Curva Sud announce protest for Milan-Genoa and explain reasoning: “A clear and strong signal”

By Ben Dixon -

Ahead of AC Milan’s fixture against Genoa, the Curva Sud have announced that they will be holding a protest to send a ‘clear and strong signal to the club’.

This season has seen Milan fail to achieve several objectives, the latest of which was to avoid defeat in the derby, which the Rossoneri could not fulfil. The result sent a clear message to the club that had been becoming clearer for the fanbase – movement forward was needed under the guidance of a new head coach.

In the weeks following, the Diavolo have been linked with several candidates, who have all been greeted with different levels of satisfaction from the fanbase. Julen Lopetegui was reported to have been the favoured candidate, but following a petition that signified the fans’ emotions, the club will pursue others.

The message has been strengthened by the Curva Sud, who, this morning, have made a statement about this weekend’s fixture.

“Let the club send a clear and strong signal that it wants to strengthen the project it set up last summer.

“We invite all the rest of the public present at the stadium to join this form of protest that has the sole objective of encouraging the club to continue with the line of investment undertaken last season, focusing on a coach who knows how to stimulate the group and enhance the youth, making targeted purchases in the roles left uncovered this season.

“It is not up to us, as always, to make choices and names. The important thing is that the club sends a clear and strong signal that it wants to strengthen the project set up last summer.

“Always with Milan in our hearts!”

For Milan, this decision is vital. Stefano Pioli has built and strengthened the foundations of the team until now, and the Rossoneri must find a head coach that aligns with the project demanded by the management and the supporters.


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  1. They need to shut up or chant Furlani’s name. Cowards and hypocrites. They had no issues with Cardinale’s approach few months ago.😂😂😂😂

    1. This is a “sack the board” protest. It’s simply reminding them that fan power exists. What’s hypocritical about that?

      I actually think it’s quite poignant.

  2. Good.

    Those I ‘debate’ with on here probably think I am in full support of the board and I’m not, I’m simply still giving them the benefit of the doubt as they haven’t actually done anything that upsets me yet.

    But their honeymoon period is over. This summer is vital, and this protest will test their metal and show them they can’t simply do whatever they want with the club.

    1. i will give you reasons how they would have upset you if you had any standards.

      they adopted a team that had won scudetto with a young team who had a great amount of potential. doing well and competing on all fronts with a management consisting of M&M who were the driving force of something great. granted with all the imperfections of course, things were never going to be absolutely perfect BUT we were heading in a very positive direction. the owners got what they wanted the management were winning and the fans were patient and confident.

      then cardinale comes and sells tonali and completly dismantles the midfield. sacks maldini, appointments furlani who doesnt know anything about football so uses £130 million buying random players who dont fit our system.

      the results of that is we are uncompetative unable to challenge for anything not even good enough for the europa league. we also dont have any direction or strategy, we dont know what the club are aiming for all we know for certain is we are selling our stars one by one to fund more cheap transfers.

      tell me other then the stadium what improvements this management came with?

      1. I think alike. But not everybody thinks the same, obviously some people have lower expectations for the team or enjoy trading or support several clubs.

        Here we said last summer that the mercato was erratic and that Pioli would be the scapegoat because the team would perform poorly. It’s exactly what happened but we are still considered as « pessimistic » people who don’t understand football. This club has a new standard of mediocrity from management to fan base, so be it.

        1. What are you basing your infallibility on?

          As I see it (and that’s all it is, not some declaration of how much right-er than everyone else I am) there are two types of mediocrity here:

          1 – would be rejecting the trappings of a modern board. With that comes an acceptance that Serie A is now the standard of the Portuguese/Dutch league and – like a Benfica or an Ajax, our history doesn’t matter outside of our fanbase, and certainly doesn’t guarantee us a seat at the top table; we are simply not viewed through that lens anymore

          2 – would be accepting – or at least reluctantly understanding, that football has changed, for now at least. And if we want to hold onto Tonali’s and Theo’s and win UCLs, we need a kind of revenue that requires you become more than a traditional football club.

          With the exception of Barca (but not for much longer), Madrid and Bayern, this applies to every club on the planet.

          For the record, I don’t actually know which one I prefer, but I do know I can’t have both. If you see me defending the board, I’m not defending them directly; I’m simply calling out people who think it’s possible to have their cake and eat it. It’s not.

          1. Goes to show how binary some people are though doesn’t it.

            My original post was actually “Good, hold the board to task” and I get attacked for saying they haven’t upset me yet. Ok.

