DAZN: Tottenham send enquiry for Calafiori amid Milan interest

By Ben Dixon -

A central defender is among the priorities for AC Milan in the mercato, and one they have been previously linked with ahead of the summer is Riccardo Calafiori. However, their chances of landing the Italian defender may be slim after Premier League interest.

The market for central defenders is difficult to navigate, and the Italian market is another difficulty within itself, which has been seen in Milan’s pursuit of Alessandro Buongiorno.

Another option that the Rossoneri have been tempted by is Calafiori, a player whom they have had previous interest in and have been rumoured to be a player the club may attempt to sign in the upcoming window.

However, they will face heavy competition, especially after his opening performance at the European Championship. The young defender looked fantastic in the Azzurri’s opener and seemed a player much older than his age suggests.

From Italy, there is interest from the Diavolo and Juventus most notably, but from the Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur are the strongest opposition, and their position has been strengthened today.

As reported by DAZN journalist Orazio Accomando (via Milan News 24), Tottenham Hotspur have enquired to his Bologna and the player’s entourage about the possibility of a deal, and whilst the Old Lady may have been in the pole position for a deal, there is a possibility of a rich offer from the Premier League.

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    1. The same can be said about a lot of other players too but only through these rumors are were we normally determined amount of interest in a player. My brother is a Chelsea fan and said to me that Chelsea are reportedly following the players progress in the Euros

  1. Ac Milan had the chance to sign him last summer for only 5mil, then mid season in January for 15mil… they passed on him twice. And people say Italian players are to expensive, no the problem is Ac Milan is run by imbeciles.

    1. I think you are missing the point then Italian clubs often sells Italian players to other Italian teams more expenssively than equal talents from abroad. Calafiori came from Switzerland and there was an interview with the player where he made it clear that when Bologna came knocking he wasn’t interested in joining any other Italian teams as he basically was promised a lot of minutes so it would help his development. AC Milan wouldn’t have been able to promise him that, rather big difference there.

      1. Exactly, and he was coming off that ACL ligament injury as well. He was out for quite some time. He’s a good player, but the injury risk is a massive concern for us especially during the Euro’s, we will alternate him and Buongiorno most likely.

        1. I wouldn’t mind either of the players joining us but you are indeed correct he has almost been out for 600 days at such a young age and as flyinturtle also mentions further down below he was also previously a lb so he would most likely not have played much with us so he clearly made the right move joining Bologna.

      2. @Martin He was playing for Basel in the summer and he was offered to Milan. Bologna came in the picture much later. Of course he would praise Bologna once it was all set and done. If Milan wanted him they could have had him.
        @Fabri But why not get him mid season then when we were looking for CB ? Once it was proven that he is fit and good enough for Seria A ? He was still cheap and only 21 years old. Again no matter how you look at it, it was a bad move from the management. Not the first one tho.

        1. I’m not against that we had gotten him as I would prefer us having more Italians in the team but there is an actual interview as I said and sure I get the gist of what you are saying because obviously players usually wont go against their own clubs but you are implying that we had been offered him but that is basically just media rumors. I relate to an actual interview nevertheless.
          In the end though had we gotten him he wouldn’t have played as much as he did and he most likely wouldn’t have been called up to the euros either so he clearly made the best choice for his career.

    2. Look man. We wouldn’t play anyway at Milan. Motta is what developed him into a cb he is in one season. Before that he was a lb.

      So no, we didn’t miss out

      1. Sure he shined under Motta, but he was 21, the potential was always there. He can play both CB and LB. We def miss out on not getting such promising player for only 5mil.

        1. We have half a million young players and we play # develop none of them.. our most promising cb is gonna leave ( the Jan Carlo simic) for a low fee…

          So yeah. I don’t like the whole what would happen but it’s pretty obvious if we buy calafiori he ends up like pelegrini.

  2. This guy is way too much Italian for AC Redbird, even his haircut screams Nesta/Cannavaro/Maldini haha

    Di Lorenzo, Buongiorno, Calafiori, Chiesa, Berardi, so much good Italian players available this summer…

    1. Berardi is out with an Achilles tendon surgery and wont return before mid october so I seriously doubt any club will buy him at least before January and only if the price is right.

        1. Yeah Scalvini is out as well and he will first be back in november or something, hopefully not another Caldara in the making.

        2. Scalvini is the one who is really injury prone. I cant remember when was the last time that he was fit for couple of games in a row. He seems to have some back problems from rumors.

          1. Too soon to say because scalvini is 1.5 years younger. Calafiori has been injured for roughly 600 days and scalvini roughly 500 days when he returns from his current injury so by then he has roughly a year to get injured 100 days more.
            Either way both players seems pretty prone to injuries.

          2. My point is that Scalvini didn’t just get one big injury. Which can happen to anyone, of course. It seems that he is constantly injured from time to time.

          3. Hmm, Calafiori has had 15 injuries in his career at the age of 22 and Scalvini 11 so not sure what you are hinting at here but that’s also ok we doesn’t have to agree,

      1. Berardi with all his injuries this season still put up incredible numbers….in the aggregate 🧐👀👀👀jus sayin
        He has been the undisputed best RW for last 5-6 seasons in Serie A

        1. Besides of when he has played against us ive always adored him so i would without question not mind him in the team if he can find back his former self.

  3. He looked pretty good against Albania on Saturday for a debut. But I doubt he is the player he is today without past season with Motta… he’ll probably follow him to Juve.

  4. Calafiori would be the most ideal defender for Milan to sign. left-footed and way more agile compared to Buongiorno and Scalvini. We need him

  5. He should be wearing milan #13 jersey before now… But Milan management dont see potential, they always miss cheap opportunities and want it all when play shown potential and the price is doubled

  6. Such a shame! For defenders, Italians are almost always the best bets. But Redbird is only interested in EPL rejects. Yes they can run fast, they are physical, but other than that they have nothing and don’t know how to defend.

  7. Nothing beats an Italian national team defender like an 18-year-old nobody from Ligue 1 (or lower divisions in France). Gotta love Milan’s transfer policies.

  8. We’re no longer have the tradition to get the best (or most talented) players from our own league, whether they’re Italians or not. So sadly it’s more likely to see the likes of Calafiori goes to Juve, and it’s not even considering the Motta factor.

    1. Even if all the leagues on Earth were banned for transfers and Italy was the only source of new players the current Milan management wouldn’t sign any players from Italy.

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