Cristiciello: Conte moving towards Milan – why salary and mercato are ‘not a problem’

By Oliver Fisher -

The Antonio Conte to AC Milan rumours are doing the rounds again, and Michele Criscitiello has outlined how things might go if he were to arrive.

Earlier in the week, Luca Momblano did a segment live on Telelombardia in which he claimed that Conte has reached a verbal agreement to take over at Milan, and since then the rumours have gone into overdrive again.

Sportitalia director Michele Criscitiello has always been adamant that Conte is a serious option to replace Pioli, and now he has provided an update on the situation during a piece he did live on television.

As PianetaMilan relay, the CEO and director of SportItalia was asked by a fan if Conte will be the next head coach of Milan, and Cristiciello revealed his belief that things are going that way.

Then, pressed with a more specific question regarding how a club like Milan can satisfy the requests of someone like Conte with the policy it has in terms of wages and the mercato, he addressed the point.

“First of all, my reasoning is that Conte doesn’t mind this current team, and Milan have estimated that they must sign at least four players in the next summer window,” he began.

“Conte knows that the club cannot take four players on eight million [net per season] wages each. As you know very well Inter no longer need a coach, Juventus too, and with the alternatives being Roma and Napoli his priority is Milan.

“Obviously he wants strong players. He might have some guarantees on the player’s identikit, but since he is not stupid, he knows very well that Milan’s situation is not like that of Tottenham and he knows very well that things in Italy have changed.

“Therefore, he wants the four players – two defenders, a midfielder, a striker who becomes two if Olivier Giroud leaves – to have certain characteristics.

“And I believe that the meeting point on the transfer market is not a problem, just as I believe that it is not a problem even from the point of view of salary.

“Milan knows that they have to spend more, but starts from a good base. And at the same time, Conte knows that he cannot ask for 12 million euros a year to coach a team in Italy.

“For this reason, if there is a serious and concrete will from the parties and especially at this moment everything seems to be going in that direction, the agreement could be made not now, but in a month or so. Between the end of February and the beginning of March.”

We took a look back at the highs and lows of Pioli’s nearly five-year tenure so far during a recent feature, while in the meantime the newspapers continue to churn out the names of potential replacements.

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    1. @MBM. Actually, Cardinale mentioned before that he is a big fan of Conte. So if Pioli leaves which I believe he will then Conte is the most likely coach to replace him.

      It will be too risky to appoint a coach below Pioli’s level like Motta, Italiano or Farioli.

  1. Stop printing this nonsense. Nobody wants him here. This is just Conte’s media buddies trying to push this move onto Milan. It’s pathetic. Guys like Conte and Mourinho are the past not the future.

    1. Haha yeah it’s true. Even I who is not convinced Pioli is the right coach moving forward must admit that the grass isn’t always greener. As glaring as his flaws are it’s easier to find a worse coach than a better one.

    2. Pioli won’t leave now he’s is safe because management do not have the strength to make decisions. A good example is the January transfer where Milan management fell into a black hole and can not climb out.
      No new blood, No leadership, No coach with strategy.
      The cracks opened up long before CL ask Capello, and Braidea. Pioli will lead Milan to the land of despair.

  2. “And I believe that the meeting point on the transfer market is not a problem,”

    Yeah , it’s not a problem until he gets the job and then it will become a daily problem after he gets the job with his constant complaining and whining.
    This is more a case of Conte wanting Milan than Milan actually wanting Conte. The egomaniac wants to be the first coach to win a scudetto with all 3 big Italian clubs. He will win one in year 1 or 2 and then he will quit.
    Give me Motta- Zirkzee.

    1. haha this is by far the best comment. lol sure not a problem until he gets hired, loses a game or two then starts blaming bad results because he doesnt have the players.
      I mean he’s good no question about it but he needs money to work, and that’s money we dont have and cant spend

    2. You just said my mind as I believe Thiago Motta is the way to go too and Zirkzee should be AC Milan striker next season and we don’t need the erratic and egomaniac Conte in Milan and you also just exposed the intent of Conte.

      I believe the next AC Milan Manager must possess all these qualities and if all are not noticeable at the moment then such manager must have room full of potential to exhibit most of the qualities below:

      Tactical Acumen: Known for their astute tactical analysis and ability to adapt strategies based on opponents’ strengths and weaknesses.

      Man Management: Highly adept at fostering strong relationships with players, motivating them to perform at their best and fostering a cohesive team spirit.

      Strategic Planning: Masters of long-term planning, capable of envisioning team development and success over multiple seasons.

      Youth Development: Committed to nurturing young talent, focusing on the development of academy prospects and integrating them into first-team setups.

      Adaptability: Quick to adapt to changing circumstances within matches, demonstrating flexibility in formations and tactics to seize opportunities and overcome challenges.

      Analytical Skills: Possess a keen eye for detail, utilizing statistical analysis and performance metrics to identify areas for improvement and optimize team performance.

      Communication: Effective communicators both on and off the pitch, maintaining open lines of dialogue with players, staff, and club management to ensure unity and clarity of vision.

      Leadership: Natural leaders who inspire confidence and command respect, instilling a winning mentality and instigating a culture of excellence within their teams.

      Emotional Intelligence: Skilled at managing the emotional dynamics of high-pressure situations, maintaining composure and focus to guide their teams through adversity.

      Innovation: Forward-thinking manager who isn’t afraid to innovate, constantly seeking new methods and approaches to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving sport.

      I believe Thiago Motta possesses few of the qualities stated above and even has potential to exhibit even more in the future and considering the youthful project Cardinale and his cohorts are projecting with AC Milan, it will be so dumb for them to settle for Conte if innovative and smart Motta is available. I remembered Cardinale make public is admiration for Conte but business decisions made on the premises of sentimentality always end on the wrong note. Antonio Conte profile doesn’t fit AC Milan project.


      1. Motta never lead big team as a manager and it is big difference between coaching Milan and Bologna or Spezia…

        before Bologna Motta coached:
        Genoa for 10 games and has average 0.9 points per game
        Spezia for 40 games and has average 0.98 points per game
        in Bologna he has 1.58 points per game….

        Do you still think he is right choice for us? He is not experienced enough to coach Milan (in my opinion)… Before Pioli we were out of top 4 and now we need coach who is better than Pioli and who instantly can lead us in a battle for trophies…

        Conte in the other hand has win multiple Seria A titles and one premier league title….

  3. Maldini was right this coach cannot lead us and was looking to replace him so Cardinale and Furlani are still learning from Maldini.

    1. Cardi,and Furlani have an idea but experience is needed and the know how to win big especially against the big teams we never had under this management.

      This was the mistake Cardi made when hiring Pioli and sacking Maldini. It was Maldini that wanted Pioli gone!

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