Curva Sud protest against Milan ownership: “Why have we managed to lose everything possible?”

By Oliver Fisher -

It was known that the Curva Sud would be protesting during the game against Genoa today, but they went a little bit further than just silence.

Milan’s Curva Sud have been at the centre of a couple of recent events. Firstly did not make the short trip to Turin for the Juventus game last Saturday, in protest at the ticket prices charged by the home side.

They also decided to make their feelings known in light of the situation that surrounds the club more generally through a statement that they released, and it was packed full of punches.

Then, they published yet another statement saying that they would be protesting for today’s game against Genoa, meaning there would not be the usual flags and chants.

They stuck to their word, and they also let out more of their frustration in a fanzine distributed before the game, as well as in the 80th minute when they walked out of the stadium.

“AC Milan where are you?

“An ancient proverb that the world of football has made its own for a long time goes: ‘The sheep are counted in May’: today WE count them, in this corner that you see without flags and without banners for the first time after several years, after those years in which only WE of the Curva Sud were left to defend a Milan that was brought to the brink of the abyss.

“And even today, 2 years after winning one of the best Scudettos in history, we AC Milan fans once again feel like the only ones to madly love AC Milan and the only ones to always defend it, in spite of managers and important figures of the club: but why do we feel this way?

“Why in these 2 years, in addition to an understandable and legitimate adjustment, has there never been a clear discussion of what the real objectives that the club and the management of Milan have set themselves?

“Why have we only heard about the construction of the new stadium in these 2 years?

“Why has something been missing in these 2 years in transfer windows that probably could have been managed better, also seeing how Milan’s rivals moved? Why have we managed to lose everything possible in these 2 years, often in an unforgivable way?

“Why doesn’t a strong and authoritative voice rise from the club after every defeat for Milan to rebut attacks and falsehoods, especially when they come from certain media shamelessly at the service of Milan’s second team?

“Why, after the shameful refereeing wrongs of these 2 years, even at a European level, have we not heard a decisive and punctual protest in every forum from our club?

“Why in a fundamental sector like communication do Milan managers often leave us stunned with deafening silences, superficial and even grotesque statements?

“Why, despite some bombastic promises, does it seem that the club’s real objective is only qualification for the Champions League, which for Milan is the minimum?

“Here are the reasons why we feel like the only ones who really want a Milan that is worthy of its history and its coat of arms, especially at the beginning of May when the future objectives, strategies and projects to achieve them and however, we don’t even know who Milan’s next coach will be, with all the problems resulting from the delay with which this fundamental decision has not yet been made.

“We are at the end of a mediocre and disappointing season which could have had a better ending but all possible mistakes were made, even on the bench, to end it in the worst possible way; we suffered elimination in the Europa League by an Italian and no voice was raised by the club to say anything to a Rossoneri people who, once again, had believed in us and had pushed Milan until the final whistle: we saw the s**t celebrate the title in the derby and we had to listen to words from the Rossoneri management that made us furious, because there really is a limit to everything.

“Now, however, our patience is over, because we believe that in these 2 years we have given maximum trust to the club and maximum support to the team and the time has come for clarity, to finally know what the real intentions of the owners are, if they really his ambitions coincide with those of the Milan fans who today are tired of just having to participate, of having to settle for a Champions League placement when the history and tradition of Milan demands and deserves much more.

“It wasn’t easy to decide not to display our banners and wave our flags, but it’s right to show what San Siro could become when you push the AC Milan fans to the limit, when you underestimate the love and loyalty of a fan base capable of involving his team to win the extraordinary championship 2 years ago, thanks to the creation of a perfect union between those who took to the pitch and those who were in the stands.

“You have enjoyed our faith, you have seen the incessant support of a people madly in love, you know how many of us there are and what we are ready to do for our Milan: what more do you need to take those steps that every Milan fan asks of you? What are you waiting for to answer with facts, not with chatter, to the questions that every AC Milan fan asks you, suffering and rooting for that AC Milan which is not a brand, not a company, which is not a factory but which is, instead, entirely our life?

“Evaluate and choose your future steps carefully, there is no more time to waste dear gentlemen, if you want to continue to have the unparalleled support of all the Rossoneri people who always and only have Milan in their hearts!

