Journalist explains what De Ketelaere deal tells us about Milan’s finances compared to rivals

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s probably signing of Charles De Ketelaere says a lot about the financial position of the club compared to Serie A rivals, a journalist has claimed.

According to what is being reported by MilanNews and Matteo Moretto, the preparation for the exchange of documents between Milan and Club Brugge for the transfer of Charles De Ketelaere to the Rossoneri is now underway.

It is also being widely reported that the offer that convinced Brugge is as follows: €32m as a fixed fee with €3m of bonuses and a percentage on the proceeds of a potential future resale in favour of the Belgian club, so the saga may finally be over.

As Eurosport journalist Enrico Turcato writes on his Twitter profile, the fact that Milan are even in for a player with De Ketelaere’s price tag says a lot about their financial strength compared to their rivals.

“Charles De Ketelaere goes to Milan after an endless chase. At the same time it should be emphasised that Milan are the only top club in Serie A in this mercato to shell out over 30 million for a player having collected practically nothing from sales,” he said.

It must be remembered that Juventus solid Matthjis de Ligt in order to be able to welcome Gleison Bremer, while Inter are expected to have to sell a big name in order to be able to balance the books.

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  1. I’m a bit confused… what is the conclusion of this article? Does it mean Milan net transfer spending is the highest?

    1. The article to be fair does fail to mention we spent absolutely nothing in the January window so I assume we had a decent chunk saved from then

      1. If you read one of Maldini’s interview afterthe scudetto, you would’ve know that Milan has no money in the previous january mercato

    2. If not highest, then competitive. It does make sense, Milan have a thinner squad and whilst they have some valuable assets there’s not a huge amount of easy sales to be made.

      One thing various comparisons for the last few years show is that Milan NEED to start selling more players to be financially competitive. “But Milan are champions, shouldn’t be a selling club yada yada…” is nonsense; Chelsea and Madrid are the two biggest sellers in Europe over the last few seasons, it’s baked into their business models.

      The reason for buying young players isn’t to create a dynasty in 2022, it’s to acquire and develop sellable assets to stay competitive, sometimes you need to cash in on those when you’ve scouted the replacement, like Ajax and the Portuguese clubs are particularly adept at for example.

      1. Maldini is creating a dynasty here:


        Who is the striker? Lazetic?

        1. The striker will come next summer or in 2024. There is no rush as we still got Giroud, Origi, Zlatan & Rebic.

          I’d prefer Milan to gather big enough pile of cash for a world-class poacher in 2024 instead of getting another andre silva next summer.

          1. Milan will have to scout the next big poacher and get him young. I think this scenario is more probable, though the chances of success isn’t that high.

        2. I wouldn’t get used to it – Milan have to live within their financial means and with English clubs’ spending power continuing to grow and other European clubs not paying attention to their finances, there will be times Milan’s players leave to get more money elsewhere – it doesn’t matter how much Milan pay, Man Utd or Bayern Munich will be able to pay more, at least for the foreseeable future.

          So the club is going to need to sell, or let go for free, some of those players and replace them with others. And the ‘selling’ route gives opportunity to reinvest if the scouting network is in place.

          1. New stadium will increase the revenue quite significantly. And there are always players who value other things more than money. So there will still be world-class player willing to come to Milan in future as well. No need for unnecessary drama. It is how it is and nothing you can do about it. Except maybe start sponsoring Milan for 50M€/year.

  2. Probably trying to positively spin the fact that we don’t need to sell players first before splashing 30M+ upwards on one player.

    Though it must be noted that we did have some “minor” sales and rather significant salary reduction from the departure of Kessie and Romagnoli.

  3. the only thing I hope is that we stop loosing our players on free transfer, and either know when to sale or when to give a bit more.

    1. True and true. The closest case might be Leao. Not saying that he doesn’t fully committed to Milan. Hope it’s not Kessie case all over again. Not counting Dollaruma and that Turkish guy as they’re just a different breed.

      1. Leao IS the new Kessie case. Not this summer but next. Hopefully he’ll be sold next year before his contract runs out.

        Btw, it’s funny that he might go on another 2 seasons with his “pathetic” 1.5M€/year salary to get the 7M€ he (or Mendes actually) wants. If he signed the 5.5M€ contract he was offered, he’d get 8M€ more during these two years before his contract runs out. IMO, 8M€ is quite a big sum of money.

  4. No Juve sold De Ligt to fund the purchases of Vlahovic and Zakaria – both bought this year (2022) and on the books for 2022. Bremer and Chiesa (40M to finalize initial loan) were bought from profit/better revenue than what we have. Conveniently forgetting that Vlahovic and Zakaria we bought this year. Juve have more $$ than we do and didn’t need to purchase ALL players from sales – only some – Vlahovic and Zakaria.

    1. You conveniently forget that juve issued 100m euro extra shares that were bought exclusively by juventus owners and therefore reduced the value of all the other shares owned by everyday people and diluted the value of the club even more so that they could “buy” vlahovic and pay their installment on chiesa. Juve are just as broke as the likes of Barca and inter.

  5. Yes, other than that big player sale, (which we’re struggling just to sell saladmaker for decent amount), juve are regularly staying at the top rank of the league and they manage to participate in UCL league more often than ours.

  6. So my question is since the offer for Renato Sanches stayed on the table, but now we know that Sanches will be going to PSG, can we use the 15 million we offered for another player, perhaps Ziyech or N”Dicka???

    1. I hope so bro! Even if we don’t get Ndicka but get Tanganga as long as we also get Ziyech we’ll look dangerous next season

      1. I don’t see any offer at the table except from P$G.

        I am not going to believe rumour unless they say Milan is trying to get either homegrown player or U21 player (born 1 January 2001 or later).

        As for Ziyech, he can only come if one of the RW leave.

  7. The author of this article, are you just writing for writing ?? There’s non financial strength shown. You have to make a retrospective vision on near previous market windows, and to make a small research on the transfer market around the world which is marked by transfers for free but with high wages and agent’s commissions to understand. At this moment, you’ll understand that Milan and especially our coach Pioli deserve more efforts from the f*** owners. In other word our transfer current window and the previous one are just ridiculous.

    1. “In other word our transfer current window and the previous one are just ridiculous.”

      That ridiculous transfer window brought us the scudetto. Maybe this ridiculous transfer window will bring us the UCL trophy? 🙂

      Milan don’t need to spend hundreds of millions. They only need 1 or 2 “successful” transfers. Look how much Adli cost us. It turned out that he might have been THE perfect player for us. Look at Kalulu. Milan has a decent squad already. After CDK, they only need 1 or 2 good enough guys to take it to the next level.

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