De Ketelaere responds to Origi’s ‘half Havertz and half Kakà’ comparison

By Oliver Fisher -

Charles De Ketelaere has responded to the suggestion from his compatriot Divock Origi that he is a cross between Kaka and Kai Havertz.

Stefano Pioli gave an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport yesterday in which he talked about a number of different topics including the upcoming Serie A season, Yacine Adli and even life away from football, and as part of that he gave his first impressions of De Ketelaere.

“I asked Origi, his international team-mate, about him, and he said: ‘He is half Havertz and half Kakà’. He will play for a few minutes in Vicenza and on Sunday against Pergolettese. There are important expectations but it is right to give them time, I was the first to tell them not to be in a hurry.”

Now, De Ketelaere has done an interview with DAZN and as part of that he was asked about the comparison that Origi – his Belgian international team-mate – make regarding Kaka and Kai Havertz.

“Maybe he compared me to Kakà because he played in Milan, or because of his position on the pitch. As far as Havertz is concerned, we are not alike. Of course he too is tall and is a striker or attacking midfielder. He is left-footed, maybe in this we are alike. But I prefer to say that I am just myself and in every match I want to show who I am.”

Who is De Ketelaere like and what is his playing style? You can read our analysis of the 21-year-old here, while you can read the rest of his interview with DAZN here. He should make his ‘debut’ for the club in tonight’s friendly against Vicenza.

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        1. Kaka might not even be Milan’s best CAM in history, let alone best CAM in all of football history.
          You should check out Ruud Gulit.
          Then check out Messi, Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Platini, Roberto Baggio, Johan Cruyff, the list goes on and on

          1. Your top pics;

            -Messi is mainly a rw.

            -Maradona / Cruyff days football was diff (Facts). They both have great legacy and were very talented for that time but football nowadays have evolved so much.

            -Zidane & Ronaldinho ; check what Ancelotti chooses himself as his dream midfield - ; (fyi he did coach Prime Zidane in Juve)

        2. Well if you wanna be technical about it , since you consider Messi a RW, Kaka actually played as a second striker in 2006/07 when he was PRIME Kaka.
          And you can’t say that PRIME Kaka was better than any other CAM in HISTORY, but then after someone gives you names of players who were far better than him , to use the excuse that football was different back in history.
          As a Milan fan I love Kaka , but no he wasn’t the best

        3. Stops saying “facts”. You’re opinion isn’t a fact. Plus Kaka stopped playing football at a high level in 2013, almost a decade ago. What is to be considered contemporary? If you don’t think Maradona would have been a ballon do’r winner now you know nothing about football, since in his day defenders were actually able to basically physically assault you on the pitch. Tackles from behind are not even legal anymore. Facts.

          1. Now those are absolute FACTS.
            If defenders today made the challenges their colleagues did 15,20,30 yeqrs ago, they would be arrested on the field.
            The skill level of those players in the past was on a whole different level than todays player. Today football is mostly based on physical preparation and athleticism , not a lot of technical skill

    1. Maradona, Baggio, Zidane, Di Stefano. Three right there. Messi, since he can play equally well across the front. There are more. Love Ricky, but strange statement.

  1. I don’t know about Kaka being Ac Milan’s best.. Apart from those mentioned, we also had Savicevic and Boban who held their own.
    Also About those days, you probably have to commit murder to be carded.. there is a reason why some players had nicknames like the late Leeds legend, “Norman ‘Bite yer legs’ Winter”. 😂

  2. Kaká was good… No wait, he was great! But still not even in the TOP-5 of attacking minded players (if we’d consider defenders too he’d struggle to be in the TOP10) of all-time Milan players.

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