De Telegraaf: Reijnders ‘impatient’ as Milan are not willing to meet asking price

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are not finding it easy to break down AZ Alkmaar’s resistance and they have a maximum bid in mind for Tijjani Reijnders, a report claims.

According to a report from De Telegraaf, Milan are struggling to meet AZ’s asking price for Reijnders and that means that the Dutch club will need to take a step towards the Rossoneri for the operation to go through.

The 24-year-old already has a verbal agreement in place with Milan over a contract until June 2028 and is hoping for the move to go through, but the clubs must of course agree a fee.

Reijnders is described as ‘impatient’ given the delay in proceedings, but AZ technical director Max Huiberts is not satisfied with a transfer fee of just above €20m which is the latest offer.

Milan are for now not prepared to go to €23-25m and are considering other options in their bid to complete the midfield department available to Stefano Pioli.

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  1. Player agreed terms with us, Milan cant offer more money and watch him go to our rivals like Napoli or Inter.

    Sounds familiar?

    1. Stop making crap up to push your agenda.
      Barcelona ain’t interested and CAN’t buy players even for 8m, they are in financial restrictions by LL

    1. He isn’t worth 15M, I don’t know why would they pay the 20M, let alone 19+4M. Blessing in disguise if they don’t agree on a fee.

      1. I think you are so wrong about Reijnders. From the footage I have seen of him he is super cool with the ball at his feet and very technical and intelligent. .. when he played against strong teams (incl. Lazio) he did real well, no wonder Pioli wants him so much ! He can be a deep lying playmaker and a more advanced distributor who doesn’t waste the ball… He will be the brains of the middle especially since Benna is out for long.

        1. You are watching highlights of his best moves. Saelemakers looks like Vinicius Jr in highlights. From what I saw he is a “DM” that didn’t manage to learn how to tackle by 25 years of age. That is why literally no one is going for him but Milan. 0 interest. If he was really good half of PL would have offered 25M for him because it would be a steal. 0 offers.

          1. I watched all the highlights I found available, what did you watch full games? It doesn’t take too long to realise he is not your atypical DM like Kessie nor is he like Tonali he is more technical with exceptional balance and body movement.
            You are saying there is no interest because it has been largely reported that Barca approached him but he has had his head turned by Pioli.
            So with all due respect Martin you are not Moratta nor Moncada and stop dissing players like they are nothing . Be humble .

          2. ” it has been largely reported that Barca approached him but he has had his head turned by Pioli.” Where? Made up story by GDS. Nobody reported on anything but saying that GDS wrote that. It did not happen. Pioli turned his head to join Milan? Says you? Yeah, sure, know I am 100% positive this happened. Barcelona was all in for him but he said no, I will join only Milan. What?

            With all due respect mind your own business and do not tell me what to do, I don’t care what you think or don’t think. That is your problem, not mine.

          3. Once again, facts. 0 offers for him, confirmed by the president of the club. If he got offers he would ring all bells publicly to get the better price. I suspect the Barcelona interest came from the same source, to get the price to 25M. He isn’t worth 15M, nd nobody else is trying to buy him.

          4. So according to you he is not worth 15m because you say there has been no offers in him? What about kvaratskhelia? There was no offers for him or from the premier league and he was the best player in the league last year , bought for only 10m .
            I hope Reijnders arrives and turns out to be a great addition as the management clearly see in him.

          5. Yeah, cool. What about Leo Duarte? Or maybe Hauge? He had like 15 goals and assists in 15 games. Weren’t both extremely good and future superstars? But in a worse league. How did it end up? It just shows that only a small number of these succeed.

            It isn’t that I do not want him to be good, but I believe it won’t happen because he isn’t good enough, to me it is visible. If I am wrong great. But I really hope he isn’t signed, they can get better players for that money.

        2. His defensive stats are really nothing to write home about, if we get him I hope that we will play him as the most attacking of the 3 mids.

          To be honest Bennacer also is a bit overrated as a playmaker, he is a quality passer but not a super quick or creative passer, in fact with long balls he tends to take very long to make the pass. Imo we played some of our best football without Bennacer and some of his duties shifted onto Tonali.

          1. Yes, he can maybe be good if he isn’t the one that is the defensive mid, but maybe as a mezzala. But still isn’t worth 25M€, he is missing big parts of the game for a midfielder. They should have already signed Dominguez who is proven good in Serie A.

  2. He was their best player last season. What do you expect?Ilan will also play hard ball if we were selling one of our best. Why waist tone again to go and negotiate for another player.
    Let’s add the few and get the deal done. We must get all our new players in early so the prepare well.

    1. Just because we are a multi million euro global operation, that doesn’t mean we can just go “Ok here’s a few more million then”. There is a maximum spend allotted to each target, and if that isn’t deemed enough by the seller, deal’s off.

      It seems in this case there is genuine, unbridgeable distance in the valuations but the ball is in AZs court. The player wants to leave and there is hardly a bidding war taking place.

      1. Yeah, sure. Milan is asking for 7-10M for 32 year old Messias and you expect someone to reduce their price because Milan said so? I mean, this guy isn’t worth even 15M in my opinion, but if they think he is worth 25M, that is how much he costs. Same as Messias, he isn’t worth 4M, but if Milan wants 7M…

        1. Um….no, I don’t expect them to reduce their price. I said the ball is in their court… is.

          I think we are basically saying the same thing, Martin; if only you could remove those rage-tinted glasses….

  3. So we gonna miss on the only target that might actually improve the team. Well back to Chelsea trash bin, will probably find something else there.

