Curva Sud announce silent protest ahead of Roma-Milan due to ticket prices

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan’s Curva Sud has announced that they will stay silent for the first 15 minutes of the match against AS Roma on Friday night at the Stadio Olimpico.

In a statement released on Instagram on Wednesday (as seen below), the Curva Sud expressed further anger about the price of away tickets in Serie A which are not standardised.

As they point out, Milan fans travelling to the Olimpico on Friday will be paying €65 each for their tickets, whilst in the first game of the season, Salernitana fans were charged €35 to be in the away end of Olimpico.

Fans of bigger clubs are charged more money despite the fact that supporting a successful club does not mean that the fans are more wealthy.

A banner calling for cheaper away tickets was unveiled by the Curva Sud against Torino at San Siro last weekend and as well as having that banner at the Olimpico, fans will be silent for 15 minutes.

The full statement can be read below:


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  1. Unfortunately this is inevitable with the direction we have taken and ownership we have.

    They habent even started, wait until we start winning CL

    I know this, it could be worse, like Arsenal or Tottenham. You oay premium and never win anything

    1. I dont really get it either, if anything it might help them in the first 15 minutes. They should rather make large banners or sing rude songs about romas owner Dan Friedkin.

    2. It’s not meant to hurt Roma, it’s meant to draw attention to a bad practice. If more supporters and supporters of other teams were to join in these types of protests maybe FIGC would get involved and try to set some limits. I mean probably not, but it’s a better option than doing nothing at all.

    1. The problem here is just as much that milans supporters will have to play overprice but romas fans not to the same degree so we are basically paying for their party as i understand it as it has been mentioned in a previous article from what i can recollect and that is kinda unsympathetic.

  2. This is like the tax and spending debate between Principal Skinner and Miss Krabappel in an episode of The Simpsons.

    The parents are demanding improvements to the school which are being pushed by Miss Krabappel and Principal Skinner simply responds by making a money sign with his hands as in “it’s going to cost you”.

    The Curva Sud we’re mostly delighted with all of these shiny new signings so where did they think the money was going to come from to pay for them?

    Now if any of these new signings fail to perform or the club doesn’t reach expectations things could get interesting.

    But it’s not like the directors will take any responsibility.

    1. seriously Vic last year even though non italians won any european competitions they was the most well represented teams and league in those compeitions even though they are p1ss poor compared to the englinsh teams. funny , they might be poorer but they surely is smarter.

  3. I think the price is high just to discourage Ac Milan supporters from turning out in their numbers. So Ac Milan will also charge Roma more on the return leg to compliment Ac Milan fans. So the Curva Sud should reconsider their protest, it’s a give and take scenario. Forza Milan

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