Criscitiello critical of unambitious Milan leadership: “A club with two souls”

By Oliver Fisher -

Michele Criscitiello has criticised those in charge of AC Milan for what he perceives to be ‘confusion’ regarding the plans for an important summer.

A crucial few weeks awaits for Giorgio Furlani, Geoffrey Moncada, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the rest of the leaders as they look to put the pieces in place that will allow Milan to challenge for the Scudetto next season.

Seeing rivals Inter celebrate the title during the home derby was a painful sight for the fans and it will not have been lost on the ownership what a bitter blow it is, especially given they got the second star first too.

It is looking more and more like Paulo Fonseca will arrive as the new head coach to replace Stefano Pioli, something that seems to have sharpened the pen of Criscitiello who repeatedly stated that Antonio Conte should be the manager hired.

He spoke in an editorial for Sportitalia and he dedicated a segment to Milan, aiming some harsh words at the management.

“Milan are worried. Not because of the timing, that’s not a problem. There is too much confusion and it seems like a club with two souls. I may be wrong, I hope I’m wrong,” he said.

“As said a year ago, after the unexpected sale of Tonali, the club could sell a 90 piece [a €90m player] every year. We’ll see. It’s not the problem of who leaves but who arrives.

“The club cannot make a mistake with the coach, the striker cannot be wrong (two strong ones would be needed) and they need four reinforcements worthy of Milan and not an experimental Milan.

“Whoever decided to invest in this club must understand that Milan must aim to win the Champions League. You can lose it but you have to have it as your goal. Here, not only is the objective not to aim to win the Champions League but only to participate.

“We are not talking, with all due respect, about Bologna who, if they qualify for the Champions League, will go to the streets to celebrate. Milan must return to Berlusconi’s levels. Not right away but they have to.

“The path taken does not seem to be the right one and if the navigator has gone crazy it is right not to change just the Nav but the whole ship.”

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  1. Absolutely. The problem is there is nobody who understands what Milan is. Zlatan doesn’t even because he wasn’t here when Milan were simply invincible. World football needs a strong Milan to keep Madrid in check, we knocked them off their perch in the 5-0 hammering in 89 and then their galacticos fell foul to our early 2000s side.

    Red bird don’t care, they are bankers and business people, the history of Milan is irrelevant to them.

    Actions will tell if I’m right. Inter who are in crisis renew their two best players and we who are ‘strong’ are allegedly contemplating selling the best LB and one of the worlds best goalkeepers.

    Plus as expected the more time that goes by, the big names we were linked to all come along and unlink themselves.

    1. I’m not sure you understand what Milan currently is. I was around in our glory days, and those days are gone. Living in the dream is not helpful at best and delusional at worst….

      All clubs change (see Nottingham Forest, Red Star Belgrade, etc) … heck even Real Madrid was not in its best shape when we played them in 89… in fact by then it had been about 30 years that it hadn’t won CL, and it took until early 2000s when got the ‘cheating’ boost from Spain government (elimination of debt, etc) that allowed it to invest even more heavily. So yeah, Real Madrid = first state-invested club way before PSG and M.City.

      1. well you are correct in part. I refuse to ever acknowledge being anything other than one of europes super clubs. Red Star and Forest are not relevant comparisons, Forest came from nowhere for a brief time under a genius….. Milan have been one of the worlds elite clubs from the get go. Clubs like Red Star suffered from the nonsense champions league format which drove out champions of countries like Red Star, Steaua Bucharest, and even the likes of Ajax to a point in favour of second, third and forth place teams from the so called big leagues… i have a huge issue with that too but that is for a different time.

        It is not delusional to expect Milan to be at the top of the tree. Other legacy clubs do it, sure they have down times, but we are not being run with the attittude to win. The choice of coach evidences that, if Theo is sold that also evidences it. This seems to be a financial project which is what i would expect from bankers. Just read Redbirds website…its all there.

        Madrid and it’s finaces are an unchecked farce, you are right, they are state owned….by Royalty and seemingly not forced to comply. Remember they sold the training ground to raise funds and then got it back for free…..they weren’t bad in 89 they won 5 la ligas and 2 UEFA cups (which meant something back then), it was a shift and statement from Milan. The gulf between the European Cup and the UEFA cup wasnt big in the 80s

  2. I don’t understand why there are still so many fans ‘caring’ about Milan so much…

    Last season and whole actions from the ownership already showed that they are ‘just doing business’

    Never invest yourself emotionally more than owners.

    Care about your job, health, spend time with ur family… They are the one we should care about. This greedy owners care only about their pocket and profit. Not about club or results. (Not as much as you think)

    1. yes well said, but everything is compartmentalised. Football is largely bread and circuses, but it still matters to a point. Those things you mention are far more important

    2. That is a weird comment to make, a bit condescending and narrow minded imo. Football is the number one sport in the world, not all the fans are jobless and without family. Nobody is chained at the entrance of Casa Milan or organising a hunger strike. This is a website about Milan so of course we speak about Milan. Also we could see a few days ago in the comment section that people are much more concerned with politics haha

  3. This is sensible dialogue. I’m not sure if the management or ownership recognise the importance.
    The recoil upon Inter from ACM should be made crystal clear across Europe.

  4. You know what stood out when Madrid won the champions league this weekend?
    Mourinho said, it’s because they have such a simple structure.
    It’s Papa P at the top, his assistant (forgot the name) and Ancelloti.
    Said it’s a simple structure, they meet, decide and act. Move on.
    It made me envious cause I honestly don’t think any of us know how a player is bought or sold. We can speculate on what the process is, but this thing of having 3 heads seems so tedious! It just screams uncertainty. I don’t want to bash the management at every corner because it has worked many times but there will come a time when those 3 heads will clash… and when that time comes, the media will sniff around, and I’m afraid of the results.
    Too many chefs…
    Forza milan

    1. the main priority at Madrid is that Madrid win, and that nothing and that means nothing ever becomes more important than the club. I don’t like them as they seem to be subject to FFP and they always seem to get the rub of the green with decisions….they also got outplayed in the quarter final v City, Semi v Bayern and the final and still managed to win….

      However I am envious that Perez holds that club in such high esteem above all else, he is apparently putting in place mechanisms so that it can never be bought by foreign ownership. Every other club is now a corporate toy to be handed around by oil barons, nation states, bankers and corporations

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