  4. This is utterly ridiculous by Milan!
    25m is not much money, especially for a rising talent in Europe that was their best player last season.
    Arsenal payed 40m +5 for Timber.

    When will these stingy owners learn?

    1. Timber is the super talent defender half of Europe wanted and a first team player for Netherlands with 15 games played at 22. You are comparing him to Reijnders? When will you learn? 😀

      1. Reijnders is a top talent as well.
        And a midfielder. Midfielders are more expensive than defenders.
        Yes, Timber has played for Ajax and CL, that’s why ARsenal pays more.

        But saying 25m is not a fair price for him is RIDICULOUS.
        They are destroying AC MILAN

        1. What? You are making some “facts” up, why? Once again, let’s try real facts. Timber was valued at 45M by transfermarkt, and Arsenal paid 42 for him. Reijnders evaluation is 14M. They were both right, this guy isn’t worth over 15M. No way, he is just not good enough.

          15 games for Netherlands at 22, Reijnders won’t play that many for the national team by the end of his career, if he even plays. Those are some basics, it is visible right away why half of Europe tried to buy one player and no one is trying to get the other.

          1. Would be happy if you name the ‘half of Europe’ trying to sign Timber.
            The only serious clubs interested for him were Man UTD last summer and Arsenal this summer.

            As for Reijnders, yeah i didn’t expect him to bench FDJ a WC player at a prime age.
            Sorry, you are super biased on this and you give excuses to our incompetent board that will hinder our rebuilding.
            They sold Tonalli for 70m and are now playing hardball over 5-10m for players like Reijnders and Chuqweze that the team ABSOLUTELY needs
            They are a recipe for disaster

          2. Yes, literally any top club. PSG, Bayern, Barcelona and English clubs. Arsenal won the race, same as with Declan Rice, Arteta is obviously very persuasive. Declan Rice was also wanted by all the top club in PL + Bayern 100%.

            The only serious club interested in Reijnders is Milan and he isn’t worth that money.

            I am super biased on what? Telling that Milan shouldn’t even sign this guy because he isn’t good enough? What a stupid conclusion, I am biased to give excuses to the board by saying Tijani Reijnders will never be good enough to play in the Milan first team? He never will.

          1. Who is then a rising talent at a young age that would be good enough for you, and you can buy for only 25m? Come on, give me names.
            And we are talking about a regista, no 6, that can replace Tonalli. Not any other md position

            As for PSG Bayern Barcelona all for Timber.
            You probably live somewhere in the fake tranfer news bubble, because the only clubs that were seriously interested for Timber and were ready to bid in for him were Man UTD last summer and Arsenal this summer. No one else.

            Rice is off-topic

            Your mindset is a perfect excuse for the board to drive the club further down

          2. Reijnders isn’t a rising talent, but a guy that was unknown before 24. Now he isn’t completely unknown, doesn’t make him a big talent. Also, he is almost 25. Talent at 25? Says everything about him.

            How can this guy replace Tonali when he can’t even tackle, doesn’t know how. He did not manage to learn to tackle in probably 15 years of football training. They should buy Dominguez, proven player, you can’t go wrong. Cost less money, not even a year older, reliable, played over 100 games in Serie A. Real player for that position. Why would you pay 25M for a guy that can’t tackle and has 0 games in top leagues when you can get Dominguez for under 20M? Why?

          3. And for Timber, PSG was interested until they signed Skriniar on a free transfer. Bayern also but they were more interested in getting Kim from Napoli. Man Utd was also interested in Kim but Bayern took him. You are 1 dimensional when you think about this. But I can assure you if Milan doesn’t buy Reijnders, he is not going to Barcelona or any of the mentioned clubs. Maybe Fulham or Brentford, but in reality he will stay where he is, nobody will give 25M for him.

  5. Just pay 20m euro cash + 5m euro bonus but make it hard to unlock the bonus like winning champion league . He is good as deep lying playmaker , he can play in both 4231 or 433

  6. It’s really embarrasing the way Milan negotiate. Asking every team to take far less money, ask every player to take a wagw cut to play for us. Dragging out every negotiation. And this is the cheapest option. We are not even talking about the palyers we really wanted like SMS, Fratessi or Musah. Embarrassing. You don’t see Inter behaving this way. If they see someone they want, they get him.

    1. “You don’t see Inter behaving this way. If they see someone they want, they get him.”

      Really? Actually if you have read the comments of Inter fans, on their forum then you would know they aren’t happy with their owners either! They have same opinion, about Suning and Zhang, that we have about Redbird and Cardinale..

  7. @Martin

    You have to understand we don’t want Reijnders for tackling. He will be a regista, deep-lying md in a 4-3-3.

    Look at the FBref comparison between him and Dominquez that you suggest (and Tonalli for reference purposes)

    The difference is staggering.
    Reijnders eclipses both in xAssisted and non-pen XG per 90, and in almost all possession and attack metrics per 90
    On top of that, he has more successful take-ons per 90, total progressive distance carried per 90 than both.
    He even has more interception per 90 than both.

    And your point is what? that he doesn’t tackle well?
    Get out of here.

    25m if a PERFECTLY FAIR price for him

  8. Dia tidak sehebat itu , jangan buang uang 25 juta euro untuk seseorang dari AZ Alkmaar berumur 24 tahun , bagi saya dia seharga 14-19 juta , jangan pedulikan Pioli karena orang tua itu kadang salah analisa , dan dia tidak akan pernah menang melawan Inter Seumur hidupnya

  9. Just started following the team but why don’t you just go get Tyler Adams for 15 mil? He’s better than the Raindeers.

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