams play attractive football but I don’t think he has won anything. The highest place he ever achieved with Sassuolo was 8th while Motta most likely will finish 3rd.
    The only certainty that Conte provides is whinning, complaining, acting like a lunatic and either quiting or getting fired in his 2nd season at the club.
    Since they missed on Motta because they were sleeping at the wheel and still believing in that fraud Pioli just like many fans in here, go get Conceicao. He is a proven coach in Europe. Used to work under pressure at Porto, play solid football both offensively and defensively, and his teams were doing pretty good in UCL.

  5. Unai Emery was the dream.
    Personally I still feel Motta, Conte, DeZerbi in order of priority…
    But let’s see what happens.

  6. it al depends if the club are basing the appointment on economics or football. Most of the coaches being linked would be punching above their weight with Milan but will grab the opportunity and be a yes man. Those who deserve a job like Milan will rightly want to have a say in transfers

  7. Now we will soon see the true ambition of our ownership.

    Do we appoint a coach like Fonseca who hardly rates as better than Pioli??

    Do we go with established coaches that have won like Conte or Tuchel or Xavi??

    Or do we go with young and bright tactical minds like Motta and De Zebri??

    We shall see. But wouldn’t get our hopes up too high. Established coaches cost $$ and demand transfer spends – so that rules them out. We waited too long on Motta and looks to be headed to Juve. De Zebri should be the logical choice given his style of play and being a Milan product – but we won’t pay that 15M fee (as reports say it still applies). Shame

    So that leaves us with Fonseca LOL.

    Like I said, don’t get your hopes up high with Redbird.

    1. I think u put Xavi in the wrong category there.
      The only name I agree with mentioned so far is Hansi Flick. Other than him, Conte will do. We must be ambitious, Zerbi has to prove that his tactics can win titles. That is his next step(in a new club) before he comes to Milan

  8. Established coaches like Xavi? He parachuted in to Barcelona and hasn’t exactly revolutionised them. To be fair, the club is being run like a basket case for the last decade, but he’s hardly more established than Pioli.

    Conte is only proven to fall out with players and complain about his board. If the team was full of stars and needed that last push to win, sure, but we’re not and he’d leave it worse than he found it.

    And Tuchel will probably be waiting on the Man Utd job.

    Motta is gone and I would like to see De Zerbi but I certainly don’t think he’s any sort of guarantee of doing any better than 2nd in the league and comes with a lot of risk.

    It doesn’t matter who you name, they’re not going to be this magical step forward and the worrying thing is it doesn’t feel like the club actually have an idea about what they want to do

  9. Fonseca will the worst mistake Milan had ever made since it’s existence….. He’s two coaching account in Seria A failed woefully and he was sacked in both before the end of season.

  10. Period!

    Why blaming Pioli since you don’t equipped him like how Inter & Juve did to their coaches.

    Equip him if he fails then you take measures. I stil believe he will do well with quality team

  11. Fonseca will the worst mistake Milan had ever made since it’s existence….. He’s two coaching account in Seria A failed woefully and he was sacked in both before the end of season… If the Management idea is to wrestle dominance from Inter, win trophy and mark in Europe.

  12. fonseca = conceicao = lopetegui = same/ maybe worse than Pioli,
    deZerbi know serieA better than that 3, play attractive football, never manage better squad than what Pioli has here, so he has chance.
    for conte, if we can get him, mean we can get Klopp/ Carletto/ Pep, conte/ mou has big coach ego but less quality

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