Criscitiello suggests Milan are observing Serie A boss as potential Pioli successor

By Euan Burns -

Journalist Michele Criscitiello has suggested that AC Milan are keeping a close eye on another Serie A manager who could take over from Stefano Pioli in the future. 

The Sportitalia broadcaster (via Radio Rossonera) explained that Milan are actually already looking for the next coach to take over from Pioli in the event that form does not improve in the coming weeks and months.

The coach in question is Bologna’s Thiago Motta, who has been doing extremely well with the Rossoblu and is getting plenty of plaudits for taking them to sixth in Serie A.

Their last win was a 2-0 triumph over Torino at the Stadio Renato dall’Ara. The former Inter and Paris Saint-Germain midfielder is being watched by a number of clubs and Milan are said to be one of them.

They are now pushing to qualify for the European places in Serie A which would be a superb season result. That is unlikely to happen if Motta is poached.

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  1. He is a former interista himself so if he were to get hired people would still incessantly complaint that our coach is out to get us.

      1. Gio he propably would but my point here is that people will keep complaining and not to forget he has never won anything as a coach compared to Pioli who actually has a scudetto win regardless of how people wants to twist and turn it.
        Parts of AC Milans fan base nowadays is so toxic that some are worse than our enemies.

          1. The case here is that milan suporters often say he isnt a champion and he never won anything yadda yadda yadda. In regard of your baldy comment well your time will come too 😛

          1. generally speaking some deffently are and doesn’t really seem to serve any purpose other than complaining for the sake of it,

        1. The Scudetto victory was made possible by Zlatan’s grit and determination. There is no one more deaf and stubborn than the person who refuses to understand that. Even with Gatuso and Zlatan, we would have won the Scudetto. Pioli had almost nothing to do with it.

          1. If you say so and wants to keep sounding like a broken record then its your choice to do so but that doesn’t make it correct though and its also on top of it downright disrespectful towards everyone involved in the win. Did he play his part in the scudetto `? absolutely he did his part but so did others. so come on that narative of some of you is ridiculous.

    1. I personally think Italiano could be a good choice if we are looking at an Italian manager but my personal favourite would be the OGC Nice manager.

      1. Boh seems like viable candidates and even motta as well but for the time being i have a hard time seeing the point of sacking pioli as we are not even half way through the season, Add to that we are six points off of inter who in the following weekend will play against napoli in naples so that could easily be shortened down to 3 or 4 points after the weekend. Juventus is currently 4 points ahead and will meet monza away on saturday and they have previously had issues with them so that lead of theirs might also be further slimmed down after the weekends results but obviously aso depending on how we fare.
        Either way even if we were to not to progress from cl i would be hesitant to sack our coach as it could easily cause more disruption than success,

        1. I also think that firing Pioli now would cause more problems. And I don’t want a hissing solution either. It’s better to bring in the Right coach after the end of the season with the potential to have many years of success.
          I also think that the club management sees it the same way and will stay with Pioli as long as he doesn’t completely screw it up

          1. Absolutely Gio and i fully agree with eveything you said in the event that the management want a new coach at the helm of the club.

        2. I think people need to understand Pioli is currently our manager and has a very good relationship with your players. Those who love to throw names like De Zerbi need to understand the synergy can’t be developed overnights, some of our players have been with Pioli for a long time now, and they trust him.
          I also agree with them that we should look at options for post-Pioli era, but currently this is not what we should focus on.

          1. I agree Doki and consistency and coherency is deffently a very important thing to consider.
            If we look at piolis tenure at the cub and forget about whoever we want to see fielded or what formation or style of play we want he has done an impeccable job minus the last month and the month of january 2023 at least in the period after the 5-0 loss against atalanta in 2020. I for one doubt that many coaches and even the more high profiled ones included would have been able to do a better job so for me the risk of sacking him compared to keeping him exceeds the latter.
            Wins and points will always come first for me even if we sometimes wins ugly matches the end result is the most important thing.
            When that is said i would love us to get de zerbi later on but that seems unlikely to happen for the time being. Gio’s suggestions wasnt bad ones though.