“Nervo, our dearest friend and great ultras, has been struck by a very painful loss and to make him feel the closeness of the entire curve we will display the CURVA SUD MILANO banner today only and exclusively for the time necessary to give a worthy farewell to his mother.

“Forza Nervo, your Curva is with you.”

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  1. Over the top, we are vice champions or 3rd at worst.

    What are Napoli supposed to say?
    What was banter era compared to that?

    We are coming from 10 years of miss-management before American era and don’t have a stadium.

    We will not win something every year for the foreseeable future till we have a stadium and the squad depth is ripe.

    1. So funny 😁 😂
      Inter made you vice trophy-less champions and you’re happy about it.

      A very disappointing and shameful season.
      You know nothing more than any member of the Milan Cutva, they are ready to die defending Milan anytime any day.

      They have been hurt, and Inter wining thr league in the Derby is a very dirty stain that will never be washed away in the eyes of the Curva Nud Inter, or maybe you think they don’t know what they are crying for?

      There’s no more bragging rights to be proud of after that stain, they season may be coming to an end, but the stain remains a history.

    2. How many UCL won by Juventus since they have their own stadium? Another reference to Banter era all over again to justify current mediocrity. “Squad depth” is stockpiling wrong profiles for our team just because they could potentially be sold later for capital gain.

      Two years under Cardinale, two year of false promises, two years of huge humiliations by Inter in UCL semi-finals then last week.

      Funny that Curva Sud is referring to “sheeps”. Maybe they read some comments here.

      1. 9 scudetti in a row and dominating Italian football for a decade
        Also, 2 ucl finals that they lost to 2 teams that Also own their own stadiums.
        Yeah looks like having your own stadium is a bad thing.
        Keep hating on the new stadium

        1. You omit to say that to dominate Italian football you need a stadium AND financial malversations leading you to be prosecuted and penalized 🙂

      2. Well said @Barthelomeo.

        What stadium exactly?? IF and UNTIL it’s built I will hold off praise.

        It’s just another excuse for the Redbird lovers. First it was all Maldini’s fault. Then we were “cooking” because we signed all these players who like @Barthelomeo correctly pointed out – were mismatched and didn’t fit the system. Then its Pioli’s fault. Now it’s because we don’t have our own stadium. So now that will be the lame excuse of some like @ 🔴⚫️ of why Redbird cannot build a winner – LOL. How convenient. Guess that buys Redbird another 5 years (or longer) of mediocrity lol. Pathetic.

        1. Yeah I don’t think it’s fair to compare with English clubs who have tons of money and can afford a stadium, or Real Madrid or Bayern that have been solid for decades. I was living in Lyon and building a stadium has been a catastrophe because of lousy management and huge debt. The previous owner of OL said it would be gamechanger, like Jerry, but he just wanted to sell the club for a big fee. Juventus built a stadium for 110M, it’s completely different from the 1B project that will harm the budget for years to come.

          I am not against owning our stadium but since the municipality seems open to it, it would be a massive humiliation to buy San Siro and make Inter pay a rent and renovations while they play here, especially since they can’t afford to build a stadium for now haha

        2. 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣
          Oh Juro, the goalposts keep shifting and excuses keep on piling.

          After the stadium, I wonder what would be the next excuse er I mean force for Associazone Calcio Milan’s woes.

          We slowly turning into Man U but without the heavy spending. Another ptsd season complete

    3. You must be a new age Milan supporter.
      Because the way you accept this mediocrity as fact, even use copium saying we are vice champions says alot.

  2. The letter is fine. The list of grievances is fine. But not supporting the players on game day is not acceptable. The Curva Sud leadership show cowardice by putting their own grievances ahead of supporting the team. Lack of chants can affect player psychology. A quiet home stadium makes it more difficult for the home team. This will be an unpopular post, but a true one. Only cowards do things that lessen their teams chances of winning to make their own complaints heard. Let your complaints be registered in a different way that doesn’t hurt the team.

  3. The curva sud is right, nobody is asking to spend millions every year. We just want clarity. We want to know what the ownerships ambitions are because like most people here on this blog, I’m not satisfied with just a top 4 finish every year. Milans history is to always go into a season as scudetto contenders and teams fear us in the Champions League. I can’t believe comments of people saying we’re ‘vice champions’. Big deal! We’re also 16 points away from first and never made a single push this season to compete!

