Curva Sud speak out against use of blue in Milan training wear: “Enough is enough!”

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s new third shirt and the training wear that comes with it have certainly divided opinion among fans. It would be safe to say that the Curva Sud fall onto the ‘hate’ side of things.

Milan revealed the third kit last month and it is certainly a bold number, with a purple, pink and green gradient effect running down the front of it. The official website writes that the kit colour combination celebrates the culture of inclusivity and diversity.

However, one of the things that has drawn the attention of some fans is the use of blue in some of the clothing line associated with the new kit, given that it is of course the main colour of city rivals Inter.

The Curva Sud criticised the club and PUMA for the inclusion of blue in some of the warm-up shirts/jackets that will be used, urging them to address it in a statement on Instagram.

“Enough is enough! It has been clear for some time that some marketing strategies are often in conflict with the tradition and history of the club, such as for what concerns the colours of the official playing shirts. However, we believe that there is a limit to everything!

“Producing a pre-match uniform with a reference to the club colours of sh*t is something disrespectful and intolerable.

“We expect a club as precise and serious as ours, sensitive to the issues that characterise today’s world (see third shirt), to be equally attentive to the history that distinguishes us, passing on only the colors and symbols that have always distinguished our club.

“We are confident that those responsible will fix everything as soon as possible and at the same time we invite you not to buy this mess!


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  1. Boo hoo the PRE MATCH UNIFORM isn’t the correct colours I hate this management while this management sold true Milanista to replace him with Krunic nice choice to criticize the management curva sud lol also they didn’t say anything for the third kit which they actually playing matches with lol ( I know that third kit isn’t important or doesn’t have to be with the same colour as first but at the same time pre match uniform isn’t important too so why they are crying over nothing while they sold true Milanista without the Proper Replacement)

    1. They wouldn’t have sold him if he didn’t want to go. Besides look at the results we have. We’re cooking and you are still crying. Go support Newcastle if you want to see your “true Milanista”.

      1. They wouldn’t have sold him if he did not understand Milan need the money to improve the squad. It’s a win-win solution, Milan improve the squad and as a fan, he is happy that Milan improve.

    2. Without proper replacement – we literally signed 3 players for our midfield department this season, and all 3 looked good so far. Dare I say we actually better at mid than last season.

      1. Without this type of things we came out of 300m burden.
        The way club earn money matters more than anything. Fans stick with the club because of moralitys etc., not that club do anything to win money. Whatever we earn each year here onwards we are surplus of income after expenses

    1. As opposed to all the other modern football owners who are in it purely for the love of the club?

      Damn it, why did we have to get stuck with the ONE money focussed businessman in the world? So unlucky.

      1. And you accept the colours of rival team.
        If clubs say that there is no rivalry, then its another thing.
        Clubs pulling 70k fans every match because of désire and rivalry.

        I don’t see how this small colour give them more money, its just matter of current management not understanding the history and tradition of AC Milan

        And people like you support everything that this management does, if you are getting paid its ok atleast you are getting something.
        Otherwise please stop it, doesn’t makes sense

  2. Lol.
    Yes, we are milano. Yes, tradition is important to us. Yes, we are not internazionale 10 + the captain everyone wants to replace.
    Oh wait…

  3. Will inter use red? That`s definitely a no answer. If the new mangement and shirt sponsor understand culture and respect the fan, they shouldn`t inscribe any blue colour.

    1. The St Ambrose kit? That time they had a kit that is literally lifted from our crest?

      I appreciate there’s context to that, but the answer to your question isn’t a definite no.

    2. Exactly….Those yam heads believe that we follow the club for fun. They fail to realise that history of a club matters to us fans. We are Rossoneri.

  4. I agree entirely about the blue, that was a silly decision.

    But everyone needs to chill about the third kit. ALL big clubs now have fun with their 3rd kit (that lets be honest they will play in maybe twice all year) because it’s a way of selling gear as more a piece of fashion or a collectible.

    You want to keep Leao AND buy a top striker next summer? Yeah we’re gonna need money for that.

  5. It’s not about any blue but that blue looks.way too close to Inter’s blue. They could have done a baby blue or something. Or imo, never use blue. Back in the 00s they had some really nice training kits and third kits. They were cool but I don’t recall them having blue as striking as this. It’s a bit too out there and the design and commercial department need to do a better job. I get the marketing aspects and appeal to different markets but u also need to be true to the history (that being said I can open a can of worms as to how they treat history lol 😅 but that’s for another time)

    1. Id forgotten about that blue centenary kit (which I think I have in my mums loft) and the blue third kit from the mid 90s (which I wish I had as it’s a bit of a collectors item now).

        1. So is mine but I just googled it and apparently it was the fourth (FOURTH!?!? 🤯🤯🤯) kit. Turns out times haven’t changed that much 🤣🤣🤣

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