          2. “Those who love to throw names like De Zerbi need to understand the synergy can’t be developed overnights, some of our players have been with Pioli for a long time now, and they trust him.”

            Yeah, but… No one is going forward. None of the players are developing under Pioli now and the team(play) is taking steps BACK. One good match in two last months. Is that a good thing? Synergy this, synergy that. If the players were happy that would show on the pitch. The performances have been awful.

            So… Everyone should just admit that getting a new coach next summer should be the main focus here. We’re not going to go forwards with the current staff. It has been bloody evident for quite some times now. Most players are getting worse (Theo, Kalulu etc.). Time for a change. I don’t think Motta is the perfect choice but I’d rather see him in charge than “good old Pioli” with zero new ideas and tactics.

            And sure, Pioli won the scudetto as the coach but was he the leader? No. It was Zlatan. He guided & whipped the team forwards. Without him? Just soulless performances with one exception in 2 months. And that was probably ‘cos the players didn’t want to lose to Dollarumma at home. 😛

          3. bb sort of a truth with modifications as we actually played pretty good against napoli and lecce but completely whent downspiraling in the second half of both matches.
            Add to that we have also been completely mared with injuries besides of that in those two month a month of it has pretty much been scheduled for international matches if my memory serves me right on that.
            Im not against the notion that we scout the market for potential new coaches at least if they have the potential to do better,but to say its all been basicaly bad for two months isnt really correct as i see it either,

        3. I think we’re underperforming and a lot of it has to do with Pioli, but as things stand I think it’s unlikely that he will get sacked mid-season. Even if we crash out of the groups. The minimum requirements are to qualify for the CL and he’s meeting them as we’re in 3rd. I think this conversation is more for the summer, when we need to take a hard look at our progression as a club, and the progression of the individual players. Some don’t agree, but the fact is we finished 5th last season, based on wins, draws and losses. We went from 1st to 5th. Then this season we’ve lost to two of the three fellow title contenders (Inter and Juventus) and failed to beat a struggling Napoli, plus points dropped to the likes of Udinese and Lecce, plus we not being able to close the deal in matches in which we were in control in the CL against Dortmund and Newcastle. So yeah, given our league position, sacking Pioli now might rock the boat too much, but my mind is almost made up as to a coaching change in the summer.

          1. Scrutinizing is part of the game but it deffently shouldnt be a risky move when we are still in the top 3 and still can win the scudetto. Yes we might have ended up in 5th but where would juventus have ended if they hadnt been able to buy players due t their cheating so thats a narative that i simply doesnt agree with and the verdict pretty much proves my point. If the managment isnt happy about the clubs and players development in june then fine they can make their choices and thats fine, The matches against newcastle and dortmund should have been won but its not like piioli kept missing chances after the other and yes he fields them but truth be told this team certainly still has its limitations.

          2. I don’t think Juventus would have been that affected. If anything maybe no Ronaldo or Vlahovic, it’s not like they spend 100m every transfer window, but they are showing they can get it done with smart purchases and belief in their primavera and…wait for it….A SYSTEM that wins. Allegri’s football isn’t pretty, but it’s effective and they’re challenging for the title having done thing this transfer window.

          3. Sacking Pioli should be put on the table if we don’t get at least 7-8 wins in the next 10 leagues matches. Look at the schedules and there’s so many “must win”-battles coming up. I mean “easy” matches. No TOP-5 opponents. Those are the “make it or break it”-matches. Drop too many points here and it’ll be a nightmare to get back into the TOP4.

            So… Even if I think Pioli should continue until the summer, that would/could/should change if the rest of the year doesn’t go well. We need points. That’s all that matters. One perfect half and one bad half don’t cut it if we don’t win e.g. Frosinone. Wins are essential.

    2. So was Mihaijlovic, and the fans adored him. I don’t think where he played has any weight. But the fact that coaching Bologna has less pressure than coaching Milan might be an issue…

      1. i wasnt opposing a former inter player or coach for that matter but people around here has also previously implied that when we played badly that because pioli had coached inter that he had ulterior motives hence my comment in regard of that. Absolutely coaching bologna is a different matter than milan but that doesnt necessarily exclude sccess either but certainly doesnt offer any guarantees either.