    Something has got to change, management, some players or the ambition of the owners but I’m tired of playing ugly football and going trophyless.

    1. ’’nobody is asking to spend millions every year.’’

      Millions are peanuts in today’s football.

      Cardinale is a broke clown and he should just sell the club to somebody who isn’t.

    2. Milanellofm we are milan we are not mid table team we can not be happy for top 4 every season and mediocrity

  4. Well they are right and not right at the same time. This scudetto came at the wrong time – got people hopes up to the skies when we have actually milk men at the helm of the club. What is gonna happen – we , fans , are gonna get milked from Garry for 3-4 years so he can build his stadium. We gonna get false promises of winning year after year – maybe we will get lucky again win a Copa Italia or Supercoppa ( I don’t think we will be in contention for Scudetto in the next years of American slavery). At the meantime we will keep getting milked of our money, thru our love for this team . He’s gonna build his stadium thanks to us and then he will sell for profit. I hope at least when this time comes we will be bought from Arabs because let’s be honest – they at least really care only about wining. Forza Milan and I hope I’m wrong

  5. Today they did the right thing bravo curva sud these m- f*cke4s must spend money or they must sell to a better people we are not Midtable team

    1. It’s absolutely MAD that there are ALLEGED Milan supporters here who defend the billionaire owners NOT spending money on the club. I mean this is AC Milan, one of the largest clubs in Europe in terms of fan support. There is an INSANE amount of money coming in from China and USA and it’s going directly into Cardinale’s pockets and not into the club. Go look at the last 7 transfer windows and do the math, there are 6 other Clubs in Serie A ALONE who have outspent Milan. And then the one window we do spend money(last summer) we had to sell off arguably our most valuable asset in order to do so! Think about how sad and pathetic that is for AC Milan to be outspent by the likes of Lazio, Fiorentina, Roma, let alone Inter and Juventus. This is 2024 and unfortunately if you want to truly COMPETE in Europe you MUST spend money on quality. If Gerry isn’t willing to do that than we MUST demand he sell to someone who will.

  6. Good statement from curva sud. However, it’s 1 year too late. This statement should have come out when maldini got sacked, or even better 1 year prior to that when M&M were not given a contract to sign until the last week of the transfer window and as a result no time for proper reinforcements. I get it we can’t splash the cash until we build that stadium, but the way this management and cardinale carry themselves is obsurd. Not a word when there is a loss or a few losses. Menagment is very detached from the squad, especially when they are needed the most. And maybe why in the world has cardinale appointed these clowns as management. Instead of hiring proven and experienced management they went with these clowns. I hope they and things do change for the better as we all love this club, but so far this ownership and management has been very disorganized, and frankly very amateurish.

  7. Is there any successful American own football team? City now better than united and Liverpool, Chelsea is way better in the Russian hand, Arsenal own by American since 2011, how many titles they have since?

    Serie A also full of American owned club. Roma, Atalanta, Genoa, Fiorentina, Spezia, our beloved, and also Parma and Venezia. But the League in the past decade dominated by the Agnellis and Suning holding group.

    I still have hope ours will be the best case of American Owned club in Europe. Since red bird care seems genuine. But not gonna lie, the worries of stagnation that caused by using the club as money making scheme like Kroenke and Glazers still haunt me.

  8. A total overreaction. The only bad signing was Musah. 5 signings making an impact in one campaign is unprecedentedly. Pulisic, RLC, Reijnders, Okafor & Jovic have been a huge success. Chukwueze has had a strong finish. What are the fans complaining about the board for?

  9. Pt1:
    “Why has something been missing in these 2 years in transfer windows that probably could have been managed better, also seeing how Milan’s rivals moved? Why have we managed to lose everything possible in these 2 years, often in an unforgivable way?”

    And this is their actual message the Curva put out just before the start of the season. “We haven’t seen a Milan that moved so well on the market for years, targeted signings, promising young players, experienced champions,….We asked for the leap in quality after the first purchases, we trusted you with a ‘carry on like this’, today it is clear that the path taken has never been more satisfying!…We were certain that strong corporate moves must then be supported by facts and so it was..”

