Danjuma and Musah left out of friendly matches amid strong Milan links

By Oliver Fisher -

It is that time of the summer where preseason friendlies are in full swing and they can sometimes give hints related to the transfer window.

It has been widely reported over the past couple of days that Milan are pushing ahead with deals for two LaLiga players: forward Arnaut Danjuma from Villarreal and midfielder Yunus Musah from Valencia.

Both of the operations seem to be on the right track with the former having agreed personal terms and the latter available on an initial paid loan deal if reports are to be believed.

Villarreal are playing SCR Altach in a preseason friendly tonight, and Danjuma has not been called up for the squad, while Ferrari has taken the No.9 shirt he had before too.

However, it is worth noting that Samuel Chukwueze is present in the XI, with things on that front seeming to have gone cold over the past fortnight.

Valencia meanwhile are playing Premier League side Nottingham Forest, and Musah has not been named in the line-up for the first half even though most of the regular starters have.

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  1. Hopefully Musah’s transfer will get over the line this week.

    Say what you will about the revolution at Milan, but they aren’t sitting on their tail feathers this summer. Signing a player a week almost.


    1. I like the idea of Musah, reality will show what will be what..
      Im more intersted in Danjuma tho.. If we can get him to his pre spurs loan form he could be a real asset

      1. agreed, I think Danjuma is a massive piece of potential to add to our depth and its clear he’s a top player it’s just spurs are well, they’re spurs…

        1. No offense, but when did you hear anyone loan the top player? He is ok, if the loan won’t be too expensive he is a good backup. He never was anything more than that. He has 1 good season in career in La Liga. Did you consider that was the year he did better than he is and not that he is a top player?

          1. I’ll take him on a loan. He’s pretty good. A loan is low risk and typically low cost. Also he has a Dutch passport so no issue there.

            It also doesn’t rule out any other signings for RW. I think they are signing him as a back-up to Leao. He’s more LW.

    2. I’m not used to this. Usually we wait till end of the mercato to sign the one player we chased all summer long. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s always best whoever you sign to get them in as quick as possible so they have a proper pre season.

      Before June, I never thought any of these guys would be on milan but I really hope these are the right moves. Don’t know much about musah and reijnders so I hope they’re good enough to instantly start and do some real damage. I like the physicality were bringing because we lacked so much and the effect that it’ll have on leao and even giroud will bring their game to a higher level.

      I’m excited, there’s no denying that. I just hope they bring us to a higher level and we can actually compete for the scudetto and be a regular in the knockouts of champions league.

  2. I wanted and still want Milan to hire an experienced, competent and qualified person who will run their sporting department, but I gotta admit that Furlani and Moncada are moving pretty well on the market. They have also proven that they can walk and chew gum at the same time. Holding negotiations on different fronts for different targets at the same time and actually closing deals. Something that M&M couldn’t do. They were doing one thing at the time, wasting time while losing other targets and often failing even to sign the target they were solely concentrated on.
    Now, will their movement in the market bear fuiut with results on the field? We will have to wait and see once the team starts playing and especially at the end of the season.
    I like some of their moves so far, others not so much but hopefully they all pan out.

    1. At least the current management isn’t placing all their eggs in one basket like last summer (=CDK). It’s already 99.999% certain that Milan is stronger than last season. Let’s see how they’ll fix the Giroud’s backup guy (since there’s no money to actually replace him).

      1. It isn’t certain in any way. How exactly is it certain that 3 new midfielders that will play together for the first time will be good + in a league they never played in? You always write nonsense.

        1. “It isn’t certain in any way. How exactly is it certain that 3 new midfielders that will play together for the first time will be good + in a league they never played in? You always write nonsense.”

          Nonsense? LOL. Let’s see…

          Sportiello vs Tatarusanu? Don’t need to answer which is better – it’s that bloody obvious.

          Pulisic vs Messias & Saelemaekers? Yeah, I bet Saele will be scoring 100x the goals Pulisic will, lol. Pulisic has proven himself in Germany and on international pitches. Unlike the duo.

          RLC & Reijnders vs Tonali? That’s a questionmark for now. At least those two give Pioli far more options and different tactics because of their different attributes. Also, Reijnders is FINALLY a creative midfielder with ability to pass the ball forwards.