  2. Motta has Bruno’s full support.

    Plays a tactically disciplined, defensively stable style, but it’s capable of expansion as we’re seeing with Bologna this season (he hasnt had the attacking players before now). There’ll be a point Orsolini, Salemakers, Zirkzee, Ferguson and Ndoye are all available for a decent run that we’ll see something even better.

    He makes players better and genuinely good. Zirkzee is on fire. Calafiori is a left back who’s been developed as a left sided CB in a back 4 and he’ll snapped up on big money soon. He looks great.

    Motta was great at Spezia which fell in a hole post Motta.

    He’s got that aura about him, too. That something Palladino, Italiano and even DeZerbi seem to lack. He was gun player but I think it’s also his size. Like Klopp, that towering presence on the sideline is magnetic.

    Very, very good coach. Would be perfect to grow with Milan.

  3. This would be a smart move, the man has been incredible, nevermind what some fans think, we’ve had Mihajlovic who was an inter player, some of our greatest club legends are former Inter players like Pirlo, Seedorf and Ibra, so don’t understand the complaints, professionalism is what counts, and Motta has that in bucket loads, if it happens I’d be very pleased, his body of works speaks for itself as a coach. Make it happen.

  4. The 5 best coaches to replace Pioli are:

    #1. Xabi Alonso who is the current coach for Bayer Leverkusen.

    #2. Francesco Farioli who is currently the coach of Nice. He was also the assistant coach at sassuolo under Di Zerbi.

    #3. Michel who is the currently the coach of in La Liga.

    #4. Sarri who will leave Lazio next season. He would do better with the players we have currently than Pioli.

    #5. Motta who is not a bad option but he’s not much of an upgrade in my opinion to Pioli.

    1. I dont think that we can get Xabi Alonso, but it would be very nice. But I See him more at Liverpool or Real Madrid.

      Farioli could be a nice option. he is Young and italian.

      De Zerbi would be a dream

    2. At the moment Milan cannot afford a renowned coach for two reasons:
      Firstly, it’s not financially feasible, given that the sacking of Pioli and a large part of his staff will be costly in terms of compensation.

      Secondly, it is not wise to bring in a foreign coach to Milan’s environment in the middle of a championship.

      The solution would therefore be to secure the services of either Bonera or Abate, backed up by Zlatan, with the aim of finishing the season in the top 4 and securing a place in the Champions League.
      At the end of the season, we will have the luxury of discussing the choice of a world-class coach or not.

    3. Once again, 3-5-2 preferring coaches should be disqualified as that formation change would require another 200m summer, the departure of 3-4 major players and the arrival of 4-5 major players in different positions. We’d have to get rid of Leao, Chukwueze, Pulisic and possible Okafor, while we’d need to bring in a second striker, two central midfielders (one attacking, one defensive), at least one CB, if not two (as Kjaer seems to be done), and a right wingback. Add to that the no. 9 and leftback/left wingback we already need and we have another summer revolution our hands. No no no. Just bring in someone who uses 4-3-3/4-2-3-1, add the two or three missing pieces currently and carry on.

      1. Nah. We have 352 capabilities. All we need for that is a healthy cb (notice how i didn’t say a new cb).
        And yes the wingers, mainly leao and chuck would get the short stick.. but if it is for the “greater” good of Milan fuçk em.
        The way football is evolving we will need to adapt to a 3 man backline sooner or later.

  5. I have been saying since last season that Milan should sack Pioli if they want to get to the next level. He is stubborn and lack ideas and clear tactics during games. The excuse last year was that we lack quality players in some positions. New players were brought in but the same mistakes keep being repeated. Someone should answer me. Why does he always likes to field Calabria when it is evident he is not effective and makes milan to concede goals? The same applied to Tonali until Newcastle came for him. Pioli was always fielding him when it was clear he was always loosing balls in midfield and giving wrong passes. It’s time for change.

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