De Ketelaere criticised by Italian papers after fatal error against Roma

By Isak Möller -

It was a tough evening for Charles De Ketelaere yesterday as he came off the bench in AC Milan’s 1-1 draw against Roma. He didn’t add much up front and made a mistake on the home side’s goal, as the Italian papers highlights. 

De Ketelaere replaced Ismael Bennacer in the 75th minute, but failed to add anything up front as he always opted for the simple pass. And in the 94h minute, he was bodied off the ball by Gianluca Mancini and Roma countered with great success.

The Belgian can consider himself lucky that his compatriot Alexis Saelemaekers made sure Milan got at least one point from the game. But he can’t hide from the criticism, as highlighted in today’s ratings by the Italian papers (via MilanNews).

Gazzetta dello Sport: 5.5
Tuttosport: 5
Corriere della Sera: 5
Corriere dello Sport: 5.5

In our ratings, De Ketelaere got a 4.5 as it was really a rookie mistake to lose the ball that easily and in that position. We can only hope that he will do better next time, but the question is when he will get that chance.

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  1. One thing that I always hate about cdk is, he is too fragile as a football player. Football is a physical sport, body contact in soccer is normal. So he has to learn from Diaz (see the difference between last season and now in terms of body charge). And also from Theo, how to lay down on field to try to “harm” the opposing team instead of his own team. And nutrision team should make wonderfull job like what they do on leao on building bodymass.
    CDK is technically gift. But its never enough in football nowdays. Exspecially when U play for a big team like Ac Milan

    1. Calabria is italian, so his errors are not highlighted.

      Against Napoli, they were praising him against Kvara without a knowledging the commitment of Krunic and Diaz. Calabria couldn’t have handled Kvara 1v1.

      1. It’s difficult to mark Karva but surprisingly Calabria did manage to handle Kvara one on one in that match, go watch that match fotage again.

        What are you talking about.

      2. John the baptist clearly didn’t watch Napoli matches. Because if he did, he wouldn’t say Calabria couldn’t handled Kvara 1v1.

        1. Don’t mind him, he should have watched the match.
          We qualified after all, so it’s normal for us not to observe these things.

          But seriously, I appreciate our defensive display, I personally think he did well overall in the match as I was very skeptical about him vs Kvara, but Pioli pulled a Mourinho and ensured it was always 2v1, that really enhanced Calabria’s overall performance.

    2. “Almost” can easily be forgiven as no one remembers that 5 days after and it didn’t affect the points.

  2. CDK is the biggest joke in a Milan shirt ever! And I’ve been a fan for 30 years. Origi is a close 2nd. Poor Pioli feels like he has to play them because his bosses spent so much money on them (Origi came for free but earns a high salary). This will cost us Champions League next season, along with Pioli not having any ideas on how to break down small teams.

    1. Bonucci is still the biggest joke on our transfer for me. Kalinic and Matri are the close 2nd. And yes ironically CdK was supposed to be our Scudetto gift. If he had the kind of Adli’s price tag, we’d never see him on the field. Just like the Adli’s case.

    2. I’m more severe with Pioli. Our midfielders yesterday were Krunic used a a centerback, Tonali 15 MS ahead of Krunic and Bennacer fighting with Matic ahead. This means to destroy our midfield and reduce our game to launch the ball to Rafa surrounded by three defenders… and hope in Saint Leao!!

  3. Why blame CDK, blame the person that brought him to Milan and the coach that continues to use him, if only Adil was given half the chance that CDK got. I wouldn’t blame the coach, but its hard not blame a coach the refuses to give a player a single chance to prove his worth. Its glaring to see that, a lot of position lacks quality players, and there are no players to fill these position, thus the blame should be place on whoever is responsible for buying players. Giroud can’t be relied on, neither the AM and RW . It’s clear that quality players are need. There are free transfers Milan do the revamped the attack, but they won’t.

  4. We will not be in be in the champions league next season Our coach can’t play defensive teams coz we lack an approach in the attacking face

    1. Lol blaming the coach after he only got mediocre players to work with it’s like blaming a carpenter for not build a big mansion with just one cheap chisel.

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