      2. Weirdly and it may sound strange….I agree with both of you (papa Frezz and Milan sempre ). It’s a tug of war I have in my mind as well that’s summed up in both your posts… the merits and demerits of the board….on the one hand I absolutely love the financial stability we have, the commercial revenue growth and attempts to build our own stadium. But what I don’t like is obviously the firing of a director that did well and a symbol of the club, and claiming to invest in the squad when really what we did was chop and change and added to that set unrealistic expectations for the season (imo we did very well considering said changes). Also, I don’timd selling any player mind you, just don’t sell me on the bs that somehow we’re that much better than before.
        For this summer imo it’s all on management and their decisions. The shadows of prior directors are now or mostly fully gone and it would be interesting to see what they do (eg we can’t say now that future targets would have been a Maldini choice for instance so we can mute those sorts of points). Genuinely intrigued to see how they go about things.

      3. “BUT we were heading in a very positive direction…”
        Before Maldini was sacked we were heading downwards in a hurry and finished FIFTH! WTF Are you even talking about???

        “then cardinale comes and sells tonali and completly dismantles the midfield”. Moncada offloads Tonali because you don’t pass up an $80mil offer on a player in Italy. Kessie left BEFORE that, and one player (who BY THE WAY ends up getting suspended) funded most of the mercato and RAISED the quality of the team.

        “the results of that is we are uncompetative unable to challenge for anything not even good enough for the europa league” – That’s on Pioli and the tactical limitations we all knew he had.

        “tell me other then the stadium what improvements this management came with?” – We went from irrelevant to winning a Scudetto, going back to CL and staying relevant.

        What other indicators of success do you need?

        You can’t address all mercato needs in one window and ultimately this season we are undone by Pioli’s limits. NOT by RedBird’s shortcomings.

    2. “they haven’t actually done anything that upsets me yet”

      were you absent this season or something? were you supporting inter by mistake?

      1. Wow you came out swinging dude! Shucks, maybe you’re just a bigger, more diehard fan than I am. Maybe my life is more fulfilling than yours or maybe I’m more of a pragmatist than you – a less binary thinker. Who knows.

        Pioli has upset me this season. HE used the Tonali money on players to fit a system HE wanted to switch to then gave up on in October. ‘Personally’, I’ll remember him for that more than the title we reversed into.

        ‘Personally’, I wish there hadn’t been Tonali money in the first place, but being the pragmatist I am, I understand the decision of all parties. Some of those players will go on to thrive under a new boss, some won’t – same as any football team ever.

        I’m against the new Stadium actually. I’d rather buy the San Siro…but again…pragmatist.

        Horses for courses mate.

        1. HE didn’t do anything on the transfer market because HE is the coach….

          I mean if HE was also in charge of transfers why do we have so many random middle managers?

          No HE could ask for whatever HE liked but that didn’t mean HE got it.

          THEY are running the club. THEY are the one’s responsible for the long term strategy. And THEY are all over the place including sacking a manager who actually beat THEIR expectations….

          WE should probably demand more from the owners than the managers or players because:

          a) the owners are actually the only ones who control the purse strings and strategic direction of the club;

          b) the owners are mostly in it for the money/egos/sports washing;

          c) we don’t watch the owners and various middle managers each week – we watch the manager and players.

          1. I don’t do you, it’s like being in a blender.

            How are Como doing with their money made from selling ciggies to poor kids that you seem ok with?

          2. @ papa_frezz

            What are you ion about???

            It’s really simple – Pioli was not in charge of transfers last season!

            PS Looks like Como are back!

        2. “I wish there hadn’t been Tonali money in the first place” – You would rather we fielded Tonali on the bench and Krunic with Bennacer this season?LMAO!!!

          “Pioli has upset me this season. HE used the Tonali money on players to fit a system HE wanted” – Moncada spent wisely to upgrade the entire team. Pioli was given a good core that he had to develop and use TACTICALLY effectively. Which he didn’t. his tactical approach the entire season has been unbalanced.

          That’s not on the mercato. That’s on the coach. If anything, not all the needs were addressed clearly, but like i said before, you can’t complete a revamp in one window.

          Inter have been upgrading their team for 5-6 years to get this point…

          1. Is this the same Pioli that is going to finish 2nd with more points than when he won the Scudetto?

            He can’t have been that tactically imbalanced….

            (I know, I know everyone else was terrible and that’s Pioli’s fault also)

          2. @Maldini’s Heir:
            You need to update your arguments from time to time.
            “Is this the same Pioli that is going to finish 2nd with more points than when he won the Scudetto?”
            That’s not the case anymore, at best we’re gonna end the season with 82 points, less than the scudetto season and not even enough to win a scudetto since 2012.
            I know you love to insist that having the same points than during the scudetto is more important than winning something (for some reasons ?) but that’s not even true anymore.

  3. Curva Sud the most annoying, obnoxious, self-important group of fans in the world. What exactly are they protesting if they like what the management did last summer and want them to continue the project, then what are you protesting? Just petulant children who want attention on themselves. If you start letting fans run the team (especially this group) you are in for a world of trouble. They are fans just like anyone else. Cheer on the team or shut your mouths, but don’t start making demands like you run anything.

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