Defensa Central: Milan among seven teams offered Cristiano Ronaldo by Mendes

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are one of the clubs who have been offered the chance to sign Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United in January, a report claims.

According to Defensa Central, Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes is ‘going crazy’ in a bid to try and find new accommodation for his client, and he has tested the waters with a number of different clubs around Europe.

The report states that Roma, Napoli, Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle United have all been contacted by Mendes, as well as Milan and Inter. The idea of a return to Real Madrid has been mentioned, but Los Blancos will not show even the ‘slightest interest’ as they consider his chapter with the club closed.

Nonetheless, Cristiano’s situation in Manchester is ‘unsustainable’ and he wants to leave in January ‘under any circumstances’. Even though he is 37 years old, he wants to continue at an ‘elite’ level until he retires.

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  1. The media thinks that clubs are calling Mendes for Cristiano when they talk to him. He represents 10s, maybe 100s of players. Nobody wants CR7.
    Plus moving to those mentioned clubs will not change his playing situation. He will still be a bench player.
    The only one calling Mendes for Cristiano is MLS

    1. Who saved MANUTD last season? Who was best manutd scorer last season? Without CR7, MANUTD wouldn’t play in Europa league this season.

  2. Z, how would Cristiano be a bench player for AC Milan? That is nonsense. He would be a quality player for any team. It is just Ten Hag who has lost his mind benching him. Hag does not deserve having Cristiano in his squad

    1. Because Milan already has players who are more suited to the Milan style of play than CR7. Giroud, Origi, Rebic and don’t forget Zlatan will be back in January.
      CR7 was a great player , he isn’t that anymore but he thinks he is. We already have one delusional, way past his prime, old player in our squad with an enormous ego. We don’t need another one. Plus Cristiano has been causing problems in clubs since he left RMadrid.
      Cristiano cannot play as a lone striker up top and he definitely can’t play on the wings because he hasn’t run back since he left RMadrid.
      Milan needs a young striker, who will press, run and score goals. Not someone who just stands and makes angry gesticulations.
      Keep him and his agent away from Milan.
      And you are right Ten Hag doesn’t deserve Cristiano in his squad, he deserves much better

      1. Milan needs young striker like Zlatan?
        Cr7 is much better than Zlatan. You write bullsh.. He alone saved MANUTD Last year. And scored 24 goals. He was goalscorer in premiere league

    2. 37, wants a smoll fortune in wages and cant play as a striker, dont need him for the wing position (2 old for it anyway).. yeah he’d be on the bench. In most clubs who are aiming for trophies. O and the ego, dont get mi started on the ego. Only thing cr7 can offer now is the name, the brand and for that he is asking way 2 much.

      1. Milan needs young striker like Zlatan?
        Cr7 is much better than Zlatan. You write bullsh.. He alone saved MANUTD Last year. And scored 24 goals. He was goalscorer in premiere league

    3. CR7 has pass is prime! He can’t create chances anymore or make run, Milan don’t need him, neither Man utd or Portugal national team

  3. I’d rather have CR7 for this season rather than Messias or Saelemaekers. Just needs to have a reasonable salary, not his currently ridiculous one.

    1. What does CR7 has to do with Messias and Saelemakers?
      Is he going to play on the right side and run back when the other team has possession?
      The only spot where CR7 can play for Milan is up top and he won’t do a good job because he is not a n9.

      1. He actually has quality in his feet, whereas messias and Saelemaekers are like blind squirrels randomly having a good play here and there. He’s not an RW but I bet he’s a better RW than those 2. At least he’s a winner.

        1. Sure he have quality for his feet but he’s not a team player nor he fits with Pioli strategy.

          In other word, for Pioli, Messias and Alexis are still far more useful than Ronaldo.

  4. Ac milan don’t need CR7 in any form, he has nothing to offer. We Zlatan which has less than a year to leave the club.

  5. And no one wants him anymore

    – Very high salary despite his performances is far from his best
    – Not a team player
    – Bad attitude

    His golden days already finished and Mendes is delusional if any club wants to pay €20-25 million /year for Ronaldo.

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