          So… Let’s hear how you turn these comments into “nonsense”. 😀 😀 😀

      2. You convenient forget the difference from last summer transfer window and this one: MONEY.


        If M&M OR ANY Director for that matter had a transfer budget of 100M they would buy the players we need as well donkey. Let’s see how the players do. Pray they stay healthy and develop. But we haven’t done anything yet. AND we haven’t SOLD one player yet.

        1. “AND we haven’t SOLD one player yet.”

          Again… Typical nonsense. That’s all we get from you. And name-calling.

      1. They were able to sell and that was the first thing they did.

        They didn’t let important players leave for free not did they hold the management to ransome because they wanted autonomy.

  3. Why heap praise on these two Gerry’s suck ups? After the boss kicked out our symbol through the back door like a used back alley hooker and sell away our future bandiera, these two sure needed to move fast on the market to establish a least some peace among fans.

    And all these signings are yet to prove their worth. Let’s reserve our praises for end of season.

    1. “After the boss kicked out our symbol through the back door like a used back alley hooker and sell away our future bandiera…” Wow. Are you living in a Mexican soap opera?

  4. I wish our mr X will be tomaso baldanzi.
    I strongly press for his signature. Maybe a loan with obligation to buy in various installment. He can play as a 10 or RW as well. Moreover he is very young, talented and italian.
    I also wish we get faticanti as rotation for midfield.

    1. Hope for that also but knowing how overpriced italian players are, empoli wont let go of him for less then 30-40 mil

  5. The squad is really being restructured and it will be necessary patience and and a bit of coomon sense – ‘goods’ obviously missing the eternal pessimist crybabies inventory – in order to understand that the process may take some time to bear fruit the field.

  6. A loan of Danjuma does not rule out a RW, or any other signings. It’s simply a loan which is typically very low cost.

  7. This mercato remembers a lot to Li’s one, a lot of spending but more quantity than quality. Don’t get your hopes too high because these are new players in a new league, and not world beaters by any chance. Let’s reserve the judgements at least until Pioli eats the panettone

    1. The Li’s signing was hallmarked by one thing..

      The players signed never won anything in their lives before then. At least we have two winners in this squad. Danjuma won the Europa with Villareal if I am not mistaken.

  8. I like the activity unlike previous Summers but each signing thrusts me in one direction or another. For instance when Loftus-Cheek, Pulisic, and Reijnders were signed I thought we were going to play the 4-3-3 but now it looks like we’ll be adding Musah who plays in 4-2-3-1 systems for both Valencia and the USMNT. Then I hear that Chukwueze is still on our radar. I think he would bring a consistant (an upgrade to Junior Macias) wing presence with both speed and dribbling skills on the right wing, which are things we haven’t had in a while. However, I don’t think this deal will materialize. My guess is that Milan will play both formations depending on the personnel who make up the line up. All this being said, I have a lot questions such as: in a 4-3-3 Pulisic and Reijnders play the same position (one ends on the bench); what do we do when Bennacer returns?, will Loftus-Cheek be benched if we play 4-2-3-1?, is Krunic on his way out since both he and Musah play the same position?, who plays in Tonalli spot in 4-2-3-1, etc.

  9. Danjuma can solidly cover several forward positions and would come on loan. Those are the only reasons why we bring him. Nobody expects him to start a revolution in Milan! But you never know, sometimes the players show themselves in a better light than what is expected of them!

  10. Lots of fans here have not moved on, Maldini is gone as well as Tonali, all that is left is for us to look at the bright side, there are improvement in the macato compared to that of M/M,
    Mocanda and Furlani have more money to spend becos Tonali was sold, most times sacrifice has to be made to move forward, we may not get the best players on this transfer window but we are getting players that are better than most of the last Macato, no matter the circumstances all we fans need is the growth of the club in general, and I see that happening with Gerry.

    Furthermore, more foreign national are coming to Milan take it or leave it is a fact, Gerry is a business man and will get what he tells is the best for his business,he is working so hard for Milan to get their own stadium also moving Milan to American market it’s fantastic.

    Milan fans want more of Italians but look at the premiere league top teams, Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool have different Nationals, we need to wake up and support our team, stop wishing Mocanda failure by the players he signs, most of this players are championship and most of them are playing in strong leagues,Europa or champion league.

    I applaud Gre-no-li, Giancarlo, Chudy, Z, bb, milanelofm, ACM1989 for your understanding in point out in detail of the good changes so far.

    Am Positive this Milan will do better than that of last season.

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