    What has changed curva? You said something was missing the last TWO years but said just last year this was one of the best transfer windows in a while and the club did very well and that you yourself got the leap in quality which you asked for. The Curva is always contradicting themselves and they can’t help it (they also said they don’t make evaluations on corporate choices, ironic). I don’t think they know what they really want. Managed to lose everything in the last two years? Really? Drama queens much? We haven’t lost everything but we did gain and lose some things. Imo we didn’t lose more than we gained but it boils down to how you evaluate these things ofc. But the overall path is pretty good. Everything??? Come on now.


    “Why, despite some bombastic promises, does it seem that the club’s real objective is only qualification for the Champions League, which for Milan is the minimum?”

    When actual club president Scaroni said it much earlier in the season that the objective was top 4, why you guys didn’t protest then? Why wait now to do so? Because it’s fashionable? Maybe because we were competitive at the time and you would have looked bad doing so at that time but right now we didn’t meet the targets you had in mind…and everyone is generally disappointed in how the season went so therefore its easier to say these things? Where your spine Curva?

    All I see is me me me me from the Curva. Spoiled brats, self entitled. They think they’re waaay more important than they really are as if they’re a bigger fan than everyone else. And I don’t even like the owners that much in some aspects but I do recognize the work that has been put in to get us where we are ..which tbh is pretty good (ya and that’s coming from me lol 😂). Sure we need a few more pieces but not an overhaul. We’re in a good overall position…. financial yes, technical quality of the team, yes (can improve ofc but the base is there), brand appeal, yes. And yes the stadium….where there’s some concreteness to, pardon the pun. Who wouldn’t appreciate something like that 🤷‍♂️

    “…we don’t even know who Milan’s next coach will be, with all the problems resulting from the delay with which this fundamental decision has not yet been made.”

    This is disrespectful and classless. Pioli is our coach until otherwise stated whether you or I like him or not. Support the team and that includes the coach. Not because you put out a statement in favour of wanting another coach means that it’s a foregone conclusion that we’ll get one (albeit the likelihood….). The point is let him serve until the owners themselves make that decision. He technically has a contract for another whole year🤷‍♂️. Plus asking to reveal a potential next coach now doesn’t even make any sense.

    I don’t even know if people take stock in these people. When they left the stadium I’m glad the real fans stayed back to support the team and not listen to them. After all we needed all the support to see home the victory but in the end wasn’t enough. Genoa scored when they left. It’s not like they’ve never done this before /S. And truth be told they could be a voice of the people (I actually agree with a few of their sentiments) but the way they’re going about it, self aggrandizing and the things they’re including as their basis to hear their cause if off putting to put it mildly.

  10. Someone made almost similar comments last season after the elimination from ucl, that person also used to be vocal in the media defending the colours, nobody supported the person at the time, a year later they are crying about the very same things he was talking about, there is no turning back now, this is what we have, nobody from the inside will say anything cause their boss doesnt allow that, even the recently appointed guy whenever he talks to the media he is still talking about himself, his life and his boss without giving a clarity of the ambitions of the club, one thing i agreed though with the current management after last night’s game is absolutely nobody is irreplaceble in the current team, those guys are useless, you can sell any it wont affect me in any way


      A certain someone was the focal point for this team defending and upholding the colors, but they chased he and his team away and curva were quiet even approving it.

      Let all of us suffer it together. Maybe people will wise up now.

  11. Seems entitled af 2 be honest.. you can’t win every season. There will be times when we are just not good.

    They were all 2 happy when we are winning but the second results stop a bit they demand explanations from the players, the coach, the management of the club…

    If only people had that attitude when it comes 2 corrupt politicians.. but there, nobody bats an eye

    1. Another thing.. boycotting those games means jack shît, most of those people bought a season pass I’d bet my left nut on it

  12. Curva Sud… Lol the ultimate joke of a fanbase. Was silent when the ownership ruined a perfectly working project bringing results… now they wonder why have we managed to lose everything possible? like cardinale gives a Sh1t about some thugs extorting him for money.

  13. The yank will build the stadium, then hope to sell to the Arabs for top dollar regardless of the position of the football club. What he cares little for is if we suffer the same fate as 1860 Munich….
    Americans in football just doesn’t work..!

    1. Arsenal, Aston Villa and Liverpool are owned by Americans. American owners have not ruined these clubs, all of these clubs have spent far heavily than they did before the Americans took over and obviously that is also the case with Chelsea. Roma made 2 successive European finals under American owners and, in case you’d forgotten, we won a scudetto under American owners. You don’t have an argument.

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