Photo: Curva Sud send a message to Kessie – “Regards to those who are dissatisfied”

By Oliver Fisher -

During the 1-0 win against Sampdoria at San Siro this afternoon, the Curva Sud decided to send a message to the players who have decided not to commit their future to AC Milan.

Two days ago, the announcement finally arrived that Theo Hernandez has renewed his deal with the club after Calabria, Saelemaekers, Pioli, Kjaer and Gabbia did already, with Bennacer and Leao expected to be added to that list soon.

As per MilanNews, the Curva Sud Milano paid tribute to Theo with many chants during the match against Sampdoria, despite the fact that the full-back was not on the pitch due to being suspended, but they also sent an unequivocal message to those who undecided with a banner reading: “Whoever loves Milan can prove it with facts, best regards to those who are dissatisfied.”

After Calhanoglu and Donnarumma’s left on a free transfer last season, it is very likely that Franck Kessie will also do the same despite saying during his time at the Olympics that he wants to stay. It was a clear message, which leaves no room for interpretation: to stay in this Milan you need to have a desire for Milan.


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  1. Starting to think these people don’t care about the club at all – whilst they’re in a title fight, why not just get behind the team that’s here this year rather than worry about which players will be here next year? If Kessie leaves and has won a miraculous Scudetto, then that’s leaving on a high; sometimes seems these guys would rather he fail than the team win.

    1. Well said R. It’s such a bad time for Curva Sud to do such thing. It only makes the situation worse. I don’t hope much from these guys. I still remember what they did to Maldini at his career’s end.

    2. They only made the situation worse. Kessie were already reluctant to sign, and after this he won’t. He might even lost the motivation to play and that won’t benefit the team at all.
      Emotion over logic; we know how it will end.

    3. They’ve the rights to express their feelings as many Milan fans also dissapointed with Cashie, the curva sud is a hardcore Milan supporter for YEARS!! directly supporting the club by buying tickets etc while some fake fans only knows how to complain,whining and bitching all the times when the club not doing good.

    4. Don’t be ridiculous. Kessie made promises, strung up the club for money they can’t pay (money I dare say he doesn’t deserve). He is treating this transfer in every way poorly. At the very least, he could allow Milan make money off of his transfer instead of these useless diversionary tactics that has wasted everybody’s time.

      Pioli and the technical directors actually have some respect for him to allow him still take the pitch. He’d have been excluded at some other clubs to rot on the bench and lose form.

      The fans have every right to feel betrayed especially with how Donnarumma and Calhanoglu have treated their exits. Kessie should know better. Players need to stop making a mockery of the support of the club they play for.

  2. Kessie made the situation worse by declaring he would renew during the Olympics, Milan fans only ask for honesty and there is absolutely no reason to lie and string the hopes of the fans and the management along. Good luck to him wherever he ends up, we won’t miss him as much as he will regret leaving.

  3. Kessie is not special, Donnarumma left and the team is doing very well without missing him, if he decides to go (safe journey), the team will still remain champion at Italy,” Milan forever”

  4. do not neglect the fact that his agent is bending his ear as well and the fact that people/athletes want to be paid what the market will bare. He made his bed when he said his intention was to sign after the Olympics, now he has to sleep in it. If he does not give a 100% on the pitch he can give a 100% on the bench,I am sure Romi gets the C Sud message as well. I trust Pioli will manage this correctly for not only the fans but the other team players sitting on the bench wanting to contribute.

    1. I think Romag is completely different. He never lied to fans.
      Hence I don’t think Curva will say anything.
      Kessie knowingly misled the club and fans so that we did not sell him and he could go for free. Underhanded BS and he deserves everything he gets.

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