Daily Star: Milan eye signing of Man City star Bernardo Silva in €53m deal – the latest

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan still have some work to do on the market and one of the priorities seems to be the right-wing spot. And in the last few hours, a sensational rumour linking them with Man City star Bernando Silva has emerged. 

According to the English outlet Daily Star, the Rossoneri have set their sights on Bernardo Silva, who wants to leave Man City this summer. The idea in mind is a paid two-year loan with an obligation to buy included.

The loan fee would be around €17.5m, while the obligation would take the total amount up to around €53m. In other words, it would be a significant investment that certainly wouldn’t be in line with the rest of Milan’s signings in recent years.

On other hand, Bernardo Silva is a very good player and would add a lot to the Rossoneri squad. The rumour is yet to be confirmed by Italian media, though, so we will have to wait and see.

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  1. lutfi says:

    this is yet the most ridicolous transfer rumour yet

    1. ABDULRAHMAN says:

      Yes! The most ridiculous! Why can’t we complete the Vlasic or Ziyech signing instead of paying over 17m for a loan! I hope it’s not true as it doesn’t make any sense at all!

      1. Ranajaya says:

        Yes technically it would be a loan. Nut it is a scenario to spread the burden of expensive permanent transfer into several years book. Juve wisely did this to get Chiesa and recently Loca. And remember how we acquired Kessie?
        Silva is a proven player and he is in his prime so he represents lower risk

    2. RIVERA says:

      Lutfi it all sounds unbelievable , but we can dream at Milan can’t we

      Imagine what Milan squad can do with Silva

      Reality can destroy everything right

  2. SamsonNite says:

    LOL. This is a ridiculous rumour to write about. Milan doesn’t have money for this type of player.

    1. Toni says:

      Name one top EPL team has $. All owned by oil investors. That’s shame

  3. Brad says:

    No one believes such a story. What complete and utter rubbish! Unless there is evidence this is true, don’t make such ridiculous articles. The first thing I said when I saw the headline was, “Nonsense! B___sh_t!” Not worth the time to type the article up.

  4. Himhim says:

    At this moment, we have budget maximum 30 mil for one player. We choose spend it for Tomori, Tonali and maybe the last one for playmaker. If journalist report that we chase player with his value over 30 mil, it must be joking for me

    1. Cursed9 says:

      Yes. From the start we knew that De Paul, Rodriguez, Ziyech and now Bernardo Silva are out of our budget. Milanisti must to accept if our realistic target is only Ilicic. But we try Vlasic until the last moment, to make sure if we still got lucky

  5. Caleb says:


  6. Milan fan says:

    Would be awesome forsure to get silva!!

  7. Agustinar says:


  8. Ivy says:

    While Calha made score and assist last night, Milan still dreaming for his replacement..what a joke ! lol

    1. abanjo2003 says:

      bernardo silva’s right foot has more potential than Calha

  9. Dollarumma Merda says:

    Eliot Miskin , cuma minta bantuan pinjaman

  10. Juro says:

    LOLOLO…what a stupid fkn article! Ya right like we have 56M LOLOLOLO. Who come up with this shit. We made Florenzi pay 500k out of his own pocket to come to Milan and now suddenly we are gonna spend 56M on Silva??? Please don not repost these horseshit articles. Waste of fkn time.

  11. Le Canard Pekinois says:

    Why the article didn’t just say that we are going to sign Pele?
    You gotta be full and maximum when you are dreaming!

  12. Hameed adekunle rahmon says:


  13. Afriyie Kwaku Boachie says:

    Getting Bernado Silva will be good for Milan

  14. Ed3lm4n says:

    This may not be just a rumour. The fact that it would be a 2 year loan deal for 17,5 mil means it would cost Milan 8,75 mil this year and next year. That’s cheaper (in terms of annual bookings) than the Vlasic deal. The remaining 35,5 mil in the third year is also not a huge risk. If it doesn’t work out he will be 29 by then and probably can be sold for the same amount. I think this makes sense.

    1. abanjo2003 says:

      I hope whatever you say is true

    2. Samsonite says:

      It’s only his cost. What about his earnings, I don’t believe he will accept 2m a year. LoL

    3. qqq says:

      Doesn’t make sense at all. All the big money singings Milan made in the last decade only came at a loss in the end.

      Vlasic signing on the other, makes absolute sense. 30m is a fair price (I wouldn’t sell him for leas myself), he is 23 & his value can only grow.

  15. Dos Santos says:

    Bring him quickly.

  16. micah97 says:

    We cannot afford Kessie salary demand and you want
    Bernardo Silva…he would earn more in City bench than a Milan captain.
    We are nowhere close to getting him

    1. Martin Bernhard says:

      His salary is £7,800,000 a year which is roughly 9,2 mil euros so id actually say its within reach if he is willing to take a mil or two in a dropping his wages to get a starting role with us. When that is said i would be really surprised if this is more than a mere castle in the sky dream by the management or fabricated news by the daily star. On the other hand Ed3lm4n also has a point in what he says further up but i certainly wouldnt get my hopes up currently.

  17. Kourosh says:

    The problem is not even his price tag as the proposed deal is a good one and affordable for Milan. The problem is everything else, like how is he going to accept a move to Milan? He rejected Tottenham as they are not in the CL but still Milan would be a downgrade for him. Then we have his wages, which we definitely can’t pay.

    He’s the right profile though, a technically-gifted, left-footed player who can play both as a right-winger and trequartista.

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